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Description: Hotel Riu Cancun
Blvd. Kukulcan, Km 8.5, Manzana 50, Lote 5, Zona Hotelera
77500 Cancun
Quintana Roo - Mexico
Tel. +529988487151 Fax. +52 998 881 4310

Location/General information

The contemporary beachfront Riu Cancun is set in an excellent location in the heart of Cancun’s hotel zone.
569 tastefully-decorated guestrooms boast unparalleled views of the Caribbean Sea, and are complete with unique amenities such as a mini-bar and liquor dispenser. Discover distinctive dining at several fine restaurants and bars that will satisfy the most demanding palates. There's no limit to the fun thanks to a dynamic choice of activities and entertainment options, including a popular sports bar, night club and theatre with Riu's famous theme shows.
Riu Cancun offers the very best for the finest holidays in Cancun!

* Located in "Corazone", Cancun’s resort area
* 14-storey main building and a 5-storey annex building
* On the beachfront
* Complimentary sun loungers on the beach
* 20 m/65 ft. from a shopping centre

* 10 km/6.2 miles from downtown Cancun
* 20 km/12.5 miles from Cancun Int’l. Airport
* Credit cards accepted: MasterCard, Amex, Visa

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Registered: July 2006
Posts: 149
Review Date: Thu July 27, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: The atmosphere of the people
Cons: The elevator..

My visit: June 9th - 16th/ 2006

If you like a lively, busy and friendly atmosphere, this hotel is for you. The people that gather at Riu Cancun are younger (early-late 20's - mid 30s')than the other 2 Riu resorts in Cancun. I found that the people at Riu Cancun were very approachable (guests & staff). So if you are going alone and need to make friends immediately, go here. The good thing about it is that there are areas on the resort where you can get peace and quiet as well. So you get the best of both worlds. Riu Cancun is more interactive whereas the other Riu hotels in Cancun are more relaxed and quiet. The entertainment is outstanding and the Animation Team works from 9am – 12am. They are extremely busy with a tons of people to please but they still have little moments to come and chat with you one on one. Which just shows you how much they care. They make you feel welcome anytime they see you.

My room was not at Riu Cancun. I stayed at Riu Caribe (Had I have known how perfect Riu Cancun was for me, I would have stayed there!), but one day I decided to check out Riu Cancun and fell in love and made friends as soon as I got there. So I kept going back every morning, stayed during the day and played and then went back to my hotel at night to sleep and did it all over again the in the morning(IT WAS THAT GOOD!!!!!)!

So if you go alone and need to make friends..., GO TO RIU CANCUN. You can thank me later Wink


Registered: December 2005
Posts: 99
Review Date: Mon July 31, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: Wonderful Vacation
Cons: Elevator in the Annex Building and Beach Bar Service

This was my 3rd consecutive year attending the Riu Cancun. This year we went with 15 people. We enjoyed our stay so much that once again, my husband and I and most of the 15 will be attending again next year.

We only had 2 complaints. The elevators in the Annex Building were not working most of the time. Also, we wish they had beach bar service. Last year we had 1 day of beach bar service and this year we didn't have on day of that service. We just had to make our husbands do all the work - so I guess I shouldn't complain too much.

This year our group was on the 3rd floor. Thankfully we weren't too high up - due to the elevator. Rooms were great, except for 1 night when my husband fell asleep on the balacony and left the door open. When I woke up the entire floor was wet. So remember - always to keep balacony door closed.

We loved the bartender named Elias. He was amazingly friendly and helped us out with all our drinks and even let us play our own music. He was located on the other side of the hotel. Elias if you read this: We hope to see you next year - you were great.

The hotel staff was great, they put all of our group on the same floor except for the ones that didn't pay for the Jr. Suite (which were only 3 people out of 15). We did have to wait about an hour when we got their for 1 room to be ready. Once that 1 room was ready everyone came hang out in our room till their room was ready.

Keep the safe lock and key handy. Our safe lock ending up breaking and my husband forgot where he had put it. When we returned home, we found it in the washing machine. We had to pay $50.00 for the safe - that is now @ home with us.

If you go on a party hopper - ask for RENO. RENO is the best. He is now our friend. We met him our 1st year (which was 3 years ago) and we go on this hopper now - just to see Reno.

All in all - this is a great place to stay!! In our opinion that is!!! We will be back next year for our 4th consecutive trip. See you soon Riu Cancun!

Riu Bambuer Benefactor

Registered: September 2005
Posts: 68
Review Date: Sun August 20, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Love this beautiful hotel
Cons: None

I know it’s a little late for a post on this, but was Ill, so here goes.
I was last there in April 2006 and got very ill upon arriving. Got bronchial pneumonia and had to go to the hospital. They wanted to keep for a few days at the cast of $2000 US a day. I waved that and signed the release papers. It still cost me $900 US and the meds were $350. Luck as it be, I booked everything on AMEX and never received any billing for it.
Started to come around after 2 days of meds. got out just to see a lot of my favorite places trashed. Went to Hard Rock Café and the whole roof was gone and second floor was wreaked. They served a drink called “hurricane” and it was delicious, you got to keep the glass that was imprinted with a logo of a hurricane and said “We Survived Hurricane Wilma” and you got a free refill lol
Went to Plaza Los Americana and as we rode in we saw a hole the size of a house in the side of Sears. Damn, that’s were I get my shoes. Still waiting to hear if it’s opened again. Went down to “Planet Hollywood” as it was just opening and had a few very good drinks. The La Isla Shopping Village didn’t look so beat up but there were a few traces of damage. If you haven’t been there..GO. It’s fantastic. It’s made up of little islands that you can take a gondola around to the different shops and has a magic fountain that is mesmerizing. A lil pricey. You have to see it at night, what a light show. Yah you’ve got to see it to believe it.
As for the hotel, fabulous as usual, except one problem that we had then and all previous visits.
We kept asking for the in room liquor bar to be refreshed with whisky, we got very little help on this and went to the front desk. They didn’t seem to know what we were talking about. As I said, we were asking for a whisky replacement and only then found out that the bottle was “Brandy” RED FACE or what. He He.
Was unaware that there was a BBQ Steak service in La Mision in the evening. Went there and got treated to a fabulous grilled steak and skewers of chicken and pork, delicious. The mushroom, butter and garlic glaze is to die for.
We saw a man feeding the poor cats that are there and found out through his daughter that he was a big cat lover (so am I). The “capiton” got angry with him, so we started feeding them as well. Then others got involved. He gave up.
Make sure you have a Mimosa (orange juice and champaign) served on Sunday mornings. We got lucky and got them on Thursday as well. Makes breakfast a lil different.
If you like Japanese do the Kawachi. Went there 3 times. The tempura is my favorite. Yummm
I’m Canadian and like my beer a lil stronger. You can get heineken at Wall Mart which is just 80 peso’s away. If anyone knows of a closer location, please let me know. Also the liquor is the cheapest price there (forget about the local guys across the street, they charge a fortune. Bottle of good Mezcal about 320 Peso vs. Wall Mart 80 peso)
All in all we had a great time for the remainder of the 2 weeks. Got a great tan and lots of exotic drinks (and I mean lots) lol
Later bye


Registered: June 2006
Posts: 6
Review Date: Mon September 25, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: food, friendly staff, clean
Cons: couldn't find any

Just returned this week and had a great time. Had been looking at this web site for a few months before we left and thought we had a pretty good idea of what to expect, and we were not let down at all. The resort was nicer than we actually expected, and was constantly being cleaned. I can't say enough about the food!! If a person goes hungry there, they asked to do so. I spent at least 10 minutes every meal trying to decide what I was MOST in the mood to eat, and was never dissapointed. We never left the resort area, just rested up on the beach with no cell phones or pagers to worry about. The only bad part of our trip was trying to get out of the Cancun airport to get to the hotel, trying to get past the time share sharks!! WOW what a bunch of pushy people. They gave us a room on the 10th floor which had a wonderful view of the ocean, and of the swim up bar where most of the action was taking place. Taking big insulated mugs was a great idea as the drink glasses there are too small. Met people from all over the globe and seemed like most were on their 2nd or 3rd trip to the RIU Cancun, so they were enjoying as much as we were. I expect we will start making plans now for next year, but would like to try a different location, just to compare.


Registered: January 2006
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Review Date: Mon October 23, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Beautiful hotel, wonderful beach, excellent service
Cons: Would have like more to walk to outside the hotel.

Visited 25/9 - 9/10. Had a fabulous time. Wonderful room on 12th floor with fantastic views. Housekeeping were fantastic - left me some beautiful towel animals on my birthday. Service throughout the hotel was amazing. Never had to wait for a drink or service in any of the restuarants. Ate at both Japanese and Brazilian restuarants - great food. Loved the La Mision steak and fish restuarant - Great waiters Carlos and Mike who took great care of us.
Hotel is kept immaculately clean and is big enough that you can make it as noisy or quite a holiday as you like.

Huge range of age groups when we were there. Would go back in a second.


Registered: October 2006
Posts: 131
Review Date: Mon December 11, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Amazing Staff and a Great Location
Cons: There arent any


Well the time finally arrived to set off and we left our house in Edinburgh at 2am on Tuesday morning to drive to Manchester for our flight at 9.30am, the drive down was pretty uneventful until we arrived at Manchester Airport to check in where we were quite cheerfully told our flight was delayed for 4 hours and would not be leaving until approx 13.45pm. Not what you want to hear before an 11 hour flight but they did provide us with breakfast at the Radisson Hotel, however Sweet and Sour Chicken or Chicken Curry was not really fancied at 11am in the morning so we did a runner and got through departures before everyone else. Flight was good, nice food and a good few drinks services. The plane was also half empty so we got stretched out until landing at Cancun where it took us about an hour to retrieve our cases and get through customs, got a green light, never saw a timeshare guy, grabbed a goodie bag and jumped on the bus. It was now about 24 hours since we left our house but we gained 6 hours on the time difference so it didn't feel so bad.

Took a deep breath when we finally saw the hotel, definitely one of the most impressive buildings in Cancun and what a great location, shopping across the street, nightclubs only 5 minutes away. Anyway check in was a breeze and we were in our room on the 9th floor within 15 minutes. Cases promptly arrived, so we went off to dinner, had a few drinks in the Lobby bar and then the exhaustion set in so it was off to bed.
Over the two weeks the hotel itself was a home from home. Our room was cleaned every day, and the maid was great at doing the towel art. Yeah the beds were a bit hard but not too bad, the balcony was a nice size for sitting out on with a lovely view along to Dreams and out over the quiet pool and the ocean. I cannot praise ALL the staff highly enough everyone of them was genuinely friendly and we never saw a grumpy face once. The food in all the restaurants was excellent, lots of choices and plenty of different options and themes on different nights, the highest praise has to go to the Japanese Restaurant, the food in here was the best. The Lobby Bar was our favourite haunt for drinks in the afternoon and before we set out in the evenings. Manuel and Gerry the bartenders made great Dr Funks and after a few days when we had worked our way through the cocktail menu they just started to experiment with us and make up their own concoctions for us to try. Lol they did look a bit surprised when I started putting Tabasco in my Tequila shots, this is called a Flatliner back home and is a bit of an acquired taste.

Coco Bongo's is a must, what a place. They put on such an amazing show which lasts for hours well worth the $40 entrance fee which includes all your drinks all night, also visited The Congo bar, good cheesy party music. The live band in Daddy Rocks were excellent, doing lots of Oasis and U2 covers. The nightclub Basic was good too, very bouncy dancefloor with waterjets spouting 20 feet in the air, Babs got a bit of a surprise the first time that happened and Pat O Briens had an excellent DJ and a very good band, another good place with a great party atmosphere. We also found a really nice quiet bar called the Black Pearl situated right on the lagoon which had swings instead of bar stools and some interesting wildlife, 3 iguanas and a crocodile called Arturo were frequent visitors, Ricardo also makes a mean margarita.
The Cancun Fiesta we had was a blast, it is thanks to this site that we met some great friends, Chris, Josie and Cody, Ken and Family, Brad and Melissa thanks for the great laughs and conversations. Hopefully we will all stay in touch and meet again soon.

All our trips were booked through Thomsons our travel company, we were very well looked after by our reps Ally and Theresa. The bar crawl was so good we did it twice. Juan Helluva Night was what it was called and they certainly were. We were taken to 4 places Congo Bar, Daddy Rocks, Coco Bongo's and finishing off at Pat O Briens arriving back at the hotel around 4am. Just a little drunk hehehe. Another great night was spent aboard Captain Hooks Pirate Ships where we were well fed with excellent steak and lobster with all the trimmings. Lots of daft party games were played, copius amounts of booze was served and then the night was rounded off when the two ships met up and the crews all had a big fight on the ships in the middle of the ocean. Our best day was the highlight of our holiday when we went to the the Isle of Mujeres, Dolphin Discovery, what a day ! It was the first time Babs and I had swam with Dolphins, amazing, we had well over an hour in the water interacting with these beautiful creatures, we also saw sharks, parrots and lots of other wildlife. went on a bike ride to the turtle sanctuary and then to round off the day a quick shopping visit to the town centre. The entertainment on the boat sailing back to Cancun was great too with Captain Super Ed and Shrek teaching us all the Macarena.

We had an absolutely amazing two weeks, everything was great and we are definitely planning to go back real soon. This was definitely the best holiday we have ever had, so many highlights, so many new friends and two new Riu Addicts to add to your collection, hope you enjoyed the review.

Ally and Babs

Cancun Fan

Registered: August 2006
Posts: 13
Review Date: Sat December 23, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Staff, Location
Cons: Elevators

We have just returned from our third stay at the Riu Cancun. What can I say, it was absolutely amazing as usual. Our room was nice and cleaned everyday. We were on the 11th floor so the views were spectacular. The food was good but after a few days seemed to be the same everyday. Our favorite was breakfast. We still had no problems finding something to eat. The only complaint I have with the hotel is the elevators. They are slow and you seem to wait a long time for one to stop. Other than that no complaints and would recomend it to anyone. We will definately stay there again.


Registered: May 2007
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Review Date: Mon July 2, 2007 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 9 


P.S I didn’t write this review I found it on trip advisor and thought I would share.

I was writing a review of the hotel for my friend and thought I shall post it on this site as well since I read almost all the reviews on Riu Cancun here before we booked! So here goes! Smile


We had a standard room and was on the 4th floor with a pretty nice view. We basically walked the stairs everyday for some exercise. The elevators are a bit slow but was in working condition when we went. The beds are a bit hard, but not that bad. The air conditioning could've been stronger for sure. The maids always kept our room clean and we didn't see any bugs ever.


The food was excellent. There were 2 buffet restaurants, the Don Juan and La Mision. The Don Juan was the biggest one that could hold like 600 people and offered a different type of cuisine for each of the 7 days we were there. There was the Spanish, Mexican, Asian, Italian, French, Caribbean and others I have forgotten. At the buffet, there were always staples which were there every night, such as the Mexican food, pasta, salads, ice cream, desserts, cold cut meats, bread, etc. Fruit was in abundance and cut for you. They had everything from pineapple to dragon fruit one day.

I thought breakfast was the best cause I love breakfast food. They had everything from sausages, bacon, ham, toast, egg in toast, scrambled eggs, omelets made for you, pancakes, french toast, etc.

Riu Cancun has 2 specialty restaurants which are La Corazone (Brazilian) and Kawachi (Japanese). We went to both and Kawachi is clearly the more classier one. I loved the food there (except for the sushi starter they give everyone lol). Now, making reservations for these two restaurants requires that you wake up at least by 8 and go down to the Don Juan by like 8:30am or so (between 7-9:30am will almost guarantee you a spot to either, except for the Japanese one. That one fills up quickest). And, you can only make reservations on the day of. Just for an example, we made reservations for the Japanese one at like 8:15am and got the 9pm seating. There are two seatings (6:30pm and 9pm) and the 6:30pm was already filled by then. However, it's totally worth it.

There is also a 24HR Sports Bar which has burgers, hot dogs, nachos, fruit and salad 24 hours a day. That is where the internet cafe is also, but that closes at 8pm on the weekends I think and maybe 9 or 10 on weekdays. Internet is $3US for 15min or $8 for 1 hr. You don't have to use up all the time and can come back to use your time until it's done.


There are about 4 bars at Riu Cancun. I can't remember the exact number. La Punta is the main one. When you walk into the hotel, it's towards your left and really big. They open until 12am usually. Don't be sad they close early always have your own liquor dispenser thing in your room and a mini fridge loaded with Corona and soft drinks and water. The Sports Bar has a bar of course, but I'm not sure if the bar there is 24 hours. There is a Swim Up Bar as well as a bar right outside La Punta Bar and near one of the infinity pools.

Quality of the drinks is not bad. I would say they make their drinks really strong, even the pina colada. I really liked the Miami Vice which is Strawberry Daquiri with Pina Colada. It's not super strong. The Blue Ocean is good too. Umm, I tried the Long Island Ice Tea there, so strong. And, mojitos are good but so strong too. I even tried a chocolate martini which was nice but still strong. Oh, the apple and watermelon martinis were good but again, strong. Strong is good I guess because it means they are not cheaping out on the alcohol and watering it down. Their shots are bigger than the ones I'm used to in North American so beware.


The staff were stellar. They were nice, friendly and helpful. You don't have to tip them at all, but if you want, you can. We tipped the maid almost everyday (just $1US each time) and some waiters and bartenders if they were extra good. Nothing much else to say here cause they are awesome! Oh, also, sometimes they would go around the beach to give you books to read and tell you about special events, like a bus that takes you to Coco Bongo.


The beach is awesome at Riu Cancun. The sand is so soft and the water so turquoisey blue. There are an abundance of lounge chairs for people to use. Even if you go during the busiest time, there is also a lounge chair for you to use. Now, what is not in abundance are the palpas. You would have to wake up early and get down to the beach by about 7:30am to reserve one with your towels for sure. However, we were lucky 2x when we went in the afternoon. A group was leaving so we got it and another time, we got to share one with these ppl cause they weren't using the other half. Smile

The afternoon time is totally the hottest (like 12-3pm) so it would be nice to not tan then and stay under a palpa or going to the water. We did tan during those times 2x and got burned the first time. But, we didn't peel cause we brought aloe vera.

The beach is busy, but it's long with this resort so it's awesome. There is the volleyball net set up too and you can also do some snorkeling and use the wave boards the hotel offers. If you want to jet ski on the water, that is extra of course.


We really didn't spend that much time at the pools cause there was the beach. But, we did go there once. There are 4 pools basically. There are 2 infinity pools, a children's pool and one swim up bar.

The infinity pools are beautiful, if you have seen my pix. The main is busier and bigger. But then, there is also something called the "quiet pool." This is the other infinity pool. You can say at there are really 2 pools here. One is the children's pool at the top and the bottom is the regular infinity one. That is the one we went to. It was so pretty and not busy at all.

The swim up bar we never went to. It was so busy and crowded. We didn't go there cause people don't leave the pool and you know what that means! haha But, it does look nice. Everything at the resort looked nice.

There are, again, an abundance of lounge chairs on the pool areas and some you can put in the water. There are always activities at the pool, so it's cool. There are umbrellas that you can open there for shade.


We didn't really do many of the activities there cause we were mainly at the beach all day long. But, there are lots of activities! There are shows at night, movies everyday at 4pm I believe (they showed Casino Royale, MI III and others). There are also bowling, tennis, etc. If we wanted, we could've done stuff like that. Oh, there was yoga on the beach one day too!


There are plenty of excursions you can choose from if you want to venture out from your hotel. We chose to do one called Mexican Magic. It cost $189 per person. With this package, we went to Islas Mujeres and swam with dolphins, saw sharks, snorkeled, and bicycled to see turtles. We loved every moment of it.

The dolphins are something special. You get to kiss, hug, and touch them. Then, they do a foot push on you and also tow you. So cool! Now, the photo/dvd package was $110. If not, each photo is like $15. Breakfast and lunch is included. Oh, and the people of the tour made such yummy drinks for us on the boat! Drinks are included at the island too. They also take you to market shopping at the downtown Isla Mujeres.


Cancun is quite modernized, so there are many malls around. However, prices are not cheaper in my opinion.

I would recommend you go to the Mexican La Feista souvenir shop which has lots of stuff and good prices. If you want to do some bartering and bargaining, well, the markets are for you! There is a small one by the resort, just 5 min walk away. Or, you can bus to Market 28 to do some bartering in downtown Cancun. We bussed to Walmart and there stuff is cheap there, especially TEQUILA. So, buy there if you can.

Bussing is better than taxi-ing. Each time you bus is like $0.65US. It's better to give them pesos though (6.5 pesos). If you give them $1US, no change. But, if you give them, say 10pesos, you will get change. The busses come every 5 minutes and really easy to use.

I hope this review has helped potential Cancun travellers on making a decision on a resort! Riu Cancun was wonderful for us. Smile

P.S I didn’t write this review I found it on trip advisor and thought I would share.


Registered: May 2007
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Review Date: Sat January 26, 2008 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: Friendly Staff, location

Just returned Jan 25th 2008 from the Riu Cancun. This was the first time staying a Riu property and I was very happy with the resort. Every member of the staff would do anything asked of them and smiled while doing it. I have been on several cruises where good service is expected, but this staff is the best I have seen. The resort is very clean and well kept.

I know everyone wants to know about the food. Well, the buffet was OK, but it does get old after a week. At one time or another they offer almost any food you can think of, other than lobster. Some foods are good and some could be better, but overall it was above average for a buffet at a Mexican hotel. We went to the Brazilian restaurant one night and it was not very good. We did not go to the Japanese restaurant. I suggest sticking to the buffet.

Drinks were OK. Only one type of beer, which is Corona. The other drinks were good, and they would add as much alcohol as you want, but I am pretty sure they do not add alcohol to the blender drinks unless you ask. I watched them being made, and never saw alcohol added except in the Sports bar. Again, if you want alcohol added be sure to let them know you want it.

The activities staff works hard and does a pretty good job, but I did not think the shows are that great. But, remember I am used to cruising where the shows are very good. They do a pretty good job with poolside activities during the day.

I would be glad to go back to this resort in the future!


Registered: March 2008
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Review Date: Sat March 7, 2009 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: Typical excellent Riu style and service.
Cons: Elevators - Hot & Few

Great stay!
Had a hard time leaving resort because service, drinks & food were so good. 4 pools & excellent beach W/ occasional beach service. Rooms were excellent & slept really well on the "hard beds". We liked the Cancun over the Caribe because it's newer & has more amenities. Liked Cancun over Palace because we want more fun.
Wore our RIU ROCKS pins bought from this website & it made a real difference from the first minute. Our room was specially marked on the reserved list & staff seemed to perkup when they saw the buttons.
The only downside is the elevators are HOT & SMALL & FEW & get stuck going UP if there are more than eight passengers.
Thanks to Annabel, Davido, Miguel, Elmer!
A special thanks to Clemente in the Theater Bar. Go see him to really take the edge off...Oh the Voodoo that he do.

Mark (Marcos)


Registered: March 2009
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Review Date: Thu April 16, 2009 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? No | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 5 

Pros: 24hr AI, staff, food quality, location
Cons: Not up to RIU standards IMO, spring beak kids!!

At the request of peterhr (admin) I have pasted my review across from the main forum. Just to clarify I have rated this hotel as 5 solely based on my RIU experiences in Europe where I feel ste standards are ar higher. I feel that my RIU Cancun experience would compare to a 4 star European hotel but I do realise that other RIU properites may well differ significantly.


Seeing as I gained lots of useful information about the above hotel & resort before our vacation I thought it only fair to add my own review for the benefit of others.

Vacation date: 31/03/2009-14/04/2009.

Outward journey: On arrival at Cancun airport we were greeted by a fair deal of chaos caused mainly by the arrival of 3 aircraft at one which seemed to cause all kinds of problems for the baggage handlers. There seemed little in the way of organisation, bags were strewn all over the hall floor, what few staff were there seemed totally incapable of handling the amount of luggage created by such a mass arrival in such a short space of time…good job they don’t work at Manchester, JFK or O’Hare I suppose. With this minor hitch out of the way we were directed to our transfer coach but the delays in bag claim for others meant we had to wait nearly 2 hours before we were on our way to the resort. My advice, arrange a taxi transfer as part of your package.

Reception at the RIU Cancun: Having stayed in 5 star RIU properties in Europe before we were really looking forward to staying at this hotel and were totally confident in the levels of service we would receive. With that in mind I was surprised that, due to our numbers (about 30 guests), we were directed to a holding room where we were given a group “induction” almost like a group of kids arriving at a weekend camp, not good! All the information we needed however was made clear to us, our all inclusive wristbands we issued and our luggage was delivered to our room (floor 15, ocean view as requested) in super quick time so this minor setback was forgiven.

First impressions: SUPERB! Spotlessly clean, large, airy and with staff more than keen to please. We had a bottle of champagne waiting in our room as our travel agent had informed the hotel the trip was to coincide with our wedding anniversary.

General service: Again superb, the service in the bars, restaurants and elsewhere could not be faulted, I found it impossible to get more than 2/3rds the way own any drink during our stay with out either being offered another or, if sat at the bar, another being automatically delivered. The waiters in the restaurant were super attentive and nothing was too much trouble. Deserving of a special mention are the bar staff at the pool and swim up bars. These folks put up with so much during the day (more later) but never react to the simply rude and disrespectful treatment that get during their working day. My wife and I were always greeted with a welcome no matter how busy the bar was and our daily visits to escape the heat became a highlight if only to engage in a little people watching!!

Room and turn down service: If I’m honest our room seemed a little tired!! It needed some new furniture, a coat of paint and a general freshen up but it was just about acceptable and the daily turndown service was faultless. For a 15th floor room I thought the rather flimsy balcony rail to be a little worrying but I guess that’s the engineer in me-certainly would not have wanted to have had a child with us.

Pools and pool areas: It is a very, very long time since I have found it necessary to be down at the poolside before 8AM to get a sun-bed but this was the case at the RIU Cancun. The simple fact is, is that the hotel cannot cope the amount of guests it can accommodate!! There are signs up to say you may not reserve sun-beds but as with many other rules this was not enforced, as it happens I prefer the early mornings so it wasn’t a problem to us but it is simply not acceptable in a 5 star hotel that a sun-bed cannot be found-no matter what time of day!! I suppose this brings me on to my major gripe (and this will be controversial)…American Spring Break Kids!!!! Now, we like a busy resort and new our trip clashed with Spring Break time so we knew things would be lively. What I was not prepared for was the sheer rudeness of some of the guests. The mindset appears to be that the staff at the resort are there to be shouted at, abused (verbally) and treated with total disrespect. Drink orders were being shouted at the bar staff from well away from the bar area, I think I can count on one hand the amount of “please” and “thankyous” I heard in 2 weeks if I never hear the phrases “OH MY GOD”, “AWESOME” , “YOU ARE SO…” ever again it will be too soon. Also why is it that when a group of, say, 5 spring breakers meet-up this has to be celebrated with a 100 decibel round of various greetings and gestures? I can understand this if you are meeting up for the first time or even daily but it gets a bit much if the greetings are repeated each time one of the group as much as visit the restrooms and are away from the “pack” for more that 5 mins!!! Finally on this subject when, can I ask, did it become acceptable to use the “F” word in general and mixed conversation? I am personally prone to use of expletives myself but not in mixed company and the amount of swearing did surprise me and this was not entirely the domain of the younger guests!!

Restaurant: The range and quality of the food on offer is simply exceptional and on a par with RIU hotels in Europe, we never had any problems in any of the restaurants with regard to quality or quantity but the main “Don Juan” restaurant is actually a canteen and certainly not worthy of a 5 star hotel. This goes back to my previous point about the hotel not being capable of managing the amount of guests it can accommodate; it’s simply not big enough! Tables in a 5 star hotel restaurant should not be set end to end and no matter how good the food is this is not good enough.

24hr bar: Sensibly set well away from the hotel rooms in an annexe building, this bar fulfils its role to an acceptable standard; drinks for some reason are served in Styrofoam cups whether they are to be consumed in the bar or taken away which I found a little disappointing.

Resort: Cancun is certainly lively and there are a fair amount of attractions within the resort to fill a 2 week stay. At no time did we feel threatened or un-safe and enjoyed a few nights on the town without seeing any trouble. Without doubt the star night time attraction is Coco Bongos’ which is a superb nightclub. Not cheap at $50.00US per person but that includes al your drinks and entertainment. I will not spoil the show here but my advice is to definitely go along, pay your $50.00, find and tip a waiter $10.00 when you get in and you’ll be looked after all night long and what a night it is!!! I found the rest of the bars and restaurants in resort a little disappointing, the range of bars is quite limited and I certainly would not be tempted to take up the open bar offers in most bars in town-just pay as you go would be my advice.

Overall: The 24hr all inclusive package is excellent and the hotel is certainly not shy when it comes to quality or quantity of goods or services. The hotel is maintained to a good standard and the staff, as in all RIU hotels, are superb. What spoils this hotel for me is the simple fact that the hotel can accommodate more people than it can cope with using the available infrastructure. With regards to maintaining standards the hotel should enforce its own rules more strictly: not reserving sun-beds and long trousers in the restaurants (evening) being just two. Whilst we had a superb time in Cancun I would say that to rate this particular hotel at 4 star would be generous and it’s 5 star official 5 star rating is misleading I would also add that I feel this particular hotel lets the RIU group down overall for the above reasons. We would certainly visit Cancun again but would look elsewhere for accommodation, perhaps the adjacent RIU Palace or more likely the Moon Palace or Excellence resorts.

The above is an honest, personal, appraisal of our experience and is in no way intended to put anyone off or offend.



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Pros: All of it
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I got back from Riu cancun on 13th May, the best holiday of my life. The Staff make the holiday, they are so friendly and they make you feel like royalty. The entertainment staff work so hard and the are AMAZING, they make time to talk to you one on one and help you make the most of your holiday!!


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