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Description: * Set on a cliff overlooking the sea
* 9-storey building
* 900 m to the beach

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Clubhotel Riu Vistamar

July 2004

We had about an 4 hour flight before we arrived in Gran Canaria.
We had to wait for a long time on the airport before we could go to the hotel, but that was OK...
Then we took the bus and went to the hotel. The road has a lot of curves and there were no seat belts in the bus, so you had to hold on tight Nah!
Then we finally arrived in Riu Vistamar.
Riu Vistamar is on a big hill.

The check-in went fast and good. Some workers walked with us to our room and carried our bags.

The rooms were clean all the time, the housemaid really did a great job! There were always bottles of water at the room, if you needed more you could just call or go to the reception and you would get as many as you needed.

They were really helpful, they wanted to help you with anything. They advised us with the trips and if you had a question, they would help you anytime.
We wanted to walk to the beach once, my parents thought it would be easy. They advised us not to walk to the beach, but my parents still wanted to try it ha-ha. It actually was hard to walk to the beach, because of the hill. There was a sidewalk besides the road, but the paving stones were really slippery. I wore my flip-flops, so i almost fell all the time Wink If you decide to walk to the beach, be careful then Nah!
You can also take the bus to the beach by the way.

The beach was beautiful, white sand and the water was not too cold and not too warm. Smile

The food was really good. With breakfast and lunch you could choose were you wanted to eat in the restaurant. With dinner you had to say your room number (the first day) and then they would give you a place. You would keep that place the entire holiday.
There was a lot of choice with the food. There was typical-canarian food and also a lot of international food. They had so many food, there were about 20 different kinds of salads!
With breakfast you could eat in a different restaurant too... That was outside and of course there were a lot of pigeons there too ha-ha. I don't like birds that much, so i didnít really like eating there Nah!

We did all of the excursions ourselves. We rented a car and just drove and if we saw something nice, we would stop Nah!
My dad had to get used to the driving there, because, as i told before, here were a lot of curves. The local people always sound the horn when they were approaching a curve, so that they could warn the other drivers that they were coming. There were also a lot of hills, and we were not used to that.
The landscape is beautiful, there are a lot of hills and old volcanoes.
We went tot he capital city twice too. There is a lot to do there, there are a lot of shops! It is also really nice to just see how the local people are there. The older people just sit on the benches that are besides the shops and they look at all the tourist and they talk to each other. They are all very proud of their country.

The entertainment was good! During the day there were a lot of games, for the kids and for the Ďgrown-upsí. They would ask you if you wanted to join, but they werenít pushy. The entertainment people were mostly German, but they could speak Spanish, English, German, Italian and even some dutch!
There was someone from Holland too, she lives in the same little village as we do (about 4000 inhabitants, what a coincidence!) It was really nice talking to her, because we knew who she was. There was someone from Belgium too, and of course he spoke dutch too.
The chief was really nice too, he was from Spain, he would always ask is everybody liked the show. If you didnít like the shows you could say that to him and he wanted to improve it right away.
The shows were good, there were shows like Grease and the crazy-show.
There were shows from other people too (not from the animation team Riu Vistamar)

The hotel as really nice and i liked it very much. The location of the hotel was on a high hill, that doesn't give you very much opportunity to go our at night. We stayed at the hotel every night, but that was really nice too!
We wanted to walk down the hill after dinner once, but it was really dark and there were no lamppost. (i don't know if they have lampposts now?)
There view from the hotel was beautiful. You looked down on the hill and you would see so many nice things.
There were two pools. (and a kids pool) When you were in the pool, your view was the beach down the hill. That was really beautiful. One pool was higher then the other one, you had to walk stairs first before you reached that pool. I cant really explain it properly, but i will try to post some pictures soon, than i think it will be clarifying.
O i've found a picture:
and you can have a look t and then look at the pictures of riu vistamar lol

I really enjoyed my stay at Riu Vistamar. When I come back to Gran Canaria, I would go back to that hotel!

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Review Date: Mon May 21, 2007 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: nice and peaceful location, relaxing atmosphere, good food and drinks, nice and friendly staff
Cons: gym facilities not in best condition, reception desk looks old

When you have once stayed in this nice hotel, you will never forget it! In many respects a nice panoramic view hotel in a peaceful location. Best choice for a quality holiday stay in the area!


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