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Description: Hotel Riu Playacar
Avenida Xaman-Ha, Manzana 6, Lote 6, Condominio Playacar
77710 Playa del Carmen
Quintana Roo - Mexico
Tel. +529848772300 Fax. +52 984 877 2310

Location/General information

The Riu Playacar is a charming and colourful Caribbean style resort, located opposite a lovely white sandy beach surrounded by lush tropical gardens, just 15 minutes from the heart of Playa del Carmen.
This property features 386 spacious guestrooms with a full range of amenities including a mini-bar and liquor dispenser. Our guests enjoy a full range of sports and entertainment activities, such as Riu's famous theme shows, not to mention the superb international buffet and superb restaurants, as well as the assortment of facilities available at our sister properties within the Riu Resort complex.
With its relaxing atmosphere, Riu Playacar is the perfect holiday choice for families, singles or couples.

* Located in the Yucatan peninsula, 3 km / 1.9 miles from Playa del Carmen
* In the Playacar resort area, along with the Riu Palace Mexico, Riu Palace Riviera Maya, Riu Yucatan and the ClubHotel Riu Tequila hotels
* Main building and 2-storey bungalow complex
* Located on the beach

* Complimentary sun loungers on the beach
* Surrounded by 16,000 m2/19,000 sq. yards of lush gardens
* Mexican Street, next to Riu Yucatan
* 100 m/325 ft. from a shopping center
* 55 km/34 miles from Cancun Intíl. Airport
* Credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diners

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Registered: July 2006
Posts: 2
Review Date: Sat July 22, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: sergio juan erick israel dj
Cons: the animation team now !

we miss HOTEL RIU PLAYA CAR !!!!!


sergio juan erick isreal adriana pedro wilberth all we miss you !!!!!

Riu Bambuer Benefactor

Registered: July 2006
Posts: 42
Review Date: Sat August 12, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: everything
Cons: nothing

From the moment we stepped out of the transport van into the lobby of the Playacar we were pleased we chose this property. The staff were friendly and ready to meet any challenge we could throw a them. The room was very nice but as every Mexico destination's bedding..... the bed was hard but only noticable for the first day or two. We had a roll away bed brought in and it was very soft!
THe beach was beautiful! soft and clean white sand.. no rocks or things to hurt your feet. The beach chairs were plentyful and you could always find a few together.
Water sports were always available and the equipment was all in good order.
The food was great and abundant. Quality was wonderful and readily available.
The shows!!!! they were wonderful and so full of energy.
Shoping was as close as a taxi ride to 5th Street or right across the street. One night
vendors came to the resort and set up on the walkway . It was very nice.. I bought some hand made art..rather finger art. There was a man who painted the most beautiful paintings on tile with his finger.. Lots of silver there too!
The staff was more than wonderful, from the animation staff to Polito at the swim up bar and all the wait staff in the food areas and the housekeeping folks who made up the animals with towels for the rom. Hard working people whom I have great respect for.
We really felt at home in the family atmosphere of this place and made so many new friends. This was the MOST relaxing vacation I have had in years. Getting to spend such quality time with my kids meant a lot to me as well. They had a wonderful time and can't wait to return next year. The next time I hope to bring the rest of the family and a few frinds as well.. this is too good a place not to share.
To the staff at the RIU Playacar: I salute you and thank you for such a wonderful week!!!!!!!!!!


Registered: June 2006
Posts: 53
Review Date: Mon September 11, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Small, beautifull, quiet, food, beach
Cons: Animation, employes

After a 10h flight we arrived at Cancun and went trough costoms, very easy, efficient and quick. In 3 minutes someone came and started to put all our baggage in a smal car and heading exit, 1 more minute and we already knew wich Riu we would stay, Riu Playacar, cool, the one I prefer! And all the 3 couples in same hotel since we bought a Riullette!

However when we were putting our baggage in the bus, the guy from Iberojet told us that one couple was in Riu Tequila, no! That could not being happening!

(more will come, no much time for writing)


Registered: August 2006
Posts: 5
Review Date: Thu October 26, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 0 


My husband and I arrived in Cancun Saturday 10-21 about 1 pm. We cleared customs and made our way to the transport that came along with our package deal (Transglobal Vacations/Funjet) Our driver had 9 of us in his van and a cooler of cold coronas in the front seat with him. $2.50 a beer which beat the $5 airport charge for a cup of warm beer . The trip to the RIU Playacar took about 3 beers. We checked in right away, stowed our luggage in our rooms, changed into our suits and headed to the beach bar to get something to eat. It was about 3:30 and the restaurant closed at 4:00 I think. The food selection was quite picked over but we made do. We were at the Playacar 4 nights total. We did take in 2 shows: Michael Jackson and the dances from different countries. All in all, we enjoyed the shows - some parts of the Michael Jackson show we thought a bit "cheesy" but other parts were done quite well. They also had various entertainment around the complex. A man with his guitar played in the lobby one evening, a combination of Mexican/English songs and he was also set up by the pool one afternoon belting out American Rock (Sweet Home Alabama/Twist and Shout etc) A gentleman played 3 different instruments before one of the major shows one night. He was quite good, a Kenny G type - We didn't get too involved with the Anamacion Team as we were there to relax and just get away from it all but we did see several activities from a distance. We played BINGO at the Tequila, watched them get several guys involved in arm wresting competitions - pitting one country against another, saw them play name that movie where they played a little snippet of a song from a movie and then you would have to go on stage and sit in a chair to guess which movie it came from, they had a guy set up on a surf board set up like a waiter with a tray of glasses filled with water and they had women and men try to bomb the tray with water balloons as they pulled him across the pool, then everyone got to take part in a huge water balloon fight. The beach had volleyball and soccer, there was horseshoes going on.....
We ate at the Asian restaurant one evening, I did report on this in another forum. The food was good, I would say you should really really like oriental food to come here. Lots of sushi selections. It was very very warm inside as they closed the doors behind you when everyone was seated and the grill was right there also. It isn't a huge room like the other dining areas and it did get heated up. We ate a steak dinner one night also. The steak was great, the appetizers and salad were great, the baked potato was not good - We enjoyed the baked alaska and they dimmed the lighting so everyone could see the fire. The buffets were all fine. Beautiful selections of everything under the sun - from fruits to vegetables, to breads, to cheeses, to mexican items (fresh pico de gallo/guacamole/tortillas/beans etc) to various main course items, pork chops/noodle dishes/beef roast/ - Breakfast was pretty much the same thing, nice selection of items. We enjoyed the beach restaurants at both the Yucatan and the Playacar for lunch. As mentioned, I would get there before 3:30 for a better selection. We found the Playacar to be a great choice. 1 1/2 years ago we spent a few nights at the Tequila which we enjoyed also. We just felt that having the beach right there and a smaller property suited us best. The bartenders were all very couorteous - We especially liked Alberto in the lobby bar who worked 9-6. We found the lobby bar at the Playacar to be the only one open at 9. Now, we may have missed something at one of the other properties but we sure gave it a good try -trying to find another open bar one morning when it was raining and we had nothing better to do than wander about in search of a cold corona:) The ocean was beautiful - I cannot imagine having that as my back yard - That would be paradise. We did walk into Playa del Carmen one morning. We did not enjoy all the hawking from vendors so we didn't make it a long stay. The walk to town was very manageable and we actually saw the ruins this time around. They are on the left hand side of the road when you approach town. We walked by the aviary also but couldn't see all the birds that we saw the last time we were there as the vegetation had grown back. We did find the swing bar in Playa del Carmen and had a beer and our pictures taken with huge sombreros on our heads. We took a taxi to Xcaret one morning for $12 each way. It worked very well. I am not sure if we saved any money by doing the trip on our own but we knew that we wanted to leave on our own time and so decided to do it this way. We got there right away at 9:00 and headed for the river and the snorkeling spots before it got crowded. We were pretty much the only ones at first. We jumped into the river later in the day because we were right by the manatees and we were warm. It was very crowded, you couldn't go at your own pace because you were right behind someone elses feet/fins or had somebody wanting to pass you. The river didn't really have that many fish to look at but at the very end there was quite a selection. There were some other snorkel spots in the park that had beautiful fish as well. We did these things right away too and it was awesome. We spent a bit of time in the Sports Bar at the Tequila Sunday afternoon trying to get a glimpse of the Vikings score. It was a beautiful, relaxing time and we would go back in a heartbeat.

Senior Riu Ambassador

Registered: October 2005
Posts: 6032
Review Date: Sat November 18, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 7 

Pros: Size, Service, Activities, Beach, Food,Accomodations

Nov. 10-17. 2006, (travelling with husband and another couple) Left Detroit Airport (Ryan air through Funjet Vacations) over 1 hr. late, due to computer delays on seating and mechanical problems.
Arrived Cancun to a long walk due to renovations but once at the customs it was a breeze got our luggage, hit PASE' and off to an air conditioned bus and an hour later at the resort and Reception asked where were you we have been waiting for you. LOL.
Swiftly to our rooms to put our things away and off to the pool and restaurant for lunch.
Since this was my 8th visit to this particular Riu there were no surprises. The usual good service and smiling faces I have become acustomed to.
Restaurants: I was very anxious to have dinner at the New Asian Restaurant called Jade (situated on the other side of the gift shop. It was wonderful I am not a fan of Chinese food etc. but this was so good. Served buffet style I especially liked the duck.
The steak restaurant was good as usual and we went to the Brazilian restaurant at the New Riu Palace Riviera Maya, again We enjoyed this and so did the couple we were with. Toured the resort and it was busy. ( I believe they overbooked the Riu Playacar and sent couples there for the week that's what was told to my husband.)
The Buffet is always good and we tend to be content with the many varieties of food and boy was there ever a large choice, my favourite is the roasted pig and wouldn't you know it I missed it as I was to sick for dinner.

Lot's of activities this time, hubby was very busy with Nick our friend. They were involved with all of the games.
Weather : Not the greatest rain off and on and our last day was nothing but gloom. We managed to have fun all week in spite of an ear and throat infection I got for 2 or 3 days.
Rooms, I had a suite but as in all resorts that are getting a few years older the rooms are looking a bit worn. They contiually try to upgrade but this is such a busy resort I just don't know how they can get things done.
Service: Someone from reception called everyday for the first 3 days to ask if everything in the room was ok if not they wanted to rectify it and that they did with speed and courtesy.
Food service was really good tip or no tip. We tip at dinner and at the bars also housekeeping, bellboys.
Drinks: were fine if you wanted them a little stronger you just ask. I had a variety and all were good. (a little too good)
Pools: we used the livelier one and it was clean and cool. Music around the pool tended to be on the loud side and we could not carry on a conversation with each other so we asked that be turned down. We were not the only ones who felt that way.
Animation: for the most part work hard to keep you
involved in things and they work very hard.
I ended up on stage the last night I was tricked and all I can say is OMG that will never happen again. LOL
Over all it was a good week in spite of the dang weather. One night the winds were so bad the waves were 10 feet and washed the beach away leaving a two foot drop to get into the water. Hopefully by now the sea will have given it back!
Home; Picked up on time and breezed into the newer section of the airport and lined up for about 10 minutes. Put our checked luggage up on a table and they took a small piece of paper like Litmus paper we use to use in Science they mover it around the zippers of the luggage then inserted it into a computer wrote something on a paper and up to the
desk got our seating then upstairs to wait to board.
Wow was I impressed, they didn't open any luggage that I seen. Only stores in this part of the airport was a jewellery, restaurant/bar , a souvenier shop that never opened and a duty free. You make a purchase and it is handed to you in a seal bag as you
enter the plane, very efficient.
Landed 3 hours and 20 min. later scurried through immigration and off to the Canadian border and home.


Registered: October 2006
Posts: 88
Review Date: Tue December 12, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: great service, well-kept grounds, location
Cons: no bar on the beach

I went to the Riu Playacar from November 17 - 26 with my boyfriend.

My vacation started off at the Washington Dulles airport with a 3ish hour delay from American Airlines. They really handled it poorly... nobody could tell us what to do about our missed connection, so we had to take charge and go on a 10 minute run (I'm not kidding) through the Miami airport in hopes that there was a seat on the next flight. I'm glad I can run because our flight left 10 minutes after we showed up at the gate!

On to the good stuff - We were given a room in building #3 with a king bed. The view was fine - we could see other buildings, the walkway, and we got a great view of the sunset from our balcony in the evenings. The room was kept very clean and I had no complaints except for the mini-fridge stocking. Our fridge did not get stocked until we asked the front desk. in 9 days, we only had 3 refills. They didn't follow the every other day promise.

The food was good. There was always plenty of variety at the buffet. I really enjoyed the fresh fruit juices at breakfast. I tried all 3 a la carte restaurants.

Asian - I wasn't too wild about it. I'm an asian food snob. The food wasn't bad, but I wasn't super impressed. It's a new restaurant, so I'm sure they're still working out the kinks.
Mexican - The service was not so hot. There was one guy waiting on EVERYONE. I felt bad for him. The food was tasty, though.
Steakhouse - The service was excellent. The food was excellent as well. I really enjoyed my meal at the steakhouse.

Beach - The staff worked really hard to keep the beach clean. I enjoyed how big the beach was and that there were plenty of loungers. The water was very warm and the waves were calm during my stay. I even tried kayaking out into the waters beyond the Riu. It was a lot of fun!

Pool - I went to the pool in the afternoons to get a break from the sun on the beach. There's lots of shade at the pool. The water in the pool was very cold, but have a few drinks at the swim up bar and you won't notice!

Anamation team - They were nice, but not too pushy. I chose not to participate in any of their activities and I didn't feel harassed by them. When I'm on vacation, I can be a bit anti-social. I'm content reading my books. Smile

Bars - My glass was never empty! The bar staff was awesome and made some tasty drinks!

The Riu Playacar cat - I really enjoyed the company of the cat that hung out at the resort. He's very sweet and appreciates little snacks from the buffet. If you go there, make sure to sneak a little bit of food to him as there doesn't seem to be much prey for him to hunt on the resort.

Excursions - My boyfriends and I are busybodies. We did excursions to Chichen Itza, Tulum, Cancun, & Cozumel. Some of our activities included horseback riding, swimming with the dolphins, & going on a sunset dinner cruise. I'll try to post about these excursions in a more appropriate area of the forum.

All in all, it was a FANTASTIC & restful vacation. I never had to worry about anything because the service was so good.


Registered: July 2007
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Review Date: Wed July 25, 2007 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: $1,300.00 | Rating: 8 

Pros: beautiful beach, great staff
Cons: sabby rooms

Definitely not a 5 star resort.
Negatives: We were located on the 3rd floor with no elevators. Room towels were shredded, all of them, every day they looked terrible. Blankets were made of rubber and the mattress was extremely hard. No room service. The gratuitous soaps and shampoos were equivalent to a Motel 66. Snack bar (that is opened until midnight) consists only of Chips and Popcorn. The pool closed at 7:00 and I would give the Steak house a generous fair rating.
Positives: Affordable and ďall inclusiveĒ. Very friendly staff, Room was cool, clean and kept well stocked (I liked that the mini-bar came equipped with large bottles of water). The Buffet food was great, the drinks were wonderful and the grounds were impeccable. The beach is by far the most beautiful Iíve ever seen.


Registered: October 2007
Posts: 14
Review Date: Sat March 1, 2008 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: excellent service, great food, great drinks
Cons: having to leave

I cannot say enough good things about the Riu Playacar and all the people there. The resort was beautiful and the workers were so great! As soon as we were checking in we were handed drinks and they took care of our luggage. I was the bride and I have to say they made me feel like a queen as soon as I got there. We stayed for 7 nights and 8 days and were so sad to leave. Omar was our FunJet Rep and he was the best! If anything was wrong, he made it right within minutes. All the guys at the front desk were hilarouis and they bartenders were great aswell. I also have to give a huge round of applause to the entertainment staff there. They worked their tails off!! And did such a wonderful job at it. Great job guys and girls!
Let's get down to business...
Food: The variety was amazing! They have a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner and all of it was great. There were also 3 specialty restaraunts that you have to make reservations at. The Steak House was great - loved their chicken & this was probably most people in our groups favorite place. Most of the guys also liked the Mexican Cuisine aswell. My favorite place was definitly the Asian Cuisine.
Drinks: They were great aswell - of course. Please be kind and tip your bartenders. They really appreciate it and they will take extra special care of you. I definitly reccomend Miami Vices and you HAVE to have at least one Tequila Slammer while you are there! We hung out at the pool bar most of the them and also La Cumbia bar.
Rooms: They weren't terrible. They did their job - place to sleep, and clean up. If you are looking for a resort that has big comfortable luxurious beds, this one isn't for you. But personally, we didn't go to Mexico to sit in our room so it was fine with us. Oh, and our AC worked great!

Like I mentioned, we had our wedding on the beach. I was very worried about having it on the beach but I have to say it turned out amazing!! It was SO beautiful & of course I recomend it =-)

We can't wait to go back to the Riu Playacar! We plan on doing it at least every other year for our anniversary.

Senior Riu Ambassador

Registered: October 2005
Posts: 6032
Review Date: Thu April 24, 2008 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 0 


Ok another review from me. We were at the Playacar from April 10 to April 21, 2008 we had a great time.
We arrived at about noon and the room that was to be ours was not to be. I was told by Sebastion (sub director) that a suite would be given to us. I certainly did not expect or ask for this, he emailed me and I know they upgrade others to other Riu 's resorts etc. I just figured a Riu Playacar guest for the 9th time and a Riu guest for 13 times it was a genuine offer. Ok so no suite just lets get a room, I had originally requested a room facing the walkway on the first or second floor. The clerk at the desk knew we were repeat guests and took our Riu Class number. He gave us a room on the second floor overlooking the Viva Maya, I wasn't just disappointed I was hurt. We went back to the desk and asked where the room was that Sebastian had reserved for us. He said Sebastian is not here and no room is reserved and the suites are taken. I went and sat down and they told my husband we could have the room on the 3rd floor facing the ocean. Woopydoo I have already had that room and it is small and hot and 3 flights of stairs is out of the question for me. Finally 2 hours late I had a room on the ground floor facing the walkway. Later I was to find out that the walkway rooms housed mainly the Europeans. That's fine I just wanted to get on with my vacation. Then I find out Carlos is no longer working there and others were gone too. They said it is because of the new manager Migel from Portugal, they had too many run ins with him. I was told he had been in the DR for 11 years. Seeing him walk around he is like an army sargent. So pay no attention and the next day we met Sebastian he was so upset at what happened he apologized and I said it was fine. I told him I do not EXPECT a suite but after all my visits and the friends I send to Riu's I certainly DID NOT expect a room on the second floor over looking the Viva Maya ( not nice as I found out his wife worked there lol)
Ok met up with the 4 friends and vacation starts.
The beach is ok it is the same as the last pictures posted the whales are turning blackish green. The water was rough a couple of days and the so nice there was so many people in the water it looked like there was not room left. The water was refreshing. There is enough beach and no shortage of chairs and the hotel was almost at capacity.
The pool was fun and again lots of chairs. There were several BBQ's and it rained one evening a little for an hour and then one afternoon for a couple of hours but we went to town at 4 so it did not dampen our plans.
The food was good, lots of variety from many kinds of fish, Roast beef, Roast Pork, Roast Duck, Mexican and Pasta Pasta Pasta.
We enjoyed our time between the regualar pool, the quiet pool and the beach.
We went to dinner at the buffet at the Riviera Maya Palace with the other 2 couples to celebrate both of their 25th wedding anniversary. The next night we went to the Chili's for the steak which was wonderful with the baked alaskan dessert. Then we went to the new Krystal fusion restaurant it was good but make sure you are not too hungry LOL. Service at these restaurants was wonderful.
We went to the steak restaurant at the Playacar and we stayed until others had left to see who tipped. 7 tables and 3 tipped. Service was great there and of course Baked alaska again.
We went to the Tequila for dinner and wow I have been there before for lunch but not dinner. It was totally amazing. More food more variety than the Palace. Now I know what people mean when they say no I want to go back to the Tequila.

There were some complaints about the bar smell but that will all be fixed in Aug when they close for updates and the adding of another 120 rooms and an Asian
The staff at the Riu Playacar are always looking over their shoulders. The waiters use to talk to us but are always on guard so yes it was very different from our last visit. They are frightened for their jobs and several told us that.
The worse thing is at th buffet Migel came in with Sebastian and saw plates that were on cleared from the tables now they had been there about 2 minutes he starts to clear the dishes and told Sebastian to do it also. All this did was make the waiters look bad. At this point they were petrified. The just got a little busy that's all we are all cool with that. But this takes the cake a Director clearing dirty dishes He CERTAINLY DID NOT IMPRESS ME. We are not use to this atmosphere and made us uneasy and afraid to communicate with the staff something we look forward to and enjoy. It reminded us of our stay at the Iberostar Quetzel/Tucan. No" how are you doing," no "where are you from" no "do you have everything your need"
We watched one show at the Palace the Mayan one that's it. These shows need to be refreshed.
The rooms were cleaned and NO musty smell they are washing the floors etc with some really nice smelling stuff. We didn't need a room freshener AT ALL. The mini bar was always full, lots of towels and faceclothes. Oh and NO ants.
Oh and I talked to a girl at the airport and we were discussing how our suitcases are heavier coming home after we have used all the shampoo, lotions, hair products etc and packed no souveniers in our luggage she thought maybe because our stuff is damp like out of a washer. When I got home I opened the suitcase and everything was damp. Maybe she is right.
So ends another Riu Saga. Some disappointments but mostly a good 11 day vacation with a good tan.'
P.S. don't crank you Air conditioners up to high that's what I did and that's why I got this stupid throat respritory thing going on. Questions just ask, gee this thing is so long I don't see how I left anything out.


Registered: December 2005
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Review Date: Sat March 13, 2010 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 8 

Pros: lovely, friendly staff.very clean, lovely gardens

the staff are wonderfull, if there is anything you want and it is possible the staff will sort it for you.They are so friendly, lively and allways have a smile, nothing is too much for them.I have never known anyone work as long and hard as the staff, you see them first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
The food was great, so much to choose from, a very wide variety to cater for all nationalities.My daughter is a very fussy eater but she had no problem because of the massive choice of food.
The bar staff were wonderfull! drinks were replenished without even having to ask!if you stand next to someone at the bar who is getting tequila shots you will be given one aswell without even asking for one.
Rooms are very clean and the maids are great, they keep your your room spotless and always leave you a towel art design such as an elephant or swan (two of many ).
To summarise; Lovely friendly hotel, always plenty of sunbeds, great food,.

Nomad Jay

Registered: July 2007
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Review Date: Wed March 21, 2012 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: small property, fantastic food and staff
Cons: pool bar closes too early

I have made three trips to the RIUPlayacar, divided by trips to RIUYucatan, and the RIUPalace in Cancun. The Playacar is by far my favorite due to the size and staff.


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