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Description: Hotel Riu Palace Las Americas
Boulevard Kukulcan, Km 8.5, Manzana 50, Lote 4, Zona Hotelera
77500 Cancún
Quintana Roo - Mexico
Tel. +529988914300 Fax. +52 998 891 4301

Location/General information

Riu Palace Las Americas and its magnificent architecture encompasses 372 deluxe junior suites and suites located in the very heart of Cancun’s exclusive hotel zone.
Riu's tradition of luxury and style continues with amenities such as 24-hour All Inclusive (snacks and beverages), continental breakfast room service and unique room amenities such as a fully stocked mini-bar, liquor dispenser or suites with a jacuzzi on the terrace. The wide assortment of restaurants, bars, and entertainment is enhanced by personal service and the exchange privilege programme with our sister properties.
One of Riu´s finest resorts, this hotel affords an exceptional level of luxury and comfort.

* Located in "Corazone", Cancun’s resort area

* On the beachfront
* Complimentary sun loungers on the hotel’s private beach
* 8-storey building
* 100 m/325 ft. to Hotel Riu Cancun
* 120 m/390 ft. from a shopping centre

* 10 km/6.2 miles from downtown Cancun
* 20 km/12.5 miles from the airport
* Credit cards accepted: MasterCard, Amex, Visa

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Review Date: Wed August 16, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 0 

Pros: Excellent service, good food, improved reservation system
Cons: Reservation system still a bit problematic

I was the guy asking a bunch of questions about which Riu a couple 20 something year old guys should go to. I had an excellent time. Allow me to go through my thoughts...

We got there pretty early and our room wasn't quite ready. We had lunch and a couple drinks while we waited. When we got to our room we had an absolutely outstanding view, but sadly, no balcony. We thought about asking for one but decided against it because we didn't want to hassle anyone too much. The room itself brought on a feeling of deja vu as it was almost identical to the one we stayed in in Cabo one year prior(only difference was a step or two down that leads you to the TV area).

The liquor dispensers and mini bars were well stocked and the room was frosty and clean(I threw the cleaning lady $10 on the first day). Aside from the lack of balcony, there was no problem with our room. A man by the name of Hector even called us about halfway through our trip asking if there was anything he could do to help.

Next I'll go with the restaurants. The buffets were largely well done. Still one of the best all inclusive buffets I've been to(usually all inclusive tends to equate into a noticeable downgrade in food quality). The service at the buffet restaurants were fantastic. In Cabo, it was kind of a free for all. On one hand, I didn't really mind this because I never really felt obligated to tip anyone, unless they brought me a drink or something. Here, however, we were professionally seated and promptly approached by someone taking our drink order. As far as professionalism goes, well done.

We ate at 4 of the specialty restaurants: the Brazilian rodizio, the Gourmet, the Spanish, and the Japanese. The rodizio was like an onslaught of meats and I felt compelled to finish one before the next was brought. I thought it was enjoyable.

The gourmet was rather good. I had some pasta/seafood dish with a filet mignon. The service was fine.

The Spanish restaurant was good as well, except we weren't very hungry to begin with, so we kind of had to force everything down.

Lastly, the Japanese restaurant was excellent.

One of the nights we went across to the street for Mexican food(The SeaHorse, perhaps?-not Riu related, but I'll explain anyway) It was dirt cheap, so we were a bit skeptical. We then started thinking...a small business in the midst of towering all inclusives needs to do whatever it can to stay afloat, even if it means low low prices. That said, we discarded the menu and went for the 7.95 all you can eat Mexican meal. It basically works like get all the chips(good) and salsa(fresh) you want. Then they bring out a plate of quesadillas and guacamole, a bowl of tortilla soup, then a plate with various fajitas, enchiladas, etc. And if you're still hungry after all of that, they'll bring out more.

In the end, we got two margaritas and a ton of food for 19 bucks and change. We tipped the guy(Ricardo, maybe) another 20 because he not only served us, but he's the one who "sold" us on eating there(somewhat of a poor man's PR), he also made the drinks, and helped clear tables. Good stuff.

We spent our days usually hanging on the beach for a little bit, going in the ocean and maybe throwing the football around. Then when the sun got to be too much we stewed in the pool, drinks in hand for the remainder of the day. There are not many greater ways to kill an afternoon than by sitting in a pool that overlooks the ocean, sipping a Modelo and making googly eyes at one(or more) of the lovely ladies that are in the vicinity.

At night, we hit the usual spots. The Coco Bongo was quite a suprise. We were expecting a traditional club/bar scene, but it was more of a performance type of atmosphere. If you're not into dancing(unless I'm 6-7 shots deep, I'm not), there's always something to watch.

Senor Frog's was fun but excrutiatingly hot. We had fun entertaining the cute shot girls for quite a bit.

The City is a decent atmosphere but the shot girls are entirely too aggressive and...well...unprofessional. I actually tried running away from one by scaling several rows of arena styled seating, until I cornered myself. She proceeded to ram shots down my throat and held her hand out for money. Aside from that, I got my money's worth for my drinks but it seemed like by 1-2am the place was 96% guys.

Speaking of which...these places usually charge something like 20-25 bucks for cover and like 30-35 open bar. I recommend going with the open bar if you plan on drinking because the obscenely high cover charge is just to compensate for all the all-incers who hope to drink up at their resort and lay low at the clubs. And also, I recommend sticking to a single bartender and tip him/her at the beginning(or promise one at the end) of the end of the night. This will guarantee prompt service. There were several occasions at Coco and The City where there would be a crowd of 20 something people waiting for drinks. I'd just show my face and get whatever I had been drinking, plus a couple shots of god-knows-what, immediately. They appreciate the money and I appreciated the service.

Back to the resort...the Bars there are quite good too. But as many have said, it never hurts to throw the cocktail servers/bartenders a few dollars. This will usually guarantee one or more of the following things...prompt service, good liquor, and strong drinks. I really feel for the pool/swim up bar bartenders because a majority of people don't carry money on them at this time. They still seem to approach their jobs with zeal and enthusiasm.

In sum...the front desk, the staff, the food and drinks, and almost everything else lived up to the Riu standard. I look forward to doing business with them for a third time.


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Review Date: Fri September 22, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 




Registered: September 2005
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Review Date: Fri November 17, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Absolutely everything
Cons: Not a thing

I recently returned from the Riu Palace Las Americas in Cancun, and thought that I’d take the opportunity to post my review while everything is fresh in my head.

This trip was a surprise for my husband for our one year wedding anniversary. We had been scheduled to be married at the RPLA on October 27/05, but our trip had been cancelled the day before our departure due to Hurricane Wilma.

We were scheduled to depart on November 2nd at 6:30am. We had spent the previous night at my parents house (closer to the airport), and got up early that morning and waited for my father-in-law to take us to the airport. I don’t know why, but I checked the internet to ensure our flight was still on time. Sure enough, our flight was delayed by an hour. When we did make our way to the airport, check-in was a breeze and we waited for our flight to be called. The flight was ok, the only complaint that I have is the lack of leg room that the plane had. It was an extremely cramped 4 hour flight !!

We arrived in Cancun and deplaned on the tarmac. A bus was waiting to take us to the airport, and we quickly made our way to pick up our checked luggage. Customs was a breeze, and we were lucky to get a green light when it was our turn to hit the button. We were immediately overwhelmed with people asking to take our luggage, wanting to know where we were going … and being dragged over to the timeshare counter. Be extremely careful with these people. They make you think that they’re an information booth that want to help you get to your bus, and provide you with information on Cancun. In the end, they offer you cheap excursions only if you sign up now and pick up the tickets at one of the new hotels on the lagoon side of the strip. There’s only a small presentation that you need to watch we were told. We quickly turned down the offer and found our way to the bus to take us to the RPLA.

My husband and I had been to Cancun 4 years earlier, and has it ever changed. You can still see some of the damage Wilma left, especially where the vegetation is concerned. The palm trees are smaller and there are a lot of dead trees around.

We finally made it to the RPLA and I was instantly blown away by the beauty of the white building. We were told to leave our luggage outside and it would be brought in for us. Instead of waiting in a line up at the front counter, we were all brought up to a meeting room where we were greeted by fresh pineapple juice and a quick check in. All of our information was given to us in an envelope including our room keys, towel cards, map of the hotel and safe locks. The check-in was quick and we were then able to check out our room.

Our room was beautiful. We chose not to upgrade to an ocean view or a Jacuzzi suite, instead when we booked, our travel agent requested that we be given a pool view room. If you get a pool view room, you’re guaranteed to get a beautiful view of the ocean. We were not disappointed. We were given room 434 on the 4th floor (obviously), which overlooked the quiet pool and had a gorgeous view of the ocean as well as Isla Mujueres in the background. The room was perfectly clean with the bar fridge fully stocked. We did have a couple of problems with the room … our toilet clogged once and the hair dryer blew up. We made a quick stop at the front desk on our way to the pool to advise them of this and the toilet was fixed immediately, as well as replacing the hairdryer.

We had dinner at the buffet, Don Roberto’s on our first night. We actually ended up eating most of our meals, including dinner at the buffet. Why ?? Because the food was amazing. There was always a huge variety of dishes, and everything was always fresh. It also helped that there was a chocolate fountain at the dessert bar !! The wait staff were extremely friendly and always held out our chairs for us when we were on our way back to our table. We never had an empty glass in front of us, whether it was wine, Corona or my hubby’s fave …. Mirinda. I think my absolutely favourite thing at breakfast had to be the pancakes with dulce de leche …. amazing !!

Out of the a la carte restaurants, we tried 3. We made reservations our first day there for the Japanese restaurant Sakura. It’s a nice, cozy restaurant with limited tables. The food was absolutely fantastic. We were given a plate of sushi to start with before our appetizers. Delicious. I ordered the tempura Shrimp and veggies to start, followed by a shrimp dish and banana spring rolls for dessert. Everything was fantastic. I even tasted my first cup of hot sake … definitely an acquired taste.

Our second a la carte was El Romero, the steakhouse. I’m not a red meat eater, so I stuck with the chicken, while hubby ordered a steak. The meals were delicious, and there was so much on the plate. Not only were you given a piece of meat, but there was also a baked potato, corn and spinach … I couldn’t get through the entire plate !! Our waiter Jesus was fantastic. He always had a smile on his face, and made our dinner presentation a huge deal. He also went out of his way to bring us a special dessert. As I was enjoying my bowl of coconut ice cream, he came by with a plate full of chocolate covered strawberries and chocolates for us to enjoy.

For our anniversary, we decided to try the gourmet restaurant, Sir Arthur. The restaurant itself is beautiful inside and the staff were fantastic. We enjoyed a couple bottles of champagne with our delicious meal and had a beautiful first anniversary. I started off with the salad with basil vinaigrette and goat cheese. My main course was the shrimp and scallops … I don’t think I’ve ever had better scallops before … they melted in your mouth. Hubby had the mussels Rockefeller and could decide between the fillet or the duck .. so he got both !! He said that the duck was the best he’d ever had. We both had the crepes Suzette for dessert … I wish I could comment on those, but we were on our second bottle of champagne and it went by in a blur !!

The grounds at RPLA were beautiful. You never saw an empty glass lying around or the grass in need of cutting. Everything was absolutely beautiful. You always saw someone trimming the shrubs, or cleaning the lobby … it was always immaculate.

I had heard before going that the beach is extremely narrow. While this is true, it’s beautiful. The white sand in Cancun is what I compare every other island we’re visited to. There is nothing like the beach in Cancun, no matter how wide or narrow it is. To be honest, we didn’t spend much time on the beach. We’re more pool people and took advantage of the sun beds with their comfy mattresses by the quiet pool. We also did a bit of exploring and found a sun deck above El Romero that overlooks the pool with the swim up bar. This sun deck has three levels of chairs and a Jacuzzi. We were also the only ones up there for the 3 days we spent there. It felt like we were in our own little world up there and thoroughly enjoyed every minute sitting in the sun and when it got too hot, we’d jump into the Jacuzzi. We’d eventually come down from our sun deck and head for the pool. Here is my only complaint in my review …. the water in both pools were always freezing. It would take me about 10 minutes to get all the way down the stairs and into the pool. Once you were in it was fantastic. We’d spend a lot of time by the infinity end staring out at the ocean, or just watching people walk by.

The shows were wonderful. If you go to RPLA definitely check out the Michael Jackson show … it was awesome. The theatre was beautiful and once again, there was never an empty drink in front of you. My favourite show was the last one we saw before leaving. The Entertainment Team have created their own show where they take clips from different movies and perform them. It was new and they still have some work to do but it was hilarious. They even brought the wait staff up when they did a song from Beatlejuice! The theatre is gorgeous where the shows were performed. The chairs were extremely comfy and the wait staff where wonderful.

The drinks were fantastic. I like a drink that doesn’t have so much alcohol in it that it makes it almost impossible to drink. I tried my best to taste every specialty drink that was on the menu, but there were a couple that quickly became my favourite; Coca Rosa, Costa Caribe and I can’t remember the name of the other one but it was blue. I’m also a beer drinker and a huge fan of Corona … which was usually my drink of choice during dinner.

I guess the last thing that I can comment on was the weather. It rained for 3 ½ days and was beautiful for 3 ½ days. The worst of the rain was on Sunday. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a street flood so quickly !! In the parking lot across from the hotel we couldn’t even see the tires on some of the cars due to the water. We decided to go to WalMart in downtown Cancun that day. We had a blast going through the WalMart and seeing all of the different things that they sold there … unfortunately we didn’t know what everything was as neither one of us speak any Spanish. If you do go to Cancun, it’s something fun to do on a rainy day. The other 3 ½ days the weather was absolutely gorgeous. We spent a lot of time in the sun and enjoying the hot weather in November. We both got a bit burned oneday … but it was absolutely worth it.

Would I recommend this hotel to anyone ?? Absolutely … we found no fault with RPLA at all. Neither one of us could believe how wonderfully we were treated. One of our waiters the morning we left summed it up beautifully for us. When they noticed that we were leaving he told us that we need to come back. It’s our second home and we’re all like family here. To be honest, that’s exactly how I felt visiting my first Riu. We will definitely make another visit to RPLA in the future. Have we become Riu junkies after our first trip. Both hubby and I will never go anywhere else other than a Riu from now on. I’m in the midst of convincing the rest of my family to jump on the bandwagon with us … I don’t think that’s going to be very hard to do !!


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Review Date: Wed December 13, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Excellent location. Top notch everything
Cons: too few to think of any

This resort falls nothing short of amazing from every aspect you consider. The location is perfect as you have walking distance to shopping and all the best night clubs in Cancun. The food is amazing, even in the buffet (both Riu Palace and Riu Cancun). Must try the Japanese and Gourmet specialty restaurants!!
The service was so amazing they made you feel like you wanted to tip every time (and I did), but they didn't expect it. The resort itself is immaculate, truly breathtaking upon arrival. Every trip I make, I will look for the top Riu resort in the area and I fully expect to make multiple trips back to the Riu Palace Las Americas in Cancun.


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Review Date: Fri January 5, 2007 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: View, service, grounds, heavenly atmosphere
Cons: none, though beds are hard (we're bringing foam next time)

The is absolutely the best place in the world. We have gone twice in the March/April time frame and every day is 80 to 85 and heavenly. The white building against the blue sea is gorgeous and the people have been from 20s to 50s and few children. It's peaceful and fun, with gorgeous sunrises for the early to risers and breezy evenings around dusk. We will go for a third time on 3/25/07 and stay seven nights in the jacuzzi suites for the first time. It's our heaven away from Houston. The only thing is that the beds are hard and you can request a mattress cushion, however I'm bringing a foam pad from walmart this time in a second suitcase, it'll be worth it and make it all perfect this time. We love we can walk to bars, do the tequilla crawl along the main strip or stay in for the great restaurants. The guests are just like us, friendly if you want to socialize or if you want to read a book by the ocean 24-7 it's peaceful enough to do that. We went to the RIU Cancun three years ago (hotel next door) and there's no comparison. You won't find a bunch of college students, but you'll have a blast. There's subtle toplessness from the Europeans, but all classy. This is the greatest all inclusive place in Cancun, we're convinced.

Riu Ambassador

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Review Date: Sat March 10, 2007 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: $1,700.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: staff,service,cleanliness, location
Cons: none


Feb. 26 - March 5th, 2007 - Len & Jane 3rd trip to Mexico, first to Cancun
Flight - typical uneventful cramped Skyservice flight - we did depart 15 minutes early and arrived 40 minutes before schedule which was nice.

Arrival - still had to take a bus from the plane to the terminal. There were no long lineups so customs was a breeze (got a green light again)
We had no problems with timeshare people...Found our Sunquest bus which left in about 15 minutes arriving at the resort in 25 minutes.

Resort Arrival - first impression of the majestic white building-
We were greeted by the doorman wearing a white top hat, white gloves and a burgundy tail tuxedo....Welcomed us to Cancun and the Palace and had a bell boy take our luggage to the reception. We were the only people checking in at the time, so we had all our information within 5 minutes. Javier told us we had a very nice room and that he was sure we'd be happy with it.....I had e-mailed the resort about 2 weeks prior requesting a room with a balcony and a ocean/pool view, king size bed and no higher than the 4th floor. We received exactly what I had requested. 2nd floor room #216. It was absolutely gorgeous.....Into our bathing suits and on the beach by 2:45.

Beach was hot and sunny still with lot's of available loungers - we never had a problem finding a spot on the beach....Bar service on the beach and around the pools was a bonus when you wanted to be lazy..
Beach area was not as wide as the Yucatan's and I did miss not having the palm trees but I do think the sand is much whiter and the water a more vibrant clear blue. Water temp was always warm and the bottom was easy to walk on with very few rocks.

Lobby - Breathtaking - shining marble floors, beautiful sofas and chairs and the fresh flower arrangements were amazing with exotic plants and flowers. My husband had to drag me away telling me we didn't come on vacation to look at flower arrangements.. Staff were constantly cleaning.

Pools - 2 infinity pools - 1 more low key with only 8 sunbeds and the 2nd was the active pool with the swim up bar. We were only in the pools maybe 2 or 3 times the entire week. The beach was just so much more relaxing for us. 4 jacuzzi's - 1 on a sun terrace that we found extremely hot and no bar service But if you wanted to bake, that was the place. We did spend some time around the pool bar after done at the beach. Met some wonderful people there mostly from the U.S. In fact, we didn't meet any other Canadians at our resort.

Restaurants - From breakfast to dinner, the food and service was incredible. Mimosas at breakfast Chocolate fountains in the buffet We had 4 dinners at the specialty restaurants. Steakhouse (outdoor restaurant that men can wear shorts at). My husband had the beef tenderloin and I had the pork which was the best cuts of meat we had ever had on vacation. Gourmet restaurant and twice at the Brazilian. These were a bit more upscale than the Steakhouse with what I thought better service. You could have bottles of Champagne or wine. I was impressed that they brought you choices of red wine and it was served from an unopened bottle. I tried the Mexican and Portuguese red wine....mmmmmm..Must say it was better than the wine served from a cask.....Reservations could be made between 12 & 5 for the specailty restaurants. I would recommend that you book for the entire week as soon as you arrive. The buffet was wonderful as well with so many choices. We had the same waiter every time named Fillipe that was a true sweetheart. He looked like he was about 15 yrs. old until we found out he was 21, married with an 11 month old son.....He told us that Saturday was his day off and he was going fishing with his wife, son and parents. That was his family day....It meant alot to him to spend time with them. He was so cute I just wanted to hug him We told him that we most likely wouldn't see him again as we had reservations for sunday nite and were leaving on Monday......He graciously and sincerely Thanked us for being great customers and our tips.....He said our tips would really help getting new clothes for his son.....I wanted to cry.....The 2nd day of our trip we had gone across the street to the market and bought 2 inflatable matresses to float around in the water. No intentions of bringing them home so we asked Javier at the front desk if we could leave a gift for Fillipe. He said to leave it with him and would make sure he got it. Monday morning just before we were leaving we saw Fillipe wondering around the lobby......He spotted us with a huge smile on his face......He gave us both a hug, thanked us for the gift for his son and gave us a bottle of habenero pepper hot sauce in a plastic pepsi bottle that his wife made. That was the highlite of my trip - to see the happiness and appreciation in his face for a $10.00 gift.

Tours and entertaintment - we didn't do any.....had booked the jungle tour but decided the day before we were just as content lying on our air matresses in the ocean so we cancelled. had also booked a tee time at Pok Ta Pok. My husband went for a walk to the course the day before to look around. He said it looked it pretty rough shape so we cancelled that as well.....I also walked through the course the next day and could say that we have nicer courses in Thunder Bay....The Hilton course looks awesome which isn't that far but a bit pricey.....Our entertainment was walk, lay on the beach and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Went to the Riu Cancun for lunch one day.....It is also a beautiful resort but alot more active than the RPLA.......We also walked the beach to the Riu Caribe...took us about 45 minutes.....rough walk in some areas over the rocks but very pleasant regardless......saw some Beautiful homes along the way...... just like the rich and famous...the caribe was a nice resort as well but you could certainly recognize that it's not an original Riu........It's huge......One thing I preferred at the outdoor breakfast and lunch buffets at the RPLA is that you're not allowed to go in without shoes and women have to wear coverups where as at the other Riu's some people were almost naked.....Again. just one of my pet peeves is barefooted people in a restaurant.....Also, you are not allowed to bring plates of food to the beach or pool area, which makes for less dirty dishes laying around.
We took the city bus to Las Isla Mall which was an experience.. Buses are wild down there.....We were told that there are 2 bus companies in Cancun that are competing with each other......They will race to the people waiting on the side of the road driving over curbs if they have too......The mall is set on the lagoon with an aquarium inside....Lot's of beautiful boats docked around there......A couple of evenings we walked to the famous bar area (Coco Bongos, The City, Bulldogs) we didn't go in to any but it was fun to watch all the excitement. We enjoyed walking around Plaza Caracol and sitting down for a cool one at the outdoor bars talking to the locals.......We learnt alot from them about Mexico and their traditions.....
Shows at the resort are all very similar - Michael Jackson, Grease, Phantom of the Opera, Mexican fiesta......All pleasurable to watch but by that time I was usually ready for bed......They did make a wicked martini at the theater bar though......

Negative - Sunquest Rep - First of all I still had a bad taste after the battles we had when they cancelled our original booking......The rep on the bus to the resort was awesome.......gave us alot of information about Cancun. The rep at the resort is another story......Our information card from Sunquest said that our orientation time would be Tuesday at 9:15...We really didn't want to hear the entire speel but decided to go anyways.......we waited till 10:00 and still no rep......that evening under our room door was a note saying that he would be at the Riu Cancun on Wednesday at 9:00...The only reason we went was to hand in our return flight confirmation card.....He didn't show up till 10:00.....That's already 1 hour and 45 minutes I've wasted......When he finally did show up I asked what happened to him on Tuesday......He said he wasn't scheduled to be there at that time.....My card said Tuesday at 9:15......He said I must have misread it....Now I'm not happy so I go back to the room and bring it to him....He tells me someone must have made a mistake.......No apologizes......I asked him when he would be back at the RPLA just in case I decide I want to book a tour.....He said it wasn't worth his while to go there because there were only 10 people at the RPLA with Sunquest.......If I needed him, he'd be at the Riu Cancun...At this time I'm so angry we just walked away...Needless to say I have sent Sunquest another e-mail with my concerns.....Normally I don't sweat over small stuff, but this is not great customer service in my eyes....

Weather - Hot Hot Hot for the entire week....not one drop of rain. Some days were a bit breezy but it was a nice relief from the heat..2 days were very high humidity but nothing that a dip in the ocean didn't cure..Sunday around 4:00 p.m. got very windy......We were on our balcony around 11:00 p.m. and the wind was howling and the waves were beating on the beach. I was hoping that on Monday it would be too windy for the planes to fly...... The day we left was still windy.....We walked across the road in the morning with difficulty....stopped to talk to a restaurant owner we had met....He said to me - "Signora this is a mild breeze compared to Wilma"...

Overall Impression Of Cancun - I was pleasantly surprised.....Yes, Lot's of high rises and busy traffic but you can do as much as you want or as little as you want....The majority of the local people in the small establishments we talked to are very sincere.....Cancun is still recovering from Wilma and they know that tourism is their only means of re-establishing their lives.....They were all so very kind and honest to us.....Much busier than PDC but you can still find that same quaint Mexican atmosphere.....The beaches and scenery are breathtaking as well.

Overall Impression of RPLA.......Absolutely Amazing.....Service, Food, Staff, Cleanliness, accomodations, location all a step above the other Riu's we've been too....I've had wonderful vacations at the Riu's in D.R. and PDC but I have to admit this trip is on the top of my list so far.....As long as I'm with my good friends or loved ones I will always enjoy myself but the the service at a Palace will make me reconsider going somewhere else......Can't forget to mention the turn down service every nite in your room.....Fresh towels and linens turned down folded into a fan lined with chocolate kisses......Another special touch.......It's not a huge resort even though it looks like it in the pictures, so it's still easy to meet and socialize with other guests.....We met 2 wonderful couples from Ohio in the elevator that we had dinner and watched the shows with twice.....

Would I recommend - Absolutley......Someone told me that Cancun is just like Florida with all the high rises and hustle and bustle.......I have to somewhat disagree.......Yes there is that, however you still find that Mexican charm

Would I go back - I wouldn't hesitate going back to Cancun or PDC but we met alot of people that spoke very highly of Los Cabos or Puerta Vallarta so we may look into that next year for something different....

I could add lot's more but it's long enough already......Any questions about the RPLA feel free to ask......


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Review Date: Tue April 17, 2007 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: $1,600.00 | Rating: 9 

Pros: class all the way
Cons: none

This is a great vacation resort. We are a family of 4 with the children being 12 & 18. I have stayed at 4 other all inclusives and this is my all time favorite. The manager, Ramon is fantastic. I actually emailed him and asked him to tell us if he would be moving to another Riu because I think the attitude and customer service at this resort directly related to him. We traveled Easter week which was very busy. We ate at all the resturants. I think the Japanese and the Brazillian were the most fun, but it is purely personal taste, they were all delicious.
All employees in the hotel are fantastic. The maid made us wonderful towel art, the bartenders were patient with all out requests (especially the bartender outside the show).
This resort is location, location and location. Night life, flea market, and malls all are within walking distance. I always felt safe at the resort which is important to me. The beach is small but delightful. It is shallow with no undercurrant.
The only two things I felt were a minus were the kids entertainment team. My 12 year old girl has always enjoyed "kids club" on past all inclusives and the two girls running this program seemed bored and were running very disjointed activities. They seemed very unmotivated. I did see that these girls paid more attentions to young ones that spoke fluent spanish. This possibly could be due to a language problem.
The second minus being the spa. I had a reservation for my daughters hair to be braided and my hair to be washed and set our last day. When we went for our appointments she checked with the hairdresser and said it would be 5-10 minutes. We came back 10-15 minutes later and they would not take us. I had the girl get the manager and she would not help.
I did get the feeling that the spa might be subcontracted out because I never got this attitude from anyone in the hotel. An example being one night the hairdryer broke. We called down and they came up with a new one no questions asked within 1-2 hours.
I would love to go back to this hotel and would definitely be preferencial to Riu Palaces now. It was a great experience and I would highly recommend this ersort.


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We stayed here last year and loved it!! The staff was friendly and the service and food were great. I didn't care for standing in line to make reservations at the specialty restaurants but that just tells you how good they are. If you're thinking about staying in the Hotel Zone you can't ask for a better location.


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Pros: Service, Food, Grounds - everything
Cons: Location (Cancun itself)

I know this review is supposed to be about the Riu Palace Las Americas, but since anyone traveling to his Hotel might also be interested in some of the other things we came in contact with, I included reviews for those as well.

The $2 answer is this: We loved the hotel and the staff. We had a grand time and would certainly recommend this hotel to anyone who was thinking of visiting the area. Although we didn’t love Cancun enough to feel it the only place we ever want to vacation again – we did love the Palace enough to know we want to use their resorts whenever possible!

The Travelers: My first time in Mexico (beyond the border towns). My husband had been to Mexico City as a small boy. This was our first all inclusive resort and we were traveling to celebrate my husband’s 40th birthday.

Travel Agents: I booked the hotel through and the flights/excursions through Orbits.

Inbound Travel

We flew American from San Francisco to Dallas and then into Cancun. Other then the fact that our flight was delayed leaving San Francisco by a couple who’s bags were on the plane, but their butts weren’t – the flight was wonderfully uneventful. The SF to Dallas pilot kept us well informed throughout the delay, gave us a little chat about the flight while taking off and the told us he was going to limit his announcements as much as he could during the flight so people could sleep. When we arrived in Dallas we got a great rundown of where to catch our connecting flights (and were told they had ‘made up’ our delay) and were generally helpful. The Dallas to Cancun Pilot was just as nice. Giving us a little overview of what our flight path would be and then letting us sleep until it was time to land.

As this is the second time I have flown American Internationally and had great luck/service I will certainly use them again and recommend them to others.

Customs at the Cancun airport was a breeze. We got the green light and were on our way! Thanks to reviews I had read before I know what to expect when running the gauntlet at the hotel exit. The time share people were there en-mass! As we approached I warned my husband – “Don’t look them in the eye and keep walking!” And that’s what we did.

Because I had done all my own travel arraignments I also had to book my own transportation to/from the hotel. An internet search had found Cancun Limo and I had traded emails with them to arrange for a Town Car to pick us up. “Betty” and I had traded emails about this being my husband’s birthday and I had arraigned for the ‘welcome’ sign to read “Happy Birthday Mr Boddy”. I was mildly disappointed to see that the sign was the standard ‘last name’ but was willing to overlook something that minimal. However my disappointed doubled when I saw our Town Car was a creamy white instead of the snappy limo-black that the website had shown. It tripled when we got inside and saw the worn carpets and stained interior, and I got even more frustrated when as the driver was transporting us the clutch kept slipping leaving us jerking and paranoid in the back seat.

We made it to our hotel safely, and the driver was safe, courteous and timely, but for the money I paid ($160 for both ways) it most certainly WASN’T worth it. I wouldn’t recommend them for ‘special occasion’ travel at all.


We arrived at the lobby of the hotel at about 4:30PM. It confused my husband a little when we were greeted at the door with “welcome home”, but I enjoyed it. Although the Lobby is amazing, walking through the front door of the hotel and immediately being greeted by the view outside of the pool and then the ocean brought the reaction I had hoped for from my Husband. And it IS breathtaking. The lobby is elegantly decorated in dark woods and pink marble. It’s huge; open, air, with two story high windows looking out into the pool area and then the beach and ocean beyond. There’s tons of seating to enjoy the view/relax in, and staff all over working to keep the place clean and dry.

I was greeted as soon as I walked up to the front desk. They had our room ready as well as a packet of important information. When I informed them that this was our first visit to the hotel I was given a very detailed explanation of where everything was, how to get dinner reservations, how the poolside towels worked, etc.

Almost every other time I approached the front desk I was greeted and assessed just at thoroughly. When I needed directions I was given detailed instructions on how to get somewhere. When I needed change for the bus, I was given change and exact information on what coins I should get in return. My only disappointing visit to the desk was when I went down to ask them to restock the fridge. Although my request was honored, the man at the desk was only ½ paying attention as he was having a conversation with on of the other desk staff (even though he had specifically beckoned me forward to assist me), so when specified that we only needed diet pepsi and water in the fridge, my request was not noted. I came back to my room later with a fridge full of corona and regular pepsi. Still, 1 bad experience out of the 5 or so we had with them is not bad at all and certainly way above any other hotel I’ve visited.


I was prepared for the room from pictures and was not disappointed on arrival. It was as lovely as had been depicted. There was a slight musty/smokey smell to the room but it was easily ignored. I had to laugh at the fact that it was clearly posted that our room was ‘non-smoking’ and yet it was stocked with ashtrays and matches. We had booked a Jr Suite and had paid the basic rate, so I wasn’t expecting a balcony or even a terrific view. Our room was on the 8th floor and did not have a balcony but the view was AMAZING! On further inspection it appears as if all the rooms in this hotel do, as it looks as if the rooms only face the ‘ocean’ side of the hotel. The bedroom and lowered seating area were very spacious, well lit and cool. The bathroom was beautiful in all marble and an enclosed tub. The only negatives I could find with the room were:

The tub/shower area are very small and very dark. My husband and I like to ‘conserver water’ and this was nearly impossible in the tiny area. Plus because the opening was so small, when you pulled the opaque curtail across the opening it was quite dark in the little space. Had I been a claustrophobic person I would have probably been required to shower with the curtain open.

The ‘double’ beds. HUH? While this wasn’t a problem for us specifically it was a little confusing. Pushing two smaller beds together do not a ‘king’ make. Luckily my husband and I are used to sleeping close and were perfectly content only using one of the beds each of the nights, I could see how this would be a problem for people who like a bit more space but still like to sleep together.

One other small annoyance was the lighting system. After five days I still couldn’t figure out a pattern to which switches turned on/off which lights. *shrug*

Otherwise the room was clean and comfortable and everything we needed for our stay. We both slept like logs and no issue with a ‘hard’ bed. The room was cleaned daily and even the towels we had hung to ‘reuse’ the next day were replaced. Coming from a damp climate I know how hard it is to battle mold and mildew and yet there was not a spec of it anywhere. The mini-bar in the room was GREAT, the fridge well stocked (even if they missed our request for what to put in it) and all facilities in working order.


What is there to say other then the grounds were beyond lovely and meticulously maintained. The halls, lobbies and gardens are all opulent, and everywhere you look there’s sufficient ‘eye candy’ to let you know you are staying someplace ‘special’.

Oh the food!
Of course a review of the food has to start with the reservation system for the specialty restaurants. Frankly it sucks but it does seem better then the previous rendition.

When we arrived I was told that the girl that took the dinner reservations was outside until 5:00 (he actually told me the hours, but I don’t remember them right now). So, when I got to our room at 4:45, I rushed downstairs to find her. After a bit of wandering I found a girl sitting at one of the patio tables talking to a man but nothing else. I wandered around a bit before finally assuming that THIS was the place, only because I spotted the girl showing the man a menu. I took a seat nearby and shortly after I was joined in the area by two other people looking for the reservationist. It’s almost as if they don’t want you to find her!

As I had mentioned before we had arrived on my husband’s birthday. Because of this I had emailed the hotel earlier and had asked them if he could receive a bit of ‘special treatment’ on that day. I was told that they would reserve us a table at the ‘gourmet’ restaurant for the night we arrived. When I approached the reservationist the first thing she let me know is that they had no seating available for that night (I had expected that) or the next and that the Steak House was the only thing available for our third night. That surprised me. When I told her that I had assured a table at the gourmet restaurant that night she started to refuse me so I drug out a copy of the email I had received and showed it to her. She seemed a bit rattled as she couldn’t find my name on her list, but handled it with aplomb. She apparently needed to talk a manager as she excused herself for a while, but when she came back, wrote my name down on the list. While she was doing that I happily pointed out to her that my name WAS on the list, it was just on the bottom in the ‘notes’ section. That seemed to relieve her a bit. I have to say that although I put her in a slightly uncomfortable situation she was very nice about it and handled herself well throughout. I do wonder if it would have been a lot harder if I hadn’t brought the email along with me.

So – because of limited seating of the four nights we were at the hotel we were only able to eat at the specialty restraints three of them.

Sir Arthur’s: The service here was very good. Were I to compare it to other Gourmet restaurants (such as Houston’s here in San Francisco) I would consider it lacking. (They seemed a little short on staff even with the small amount of tables in the place) But they addressed our needs quickly, and always always provided service with a smile. The best part was when told that it was my husband’s birthday they went over board to help him celebrate. Singing happy birthday, teasing him with an ‘obscene’ desert of a banana and ice cream (that he found hilarious) and serving the most amazing chocolate cake I’ve ever had.

The rest of the food we had was also great very tasty, hot and well presented. Although I would hesitate to call it gourmet, it was quite good.

The Steak House: Food was very good. My husband had the steak and I had the chicken. Both were great but my husband’s steak was outstanding! Like the gourmet restaurant it almost seemed as if they didn’t have enough staff. When I saw them pouring sour cream over all the potatoes I tried several times to flag our waiter down to get him to give me one ‘naked’. But never could get his attention. However when he brought our food and I told him I couldn’t have the sour cream he didn’t even raise an eyebrow, just brought me a new potatoes and took the old one away.

The Brazilian BBQ: Oh my – the BEST food. Skewer after skewer of meat served right at the table. My only complaint was that they seemed a little skimpy with the servings, but they would give you more if you asked. Again I wondered at the staffing levels as we were left with empty plates several times while were waiting for the next meat ‘course’ to be brought by.

Both the Steak House and the Brazilian restaurant had ‘buffet style’ salad and dessert bars. These were well stocked and the food palatable. The hot food was hot and the cold food cold.

What surprised me was after being told that there was ‘no room at the inn’ at all the specialty restaurants, is that every night we went there were empty tables. I don’t know if it was just that people didn’t show up, or if they had lower staffing levels due to it being the low season. Who knows?

Buffet Dinner: We had dinner at the Buffet one night. The food was every bit as good as the specialty restaurants. And, amazingly enough, the service seemed to be better. Drinks were brought promptly. Dishes cleared quickly, and always service with a smile. Although this was Buffet style food it far surpassed what I would consider ‘buffet’ eating. The food was fresh, the variety amazing. There was way more then either my husband or I could eat at one meal. In that one night we came no wear near to tasting everything.

Breakfast: We left too early for the full breakfast one of our mornings and ended up eating ‘continental’. It may have been that I had drank rather heavily the night before and was seriously craving eggs, but I found this buffet to be the only disappointment. A few Danishes and some fruit. The full Buffet though was amazing. Food, food and more food. After four days of it I still hadn’t tried everything. The cheese omelets were wonderful! And for those looking for a lighter ‘faire’ there was still fruit Danishes and even salad stuffs. Anyone walking away from this breakfast feeling unsatisfied is just impossible to please.

Overall the food was great and the service good. Excellent variety of food and all it tasted great. I could have continued to eat in the hotel many a day/night and continued to be satisfied.


I have to say that our experience at the bars was limited. We found Javier at the Theater bar our first night and just went back there thereafter. The drinks served were excellent and the service beyond compare. Javier was gregarious and eager to please. When my husband or I would be undecided on what to drink he was quick to throw out suggestions and they were always a GREAT pick. On our last night there he wouldn’t even let my glass get completely empty before he was replacing it with a fresh one. The bar had a full stock of alcohol. I was surprised when I asked for Southern Comfort (something I have trouble finding even here in the US) and was given it. We tried a few of the specialty drinks – more specifically the martinis. We tried the chocolate, espresso and blanc all of which were delicious. The bar was always meticulously maintained and seemed to be more then adequately stocked. I wish I could find a bar like this here!

On a side note regarding the bar, two of the nights we came back to the hotel to find they had set up a table with drinks in the lobby. On our second night we came back after a LONG HOT trip to Chichen Izta to Hurricanes being pressed into our hands. My husband looked at me, smiled and said “it’s good to be home!” And that’s exactly how we felt.


The staff was terrific! You couldn’t walk past a staff member without getting a ‘Buenos Dias’ or something similar. It was actually so prevalent that my husband would avoid walking past the lobby desk because he was tiered of answering them back Smile

My husband and I were often up early so we got to observer the staff swarming over the place cleaning and prepping for another day. Maids in uniform sweeping sand from the floor, a man raking the seaweed off the beach and then raking the sand, gardeners tending the vast array of foliage; you name it, it was being taken care of. All day long maids with towels were working to keep the floors dry so that no one would slip.

My only fault minor issue with ‘clean-up’. Almost every morning we woke to food and/or drinks sitting on the table in the elevator ‘lobby’ on our floor. One night at about 9:00 PM when we went to check out the Jacuzzi it was completely surrounded by left over drink glasses. But otherwise – everything was perfect.


It’s a little hard for me to rate the beach as we had ‘red flag’ surf the whole time we were there. It is small – but for the number of guests that were there at the time we were, it seemed adequate. The water is AMAZINGLY blue and the sand startling white. As I said above, the beach was cleared of seaweed daily and sand combed. The sea bed was a little ‘rocky’ but if you watched where you went the rocky portions could be easily avoided. There were plenty of loungers the times we went. There’s no shade on the beach, but in our case it didn’t really matter as ‘sun’ wasn’t a problem during our trip – rain was. Even with the rain the water was amazingly warm and great to swim in.


Clean comfortable water, and a beautiful setting. Having two pools seemed to suit everyone. The ‘activity’ pool with it’s swim up bar was always hopping and yet kept clean. The quiet pool was – quiet, but with it’s own set of loyal followers. My only disappointment was that the pools closed at 7:00PM for cleaning. It seemed a little early to me as it was certainly warm enough to continue to use them past that time. Both the pools are very large, and seem to have more then enough seating around them.


Because of our excursion we had no contact with the Animacon team. The only entertainment we partook of was the nightly shows. The shows were very good – the crowds were ‘dead’. Everyone involved in the shows tried really hard to get the folks involved – sing along, clap along anything, but nothing seemed to work. I give them an A for effort. The Animacon shows where they involved guests were really good. They seemed to have a knack for picking folks that would really ham it up for the crowd and that made it fun to watch.


On our last day I had planned for us to get a massage on the beach. Unfortunately, the ‘red flag’ surf made that impossible. The Spa was very gracious about explaining why they couldn’t do it and offered to reschedule. When I told him that we couldn’t as this was our last day they offered an indoor massage instead. We accepted. The full body massage was very good, but in some ways disappointing. Had the same massage been given on the beach we would have loved it, but because of the surroundings we expected a bit… more. We had both asked for a deep tissue massage – and while we got a bit of a ‘dig’ now and then it was far from feeling thorough. Still the spa is more about relaxing and not massage therapy so it was acceptable given the environment.

The City

I have to admit both my husband and I were troubled by the obvious poverty in and around the city. On top of this, there’s what I can only assume is the damage from the hurricane that’s still being repaired. Construction everywhere, but worse, abandoned and dilapidated buildings everywhere. It made both my husband and I very uncomfortable every time we left the hotel. Perhaps if our main interests were drinking and night life – this would have been a great place, but were 100 times more interested in site seeing, nature and history and to get that seemed to take a lot of work. I doubt we’ll visit cancun again any time soon – which is too bad as we LOVED the palace!
There’s a lot of shopping near the hotel. The Mexican Outlet a block over was a lot of fun to shop at and we saw a lot of great ‘trinkets’
There’s also a mall just across the street that more room inside then it looks from the outside. A great place to spend a rainy afternoon.
The ‘big’ mall is a short bus ride away and had a lot of good shops to look at.
Overall I can’t say the prices were anything to get excited about at any of the malls/shops, but there was plenty to look at and sometimes you stumble across something unique.

Loma Bonita Ranch
I booked this trip through Orbitz and I was very frustrated that even though my voucher said that it included hotel pickup and drop off it actually cost me $15 per person. I was again frustrated to find out that to gallop your horse on the beach (something that was ‘big’ in their description.) you had to pay an extra $10 per person. We were also told after arriving that drinks on the beach would cost extra. I really felt as though we were being nickled and dimed.

The grounds were pretty, but a little ‘worn’. The actual horse enclosure was a little frightening and I shuttered to think about the horses being pinned in the tiny cement stalls we walked passed. The horses themselves looked healthy enough – if a little boney. But I didn’t like the alarming number of old scars on their faces and back. (aka saddle sores)

The horses rode well, minded well and were great for beginner riders. The ratio of guides to riders was really well balanced – although some of the Jr guides seemed not take their jobs as seriously as they should, racing up and down the line of horse and sometimes pretending they were going to slap a horse on it’s butt in the hopes of getting it’s pretty rider’s attention. Our primary guide (Willy) was excellent. He joked when appropriate, but was serious about people’s safety and the safety of the horses.

The ride itself was pretty much the typical ‘trail ride’ that you can get just about anywhere. In fact, there’s one almost just like it only 50 minutes from my house, that doesn’t charge me the extra $10 to canter my horse. The ‘jungle’ ride was along a dirt road shared with the ATV’s that the ranch also provides. The beach wasn’t what I would call ‘bonita’. Yes the sand was white and the water was blue, but there was a great deal of garbage scattered around. Bottles, cans, even a old tattered laundry basket. The gallop on the beach was exhillerating – but short. I did appreciate that I didn’t have to ‘fight’ with my horse to get him to run – he just did it. The swim with the horses (the only ‘unique’ feature of the ride) was a disappointment as the horses were lead in and out of the water and didn’t seem to happy to be there – they got in and out as quickly as possible.

All in all – I wouldn’t do this again, but it might be nice for someone who didn’t have years of horseback riding experience and access to beachfront riding on their own doorstep.

Chichen Itza (including mayaland – all inclusive)

Of all the trips we went on this was probably the only one that really meant ‘all inclusive’ other then souvenirs we weren’t a DIME out of pocket. The bus ride is LONG but the tour guide did what he could to make it pass by easily. I was happy to know there was a bathroom on the bus – an important item on a 2+ hour bus ride.
We arrived at the hotel called Mayaland (yes, it’s really called that) and were given an EXCELENT lunch. The hand made tortillas and Mayan pork were almost worth the price of admission alone. The lunch show of traditional Mayan celebration dances including dancing with a bottle and then a whole tray on the head were GREAT. Our trip included full access to the hotel including locker, towel, access to the pool and all the drinks we wanted at lunch and at the bar. Very nice.

Chichen Itza is amazing and worth the long bus ride. There’s so much to see! Our guide was very informative and gave us all sorts of tidbits of information. The buildings are amazing and there are so many details still viewable. Luckly our guide warned up about all the vendors on the site, as they were SWARMING the place and were very aggressive. If you just kept walking they would eventually leave you alone. I would highly recommend this to anyone with a day to spare in their vacation plans – but certainly find the mayaland all inclusive one as being able to ‘dip’ in the pool after a long hot trudge through the ruins is sooo worth it.

Isla Mujers (Caribbean Fun Day – all inclusive)

Perhaps it’s my years of living in the bay area and having to take the local ferry’s here, but man was the boat ride to Isla Mujers SLOW. Still the people did a great job of keeping everyone entertained and they ‘fed’ you as many tequila sunrises as you could drink. My only wish is that they would have started the dancing earlier in the trip as both ways it seemed as if people just got warmed up when it was time to dock.

This was another trip where, although not as bad as Loma Bonita, I did feel as though I was being ‘nicked and dimed’ Do you want to snorkel? Well the snorkels are free, but it’s $2 (each) to get into the water. And the boat ride is free, but there’s a $6 ‘docking fee’. Huh? But we managed. Of course scuba diving and wave runners were an extra charge too, but less surprising.

The resort on the Isla Mujeres was GREAT. My only complaint is there wasn’t enough time to do ‘everything’. Biking, kayacking, snorkeling, sunbathing, swimming, going down the slide, volleyball, watching the ‘show’… and only about three horse to do it in. (not to mention… eating!) We decided to take advantage of the bit of sunshine we were having and just laid out by the water. Then we did the snorkeling.

I had never snorkeled before and it was a really fun and interesting excursion for me. My husband had snorkeled in Hawaii before and said that by comparison this was a little disappointing. The ‘reef’ we snorkeled along was in really deep water – so it wasn’t easy to see a lot of detail in it, but there were a LOT of fish in many different colors and we even got to see a sting ray. Toward the end of the trip the ‘guide’ let us take off our life belts and ‘dive’ a bit. This was probably the best part of the trip – though I never got even close to the reef before ear pain would send me back to the surface.

At about two we loaded back on the boat and headed to the north side of the island. I didn’t really like that it was obvious that the tour providers had a special arrangements with some of the shop owners and were really aggressive about pushing into certain places. But we ignored them and found our own way around and other then battling the rain really enjoyed the little ‘down town’ area.

In all it was a GREAT day trip. Had I to do it over again I would rather do a trip that didn’t include the ‘shopping tour’. I’m much happier just sitting on the beach rather then sitting inside a store. Still I would recommend this to someone as a great day trip away from the hotel , if one is needed.

I will say that the ‘night’ cruses offered by this same company look really good and were I in the area I would try one of them.

Outbound Travel

Our driver was almost perfectly on time to pick us up and got us to the airport in good time. We few out on Mexicana airline and let’s just say I’ll never use them again!

We walked from airport to the plane which wouldn’t have been a problem except it was just then when it started to POUR RAIN. Rather then try to urge people to move along inside the plane the plane personal just stood inside smiling at those of us getting soaked standing out on the stairs. No offer of something to dry off with nothing. We were literally DRIPPING by the time we got on board.

The flight to Mexico City was uneventful. No information was given for connecting flights though so once we got off the plane we were on our own to find our next flight. We found it ok, and were surprised to find our carry on luggage had to be x-rayed another time – and then be searched again before being allowed to board the plane.

Again there was no ‘rampway’ from the terminal to the plane but in Mexico City the loaded us into elevator busses. We were asked to board the bus at about 6:25. I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t too happy to have to sit in the cramped – hot bus until 7:15 while they waited for latecomers to arrive (we were supposed to take off at 7:10) – surely there has to be a better way to do this? The flight itself was blissfully uneventful. I had a VERY uncomfortable flight as the person sitting next to me needed his seat and ½ of mine, but things like that are beyond the airline’s control. However – the food was HORRIBLE and the flight attendants really rude.

I will never fly Mexicana air again – that’s for sure.


American Airlines – great service from them once again – will fly with them again
Cancun Limo – not worth the money
Riu Palace – go there! Worth every penny and more!!
Loma Bonita Ranch – if you don’t have ready access to horseback riding on the beach, go. If you are easily board by nose-to-tail trailrides – pass. Just be aware that it’s going to cost you more then advertised.
Chichen Itza – go. It’s something everyone should see once in their lifetime. The mayaland all inclusive package – worth it!
Isla Mujers – Great trip, friendly people and a lovely island.

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Pros: Everything
Cons: Nothing I Can think of

My husband, myself and another couple went to the Resort from Dec 14 to 21. This was the 7th time I have been to RPLA and I was not disappointed. Our flight (Air Transat) left Calgary at 8:00 am and was uneventful. We booked the bulk head seats (my husband is 6'6" and definitly needs the leg room). We only had one meal consisting of juice, bagel, cream cheese and granola bar. We landed at 2:30 (Cancun time) 1:30 (Calgary time). Thankfully I brought snacks (my husband is type 2 diabetic) he would have been in trouble going without food for that long.

Our flight was full and there were at least two other big flights so the airport was more crowded than I have ever seen it. It took a while to get through customs and get our bags. We all pushed green and got to our bus. The time share people were not aggressive at all. The flight attendant did make an announcement before we de-planed.

Check-in was smooth they upgraded us to an oceanview room. However, because it was on the 8th floor - no balcony. They did move us the next day to ocean view rooms with balconies (on the 5th floor).

We booked our dinner reservations for all the ala carts (except the steak house). They were all exceptionally good. The Tamarand Shrimp (Japanese), Lamb chops (Gourment), Steak (Spanish) were my favorite meals. The Buffet was awesome - there were "giant shrimp", paella, duck, gaucamole (to die for) etc. etc. etc. I really cannot say enough about the food it was incredible. .Now I have to go to the gym and diet corral to lose the weight.

Our weather was great - two partly cloudy days, one very cloudy day, four totally sunny days and no rain. The sun went behind the hotel at 3pm so we were up early everyday so we could get the most sunshine possible. Our pool drink server Manuel was so much fun - he made our days.

The drinks were awesome (I'm hooked on mojitos and champagne) everyone else is hooked on Caribean Orange.

My husband and friend went golfing at Pok-Ta-Pok it was $35/pp for the cart. They had heard the course was in very bad condition so they were not expecting much. For the price they had a good time. My husband said he has a love/hate relationship with the course. It has the potential to be a really nice course but it needs some TLC.

The next day they golfed at the Hilton it was a beautiful course and they had a fabulous time. Lots of crocodiles (well fed) and iguanas on the course. It is $200/pp with a 20% discount for RPLA guests. No comparison to Pok-Ta-Pok.

The general manager Ramon Urbano sat with us every night in the bar - he has become a very good personal friend of the family. It was great to be able to visit with him.

The staff and service remain top notch. The guests are always being asked by management if everything is good. I can't think of anything else to add but please do not hesitate to ask me any questions. I will just dream about my next trip there.

Deb B

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Pros: Everything
Cons: Absolutely nothing

Seventeen of us just returned from RPLA (Nov 23-30) ages ranged from 6 to 56. Air Transat flight was great we booked bulk head and had lots of leg room. Food was a "hot dog like" bun with roast beef and black olives - not that great. When we landed there were two or three flights so lots of people. There were 10 or 12 custom agents so the lines moved really quick. Our luggage was there right away and I pushed RED (12 times to Mexico and I push RED)! All they did was take very fast look in my carry on bag - so no big deal.

All of our rooms were ready when we arrived. They took us to the lobby bar to fill in the forms and serve us drinks. The Grey Cup (Cdn Super Bowl) was just starting and my husband has something (sling box??) on his laptop so they could watch the game in the lobby bar. Everyone was upgraded to ocean view and two of us were upgraded to full size suites. Gorgeous, let me repeat gorgeous rooms. No complaints of musty smells in any of our rooms. A huge thank you to the General Manager Ramon Urbano for making this vacation truly wonderful. We were there to celebrate a 30th birthday. The staff went above and beyond to make the birthday celebration very special. Without question everyone had an absolutely fabulous time.

We ate at all the ala carte restaurants as well as the buffet - the food quality and service was very good. We found lots of choices (even for the fussy eaters). Sir Arthurs has now been changed to Krystal – personally I preferred Sir Arthurs.

We participated in the water aerobics every day at the activity pool. Lots of fun and a good way to meet people. Drink service at the beach and pools is excellent (thank you William). Abundio, at the Lobby Bar, is still the most popular bartender in Cancun. We all love him.

Snorkeling off the beach is still excellent – lots of fish to see (even lobsters and rays).

This hotel has more than enough beach chairs – the problem is everyone wants to be by the activity pool (on the side closest to the ocean) because that area keeps the sun for the longest time. If you want these chairs you have to be there by about 6:00 a.m. There are people who put towels, bags etc., on the chairs the night before. At this time of year the sun goes behind the hotel about 3:15 p.m. If you are an early riser and have been in the sun all day 3:15 is a good time to go for a walk on the beach, have a massage, go to the gym or have a siesta before dinner. You can also move to the beach and stay in the sun longer.

It is the biggest complaint, you hear from people coming for “prime chairs” at 7 – 9 a.m. and finding all the sunny spots taken with towels. There was an (I hate to say it) “ugly drunk American” woman who created a horrible scene at the pool one morning at 6:30 a.m. (not a pleasant way to start the morning). She took magazines off of chairs and her and her friend plunked themselves down. Not very cool. Aside from her we met a lot of really friendly, nice people from the United States and England.

One of the girls got sick and had to call the hotel doctor. He arrived immediately and diagnoised a throat infection. He could prescribe anitbiotics but said if she had insurance it would be better for her to go to the hospital and have an I.V. to hydrate her and she would get better quicker. The doctor and hospital billed her insurance company directly so she did not have to pay anything up front. The doctor phoned the hospital and faxed the forms so they were ready and waiting for her when she arrived. She got very good treatment and was released about 5 p.m. and she did indeed feel much better.

I would have no problem recommending this hotel the location is perfect if you want to go to the clubs they are all within walking distance.

Our flight home was pretty good we boarded early and arrived home 30 minutes ahead of schedule. We had another roast beef bun as well as a turkey wrap on the way home. Again nothing great (no cheese) but at least no one starved.


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Review Date: Sun April 12, 2009 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: $2,800.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Loved it all
Cons: Too few double loungers at quiet pool

FIrst time here and love every minute of it. We had a senior suite with internet and it was the best. We were on fifth floor. Pics included


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Review Date: Sun November 15, 2009 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: beautiful hotel and rooms, service was fantastic
Cons: buffets

Our trip was Oct. 20 to Oct 27, 2009. We had a wonderful time. It is a beautiful hotel. The lobby is gorgeous. The grounds are beautiful and well kept.

We booked a Jr. Suite Ocean View. We were more than happy with the room and location. We were on the 7th floor. The view couldn’t have been better. The tile work is lovely. The bathroom was large and there was lots of closet space. The room had a nice love seat and was kept immaculate. The fan above the bed was a nice touch.

The big pool in the center of the hotel was not used much. There are no lounge chairs; instead, there are about a dozen of those beds that are popular at some hotels. Those beds are not my thing.
Most hotel guests used the other pool. There was a bar at one end that had some tables and chairs but no bar stools. I think they should add some bar stools to this bar. The swim up bar was at the opposite end. This was the bar of our choice.

Lounge chairs
Yes, they can get filled up early on certain days like Friday and Saturday. At 7:30 AM you will see a lot of chairs reserved with towels and books. I believe this is a fact of life in all resorts.

Pool Activities
There was volleyball twice a day and an assortment of other games. The staff was great getting people involved.

I have seen better beaches but I saw pictures prior to my trip and I did not have any great expectations. It looked better than I thought it would. The staff cleaned the beach every morning. There were plenty of lounge chairs available on the beach. There was also bar/drink service.

The service could not have been better. In all the restaurants, each bar, the pool areas and any area you sat the service was top notch.

The drinks were good. You could have as much liquor as you wanted in the Foo Foo drinks and any other drinks you ordered.
There were 4 bottles of liquor in the room, vodka, tequila, rum, and brandy. There was beer, soda and bottled water in the refrigerator that was restocked every day.

I am no connoisseur of wine but all the wine I sampled was good. We had wine with dinner every night.

Please keep in mind food is objective. Last year we had a day pass to the Riu Palace in Aruba. We sampled the lunch and dinner buffets. They were fabulous. This was one reason we booked the RPLA. The buffets at the RPLA were a big disappointment.

Breakfast was ok.
The usual was available, pancakes, omelets, bacon, sausage, pastries, different breads, bagels, an assortment of cold cuts, and Mexican food.

Buffet Lunch needs improvement.
There were hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, cold cuts, some hot dishes and Mexican food. Some of the dishes were the same as what was served in the dinner buffet the night before. A couple of people we met in the pool mentioned they thought the buffet was terrible and they went next door to the Riu Cancun and said it was wonderful so on day 3 I walked over. They were more than correct. It was like night and day. The Riu Cancun was 100% better. There were so many more choices. For example there were 5 to 6 different pasta dishes served between the two restaurants at RC. At the RPLA I saw only one and it was pasta in dried up red sauce. . There were 4 fish choices at the RC and 1 at the RPLA. There was BBQ chicken and fried chicken available every day at the RC. I never saw any at the RPLA when I checked. There were many different types of vegetables available at the RC. RPLA stuck to broccoli.

Buffet Dinner was the worst.
We ate at the buffet twice. The buffet was much smaller than the one in Aruba. The first night didn’t seem to have many choices and I thought it was Mexican night (I was wrong) since the majority of the food was Mexican. I had pan-fried fish. It was ok. The second night was worse! It was Mexican night and all I could find was french fries and the same fish I had the night before and pork. (This was the same fish served at lunch.) I know, I was in Mexico but I thought the selections should have been better.

Reservations Only Restaurants were excellent with the exception of the Steak House.
In all but the Steak House you were greeted with a special drink when you entered.
You got to choose your entrée and desert. There were 2 starters in each restaurant. Some of the starters were standard and you received what was on the menu and some you got to choose. They were good in all the restaurants.

Steak House 3 Stars
Our expectations were a good steak. My husband ordered the rib eye. It was very, very thin. He said it was just ok. I had the Land and Sea entree. The waiter told me there was a skewer with shrimp and muscles for the sea portion and tenderloin. I am not sure what it really was but it was a piece of beef and nothing to rave about but still a lot better than the buffet. The skewer did not have any shrimp or muscles, just fish with green peppers and onions. It was good but I would have liked it better with shrimp and muscles. The Caesar salad and appetizer were very good. The appetizer had crab claws, muscles and shrimp.
Dessert was strange. I had the baked Alaska, which was very good, and my husband ordered a Three Chocolate Cake. We weren’t sure what the cake really was. It was more like custard with maybe a very thin layer of something on the bottom that could have been cake.

Krystal - 5 Stars
It was my favorite restaurant. We both had the filet mignon. I don’t remember the name of the dessert but it was similar to a chocolate volcano cake.

Tio Peppe – Tappas
A plate of assorted tappas was served as a starter. I had the paella and my husband had a steak dish that he thought was even better than the filet at Krystal. An assortment of desserts was served as tappas. The sangria was excellent.

Sakura – Japanese 5 Stars
I know little about Japanese food but we both loved the food. Sushi was served as one of the starters. I had tempura as a starter. It had shrimp, zucchini and an onion ring. My husband had some kind of noodles dish that he said was good. My entrée was shrimp tamarind and my husband had a chicken entrée. We both had the tempura ice cream for dessert.

Rodezio – Brazilian 5 Stars
You have to like meat to enjoy this restaurant. They serve different types of meat from a sword/skewer. They go around with each type separately. The seasoning used on the different meats was excellent. This might not be for everyone but we both thought it was very good. The only negative was the lack of air conditioning. It was so hot my husband had to change his shirt after dinner.
This restaurant doubles as an Italian restaurant for lunch. We had lunch twice at the Italian restaurant. It was excellent. We had a bottle of wine with lunch each time. When I think Italian I think of red sauce, lasagna and stuff like that. This wasn't like that. They had sea bass, a fettuccini with shrimp and muscles, a beef dish, and I think a chicken dish, also pizza.

There were people of all ages at the RPLA. Not many children, 10 at the most. People were from all over, UK, Canada, Poland, Mexico, and the USA.


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Review Date: Mon December 6, 2010 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 0 

Pros: service and food was fabulous

This was our second trip to the RPLA. We spent 10 days here, Oct 18 to Oct 28. It was a fantastic trip.

The room was great. We had an ocean view. Air Conditioning worked fine. The ceiling fans are a nice touch. Lots of nice large thick towels. The bed was fine. It did not seem to hard.

Last year, I wrote a review and complained about the buffet for lunch and dinner. This time it was 100% better. So many more choices and the food was excellent. Last year I walked over to the Riu Cancun for lunch but this year it was not necessary. I enjoyed all the buffets. My husband and I couldn't get over how much better it was.
We ate in the specialty restaurants 4 nights. Krystal, Tio Peppi's, Japanese, and the Brazilian. I had a filet in Krystal and Tio Peppi's both were excellent. The Japanese was just ok. I had shrimp tamarind and it had 6 small shrimps which were ok, but the dish had entirely too many carrots. We had lunch in the Itlaian (Brazilian) twice. The filet was great and the pasta with shrimp and mussels were good.

The drinks were good. They had Absolute vodka, Chivas Regal ,Johnny Walker Red scotch and an assortment of other liquor. The foo foo drinks were yummy.

The service was top notch. I don't think it could have been better.

The pools were nice. We stayed around the pool with the swim up bar.

The shows were good. I am easy to please in this area. They were better than last year.

The only negative was during check in. We were next in line and instead of checking us in, someone at the desk decided to take us and 3 other couples into the lounge and do a 'group' check in. We were not happy with this set up since we were not part of a group. We spoke up and so we were taken care of. Our room wasn't ready so we had lunch. After lunch our room was ready but came to find out they turned off the electric for a couple of hours which meant the elevators were out of service. We were not happy. We were on the 8th floor with a great central view. My husband didn't want to change rooms so we decided to climb the stairs and rest on each floor. We were tired from an early morning flight and just wanted to relax.
I do give them credit, they did deliver our luggage with the elvators still out of service.

This was a fabulous vacation and we will probably go back again next Oct.
I highly recomment this hotel.

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