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Description: ClubHotel Riu Tequila
Avenida Xaman-ha, Manzana 3, Lote 19, Condominio Playacar
77710 Playa del Carmen
Quintana Roo - Mexico
Tel. +529848734300 Fax. +52 984 873 2201

Location/General information

This fabulous 664-room village-style resort is located next to a beautiful 18-hole golf course inside Playa del Carmen’s exclusive resort area. A tropical garden path opposite the Riu Yucatan hotel provides easy access to the resort’s beach club, just a short stoll away. A beach shuttle is also available.
Riu Tequila offers comfortably furnished rooms and a wide variety of bars and restaurants for fine dining. This resort is a favorite among the other sister properties, as activities and entertainment are non-stop day and night.

* Located in the Yucatan peninsula, 3 km / 1.9 miles from Playa del Carmen
* Within the resort area Playacar along with the hotels Riu Palace Mexico, Riu Palace Riviera Maya, Riu Yucatan and Riu Playacar
* Main building and 1-story buildings
* Surrounded by 48,000 m2 / 57,600 sq. yards of lush gardens

* 800 m / 2,650 ft. from the beach (complimentary shuttle)
* Complimentary sun loungers on the beach
* 300 m / 990 ft. from Mexican Street
* 55 km / 34 miles from Cancun Int’l. Airport
* Credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Amex

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Riu Bambuer Benefactor

Registered: May 2006
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Review Date: Wed July 12, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: The atmosphere and staff team, no high rise buildings.
Cons: A short walk from beach

A fantastic hotel with great facilities for a casual holiday. The disco at night gets going about midnight playing a mixed session. Dont expect the latest hits though as they have not arrived here yet, saying that a good time is enjoyed by those who go.

There is such a large choice of food and always plenty of it, the staff are happy to accommodate requests wherever they can. Speciality restuarants should be booked early in the morning, however if you tip the guy in the steak restaurant at night you can usually get a table.

A few shops available for those who do not want to venture into town, and in town you can get the ferry to Cozumel making a cheap day out.
Town at night has some lively bars and a few clubs if thats what you want, Cancun is about an hour away.

Would go back in second.

Riu Bambuer Benefactor

Registered: May 2006
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Review Date: Thu July 13, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: blocks of low rise buildings
Cons: not on the beach

Prior to booking any vacation, I always read the reviews and thought it only right that I should add my thoughts too - better late than never.

My husband and I have been to the Riu Tequila twice, the first trip, for two weeks, with another couple and the following year, for one week, with our family - our two daughters, (now) son-in-law and my father-in-law.

What can I say about the two stay at the Riu Tequila...amazing and worth every penny. Upon booking the trips, I gave our travel agent our room requests and I followed up via email with both the tour operator and the hotel approximately a month prior to departure. Room requests were accomodated on both occasions.

The rooms were nice, big and clean with a mini bar that is stocked every two days. The maid service was great and we got towel animals just about every day.

The hotel staff (from the waiters, to the bar staff, to the maids) at the Riu Tequilam, were very accomodating and nothing seemed like too much trouble. The daily activities and the nightly entertainment are performed by the animicion staff who are amazing and love doing what they do and we were constantly reminded of that - when asked how they were on any given day, you generally knew what the response would be "I love my job".

The pool and beach areas are fantastic. Yes, it's true, the beach is across the street and is shared by the Riu Palace, Riu Yucatan and Riu Playacar - but hey, just think about it, if you don't use the gym facilities to take off the extra pounds that you gained from excessive eating and drinking, you can get your daily exercise by walking through the laneway between the Riu Palace and Riu Yucatan rather than using the "golf cart" that is available and runs back and forth from the Riu Tequila to the beach area. Once over at the beach area, you could eat lunch and visit the bar at either the Riu Yucatan or Riu Playacar.

Would definitely go back in a second. Smile!


Registered: September 2005
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Review Date: Thu July 13, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Beautiful grounds, hard working staff

We were at the Riu Tequila for 7 days in April 2006. It was the first vacation for our family, myself, husband, 32yr old daughter and 17 yr old daughter. I was very leary of a non-hunting/fishing 7 day trip working...for you know who.... From the time we were at the Mpls airport until we arrived back at the Mpls airport, things couldn't have been better! We all loved the all inclusive Riu. The staff all works so hard to make your stay great! We did several fun excursions while there and had a blast at all of them. The beach was clean and the 5 minute walk was no problem. We never got tired of the food selections, found the Sports Bar to be very relaxing, and really appreciated the computer access.
We are all planning a return visit just as soon as possible.
Minnesota Ann


Registered: October 2005
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Review Date: Thu July 13, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: staff, food cocktails bars, pool,........could go on for ever!
Cons: no bath,

stayed at tequilla 3 years ago. Had fab holiday going back in 3 weeks time. So excited cannot wait.

Official Riu Bambuer

Registered: June 2006
Posts: 163
Review Date: Sat July 15, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: staff, food, drinks everything
Cons: a short walk to the beach if that bothers you

Stayed at the Tequila July/Aug 05 Didnt have one single complaint. The hotel, the grounds, the pool, the food, drinks and staff were fantastic. We had a 15 and 13 year old with us and never saw them, they had a ball. We are not getting away this year and went to Domincan last year, but next week we are booking the Tequila for next year. Gave the kids the choice they will be 18 and 16 when we go and they jumped at the chance of going back to the Tequila. Would be nice if some of the same staff are still there but I am sure new staff will be just as good.

Would recommend Xcaret and make sure you stay for the evening show.


Registered: March 2006
Posts: 4
Review Date: Sat August 26, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: staff, food, location & atmosphere

Have just returned for the second year running - another excellent holiday.
This is the first time that we have actual returned to the same hotel, let alone the same resort.
Everybody is so friendly & the location is fantastic - good base for either chilling or doing the sights, we did a bit of both.
The sports bar is a good addition - even if I did lose to my son at pool - I'll not be able to live that down!
No other comment to make as it is as everybodyelse says 'just fantastic' - well worth the flight time from the UK.


Registered: July 2006
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Review Date: Tue October 10, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Everything!
Cons: Nothing



Registered: October 2005
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Review Date: Sun October 15, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Reception is lovly
Cons: nothing

I stayed here at Christmas, it was perfect, we got checked in on the bus, so we got to the hotel took our key from the table went to our room put on the aircon and had a coke from the fridge. Great!!!
Went to breakfast everyday and felt the pounds adding on my hips, however this was my fav meal of the day, so i had to try a bit of everything. My fav drink at the bar was banana milkshake, i had about 12 a day.
I broke the capuchino machine about 6 times in two weeks at the pool restruant!!!
Christmas eve was great we were given a candle for the show, and the food was amazing, there were ice, food and butter sculptures.
I spent most sunny days at the beach so cannot comment much on the pool, the beach was fantastic though, the food was good down there too.
I was in block 2 which was close to reception and quiet, i really recommend it, i went with the family who had another room and we had two doors which meant we could shut one and leave the room doors open and have one big room, the numbers for this were 2009, 2010. I never wanted to leave.


Registered: June 2006
Posts: 50
Review Date: Sun October 22, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Cons: none

I visited the Riu Tequila in May of this year and the best time ever, the hotel was lovely, the rooms were always clean and well presented and the foods was great ( i love my food)!!!!
The staff were awesome, the bar staff, cleaners, reception staff and the animation staff were the best they made the hoilday really entertaining for us!!!!
There was a few of them and each day they would come around the pool side and ask you to join in the activities which were different every day, if you didnt want to they would leave you alone but they loved it for you to take part!!
Sergio, richardo, rene,natalia, lu and alberto were the ones who we were closest to and they made us feel so welcome!! They would come and sit with us on a night time if they were not doing the shows!! The majority of the time the animation staff do the evening shows and they are very very good the micheal jackson show was the best for me other people from different hotels in the riu chain come to see that show aswell, so it just proves how good it actually is!!!

Had a lovely time and we are going back next June looking forward to it!!!!!


Registered: May 2006
Posts: 248
Review Date: Tue December 12, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 8 


Layout/décor and rooms

The layout of the Riu Tequila is really nice, the rooms are arranged in little bungalows scattered around the grounds with a nice distance between each, and a lot of foliage around then to maximise the privacy on your balcony. You will also see lots of very strange and cute little critters running around, which is quite fun!
The interior of the rooms are fairly old, but they are not showing their age badly. You do not get a bath, but a really large walk-in shower, which worked out just fine for us. The bathroom area is ‘open-plan’ with the bedroom, the only place there is a door is the toilet, it is hard to explain how it works, but we found it made the room a lot more spacious. You optics are also in the ‘bathroom area’ next to the sink, which we found a rather handy location as it is convenient for washing out glasses etc. We had, tequila, dark rum, vodka and gin, I am not sure if the selection is the same in all rooms?
The décor around the rest of the resort is very nice, the communal toilet areas are kept very clean, and the lobby is very pretty.
The short walk down to the beach is on a very pretty little path with lots of little animals, no problem at all. There was a little golf buggy that would take you up and down, we didn’t use it often, but found no problem getting a seat when we wanted one even thought the hotel was nearly full.


There are 3 main evening restaurants at the Tequila. The main buffet restaurant, the Mexican A La carte, and the Grill A La carte, you can eat in the A La carte restaurants as many times as you like, as long as you make a reservation that morning at the counter outside the buffet.
The main buffet in the evening always had lots of choice and was always of a very high quality, we loved it; expect to eat lots of guacamole!! Our only annoyance, which we have found the same in all three Riu hotels we have been to is the ‘canteen’ style layout of the tables, they are positioned so close together you feel you are dining in a long line with about 20 other people like at school dinners, we haven’t had this problem with other non-riu all inclusives. For this reason we tried to eat in the A La cartes as much as possible, both of which were excellent.
For lunch you have the choice of eating at the restaurant by the pool (which is the Grill a la carte by night) or the restaurant by the beach (which is the Mexican A La carte by night) both are buffet style, both very good or for a little more choice you are allowed to eat at the Yucatan (or the Playacar, but this is a little further down the road), they have their main buffet open at lunch and this a much bigger with more selection, but same canteen style squashed tables problem, which the pool and beach restaurants do not have.
Breakfast in the main buffet restaurant is again very good, with lots of choice, and an excellent omelette made to order chef.


There were two main ‘order at the bar areas’ at the Tequila. One at the pool (an area both in the pool and beside it) and another at the lobby/stage area. There is another self service bar down by the beach, where you can get soft drinks and beer and wine. If you want cocktails on the beach you can use the Yucatan pool bar, which is very close to the beach.
We liked both of the bars at the Tequila, and the range of drinks is fantastic, we struggled to try everything in a fortnight and they did all our favourite cocktails.
We much preferred the bar by the pool in the evening, it was very quiet and the pool all lit up is beautiful. Likewise the lobby bar is quietest during the day, and found this a nice spot for an afternoon coffee.


We were party poopers and didn’t attend any evening shows, as we preferred the quiet and scenery of the pool bar, but we heard many positive comments.

Swimming Pool and Beach

The swimming pool is large and beautifully landscaped, we only went in it once as we prefer to swim in the sea, but we did find it a little cold and slimy (I think this was only suncream as we did use the pool right at the end of the day).
The beach is not as scenic as those we found in Cuba, and if you are after really scenic beaches it is probably worth a day trip to those near the ruins of Tulum as they were really pretty and deserted. However, the beach is very nice, (if a little crowded) clean and the sea is warm.

General Positives

We loved the spread out bungalow layout, and the spaciousness of both the rooms and balconies.
The pool bar in the evening was my favourite spot in the hotel.
The little animals running around!
The food was excellent, as were the bars.

General Negatives (personal opinions, I’m sure many will disagree)!

We found the bar/reception/maids (no experience with the entertainment team) to be wonderful, however, we found that the service in the buffets and a la cartes to be very hit and miss (and we did tip in the first week, not so much in the second week as I didn’t want to tip anymore for mediocre service). It was surprising if we got offered coffee in the morning (as is supposed to be the norm), no big deal as you can fetch your own, but sometimes it is nice to be asked. Some of the waiters didn’t crack a smile the whole two weeks we were there, we understand that they work VERY long hours, but sometimes this made me uncomfortable as it feels like you are inconveniencing them if you sit down in a table in ‘their area’.
With the a la cartes again we found some of the waiters to be very grumpy, and the a la cartes at the Tequila did tend to have a bit of a ‘production line’ feel about them, they want you in, sat down, eat, out as soon as possible.
Only another small niggle, but twice at the Mexican a la carte on the beach we had almost a ‘battle of the bands’ going on around us! The Palace Mexico had some kind of disco on one side, and the Yucatan had their stage show, and then the Mexican restaurant had their music, and each time one of them turned their music up, the other two followed suit – it did send you a little bit crazy, but I suppose this is the side effect of having so many hotels in one area.
The beach was very crowded, the most crowded I have ever been too, but all the hotels were nearly full. We did not spend as much time on the beach as we usually do for this reason, I assume one of the problems is that the Yucatan and the Tequila share a beach, and I’m sure when the hotels are not busy this would not be a problem at all.
Enough of the moaning….

Other resorts you can use

You can use the resorts of the Riu Playacar and the Riu Yucatan, we liked them both, we often watched the sun go down with a margarita on one of the loungers by the pool at the Yucatan as you have a view of the beach. It is definitely worth at least having a drink at both of those hotels as they both have slightly different feel to them. We were pleased that we decided to save a little money and stay at the Tequila in the end, the quality of the hotel is the same as the other two and the walk to the beach is no problem. It left us more money for trips out and about.


One thing we did learn this holiday is that if there is any other option don’t book excursions through Thomson, we were amazed at how much they were getting away with charging people!! We have booked trips through them in the Dom Rep and Cuba before, but will be trying to avoid on future holidays.

Coba ruins
By far my favourite ruins, the site it is beautiful, all in the jungle (you hire a bike to get round) lots of animals to be seen, and it has one of the last temples in the area you can climb, although I have never been so scared in my life when I turned round after climbing up and saw how far down it way (the steps are uneven and slim), myself and many other women took about 30 minutes to shuffle down on out bottoms, I couldn’t bring myself to stand up! We booked a trip to here through an agent on 5th avenue in Playa Del Carmen called Sergio’s although many other agents did it (we just checked with the tourist police before we booked to check they were reputable/not time share) we paid 55dollars for the day (Thomson were charging 85dollars) the trip also included a swim in a cenote, a visit to a mayan village and lunch.

Chichen Itza ruins
These are a three hour drive away, but well worth it, make sure you go on the guided tour (included in most tours) as some people we were with didn’t and I think they missed out as it was fascinating, they do give you some time at the end to wander back round at the end and take pictures. We booked this through Sergios in playa del Carmen again, and again it included a stop and swim in a cenote, lunch and a short stop on the way back for a quick look around the town of Valladolid. We paid 35dollars (Thomson were charging 105dollars, I know its crazy, and in their sales pitch they seemed to justify it by saying they play a DVD in the coach on the way home – that is one expensive DVD!)

Tulum ruins
We did Tulum by ourselves; we caught a collectivo from Playa del Carmen, which is 25pesos each, you tell the driver where you want to go when you get in and pay when you get off, it is dead easy and loads of tourists catch them, they will stop anywhere for you on highway 307 if you stand on the road and wait if you don’t want to catch them in Playa and also for the way back. We went on a Friday and for some reason the ruins had free entrance that day (usually they are 45pesos). In the afternoon we went into Tulum town to look around, it is worth a few hours, we got a drink at a little café just off the main road with chickens running around our feet and they had run out of all drinks apart from pepsi, quite a experience!

We did Xel-Ha by collectivo rather than a tour and this worked well for us as you can arrive and leave whenever you want. (and I think it works out a bit cheaper to pay Xel Ha direct and arrange your own transport) Again, dead easy to get a collectivo, we had to wait less than 5 minutes both there and back. We decided to do the entrance only option rather than the all inclusive as we have our own snorkels, and we pleased we did as this park is huge and there are so many wonderful things to do that we did not think we would have taken advantage of the all inclusive sit down meal and drinks etc as we didn’t have time!

We had a morning in Cozumel and caught the ferry from Playa Del Carmen. There is enough to see in San Miguel the main town for a few hours, but you can easily stay for the whole day if you want to get a taxi to a beach etc as there is supposed to be some excellent snorkelling, but we had done xel-ha the day before and were all snorkelled-out!

Sian Kaan Biosphere reserve

We did a 4x4 tour (self drive, but you can jump in with others if no license) and a boat tour, we saw wild dolphins, sea turtles and crocs and some amazing scenery. We booked on 5th avenue through Sergio’s again, but many companies do the same. We paid 77dollars per person and this includes everything including food, but not drinks.

Please feel free to PM me if you want anymore info on the hotel, the trips or collectivos or anything.


Registered: January 2007
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Review Date: Sun April 15, 2007 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Resort itself ...Staff...
Cons: Dining setup

Not enough posts to put review where it belongs. I'll give a generalized opinion of our Tequila experience.
We arrived on March 28th after an uneventful flight from New Hampshire with a Chicago connection. Customs was a breeze. Got hit on by Time Share bandits right off the bat.Got our transfer and were on our way.
The drive to the Tequila was an eye opener. It was our first trip outside the US and the poverty was what struck us the most, right next door to incredible resorts.
Check in was a snap and the welcome drink was a nice touch. Our room was fine for what we wanted.A place to lay our headsat night.We overlooked an area which as teeming with Lemurs and Tapirs. Took pictures of my daughter feeding them.
Service was incredible our entire stay.Even with my limited Spanish we were able to communicate our needs to the staff. I had fun brushing up on a new language.The staff was more than willing to help me out.
The walk to the beach got easier as the week went along. The beaches have taken quite a beating. During our week Palm trees fell into the water and some had to be tied up to stay upright. I fear the Tequila may be a waterfront resort within 5 years at this rate. The surf was incredibly rough during our week,but the water was warm and inviting. We had no problems getting chairs for the three of us. We arrived at the beach daily by about 0930.
We ate buffet for the most part but did eat 2 nights at the Steak House.We celebrated our 28th anniversary there one night and our table was adorned with balloons and we were serenated by the staff. It was a very nice touch.
We visited Playa Del Carmen 2 nights.Supper at Parilla one night. Excellent meal. 2nd night forgot where we ate. Daughter and I food poisoning. No fun. But was over quickly. We lost one day. The town itself was fine if you like to shop.
Weather was fantastic. Our first night we got downpours which was fine as we were stranded at the outside bar at the Yucatan. It was there we were introduced to our new favorite drink "Miami Vice".
The beach was my favorite area to hang out and relax all week. My second favorite was the pool area at the Tequila especially the pool bar. My favorite bartender there all wek was Guillermo. Ask him for his special drink.
Just tell him "Big Papi" from Boston said hi.
We needed assistance arranging our excursions and used front desk help. This "help" wound up adding $50 in phone charges. Phone Cards are good investments.
We visited two "Animacion Shows". Both my wife and daughter enjoyed them, as did I watching them from the Sports Bar.We were looking for a quiet week so we stayed away from the pools during ealy parts of the day when the games were being played.
Our main side trip was to "Chichen Itza". The ruins were incredible. Be forwarned. It can get unbearably
hot as you are out in the wide open at the ruins.Our tour guide Victor did a fantastic job explaiing evrything to us. A lasting memory was "Hawkers Alley" at the Ruins. I now now that everything in Mexico is $1 or "Almost Free".
Checkout was painless except for the fact that we wereleaving Paradise. On word of advice. Give yourself plenty of time for the trip to the airport and expect to be in lines once there. Customs was breeze.Make sure al your paperwork is in oder and things will go smoothly.
The trip home was quiet until we reached NH where we were met by 6 inches of heavy, wet,freshly fallen snow.Talk about a reality check.
Now for the only gripe I had with the resort. Our Anniversary was on March 31. We headed for breakfat that morning around 8 planning on making reservations for the steak house that night, as they take them on a first come first serve basis. The Maitre 'D told me both seatings at the Steak House were full which I found strange. He finallly owned up to the fact that some groups had booked dinners via e-mail and had not done so in person. I asked to speak to a Manager and told him of my concerns with this policy change. After trying to talk me into the buffet , he relented and we had our early seating supper. The part which upset me was that there empty tables that night for both seatings,meaning people who had booked in the Groups didn't show. I believe they should re-visit this policy.
The eroding beach area is another concern of
mine.Hopefully they can get a handle on the problem soon.
The final piece of advice I can give to anyone visiting a Riu or the first time is this.
Por Favor (Please) Gracias( Thank You) and Hola (Hello) are all the Spanish you'll need on your vacation. Use them often. It became second nature for us during our stay and not once were we ignored by staff when we greeted them. Their smiles and good natured attitude were contagious. Idare anyone to go there and "Not" have a fantastic time.
We are already planning on next year's visit.

Riu Bambuer Benefactor

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Review Date: Mon April 16, 2007 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Animacion staff, grounds, pool
Cons: none

This is a very long review! Suggest you go grab that coffee and sit back and relax with this novel! We travelled to the Riu Tequila in December 2006 and were there for Christmas!


The flight left on time from Ottawa. The service on the plane was very good. We had a light breakfast which was an egg fajita wrap, and it was excellent!!!


Arriving in the Caribbean was a little rough due to turbulence. When we landed in Cancun, the pilots were a bit heavy on the brakes when landing. They let us off the plane in the middle of pavement, and we were bussed to the main airport. It was pretty fast and efficient.

When we arrived to the customs, everything was run very smoothly. Please make sure you have the tourist card filled out properly before going through customs as we saw a Customs Guard asking a couple to go to the back of the line because their card was not properly completed.

After going through Customs, we had to wait for our luggage to come out. We waited, waited, and waited. Luggage was coming out, but it wasn’t ours. Finally someone discovered that our luggage was coming out at another gate. This was a big screw up and a waste of time.

After getting the luggage sorted out we had to go through the bag search area – we got the green lights and did not have to have our bags searched. Next we had to make our way to the tour bus that was going to take us to the Resort. We were swamped with time share companies trying to get us to participate in time shares. This was very annoying!!! They were everywhere and it was difficult to tell if they were there to help you or there to try and get you to go to a timeshare meeting. Best advice is to keep on walking until you get to the bus and taxi area and don’t let anyone try to take your luggage until you reach your bus. Thanks to all on the Riu Bambu website that mentioned this as I probably would have gotten caught up in their web!

The bus ride to the resort was excellent. It was very comfortable and air conditioned. The tourist spokesperson was helpful, and made everyone comfortable. They also provided ice cold Corona for $2.50 US per bottle.

It was about a 40 minute bus ride to our resort. You can really get a tasted as to how the Mexicans live by driving through the small towns on your way to the resort. The highway was quite well maintained and had four lanes at 100 km/hr. On our way to the Riu Tequila we got to stop at El Dorado Royale to drop off some people. Then on to the Playacar resort area and several drop offs there.


The open air reception area is quite large with several seating areas where you can sit down and enjoy the view of the lobby and the fountain. We sent an email approximately 1 week in advance of our stay requesting specific blocks and direction of our room. We asked to be located in one of the following blocks 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 facing the golf course and on the second floor. We were traveling with another person on our trip so we also requested an adjoining room. We received a reply from the hotel about two days later saying that they would do their best depending on availability. When we arrived at the hotel we reminded reception of our room requests and we were told they would do their best. In any case we arrived just after 1 p.m. and the room would not be ready for an hour. We decided to go and have some lunch and look around the grounds in the meantime. When we returned and we received our keys we got a room on the first floor facing the pool in Block 4 and our rooms were not adjoining but in the same block back to back! I reminded the reception of what we had requested and we were told that there was no availability in the area we requested. I was more concerned at this time with having a first floor room than anything else! We checked out the room and it was not as bad as I thought it would be and in fact it is very convenient to everything in the resort. My only complaint would be that it was a first floor room and since it is very close to reception there are many people walking by the room throughout the day. We kept our curtains close the entire time we were there.

The pools at the Tequila are amazing. There is a waterfall built into the rocks in the pool with the pool bar and a stream of water that is in the other pool. The pool closest to the Animation team also has a ramp into the water. The water in the pools is quite cold and is not heated. They did not seem to have enough staff throughout the day for cleanup of dishes etc. We did see these lying around the pool for quite long periods of time. However, we did tend to pick our chairs around the pool early in the day and stayed at them for most of the day. Many others around us did the same thing. I just made sure I cleaned up our own dishes throughout the day.

The Riu Tequila does not have it's own beach per se but it does share the beach with the Riu Yucatan and Riu Palace. We found that the beach was very busy and we were not able to find beach chairs on our first afternoon their. We also found that the activity from the boats etc caused us to constantly smell gas. Our second last day we walked south along the beach past the last resort and found that this section of beach was much more appealing. You do have to be careful though as there are no markers for swimming and there is a bit of a drop off in the sand. The problem with the Yucatan beach could also be a result of the pulling out of the sand by the wind and waves.

What can’t you say about the grounds – they are everything you expect from this hotel chain. There are always workers out tidying it up. We never saw garbage left lying around.

The room was very clean – there are some minor fixups that did not affect our stay. The safe was very old and rickety and should be replaced. I did not like that we had a key that we had to put into the safe. Because the safe was very old and rickety we had some difficulty fitting the key into the safe without shaking it up a bit. We left our maid a note with a tip every day. We noticed she always took our note with her. On our way in one day I did notice the security guards at the front gate of the hotel searching the staff bags. On one occasion I had to enter the room while the maid was cleaning and I was quite impressed with the methods she used to clean. She pulled our beds away from the wall and washed down the headboards. The entire floor was mopped. We left many small items around the room and none of them were disturbed while we were there. I did not notice any bugs or creatures in our room while we were there.

What can you say – they work very hard and try very hard to keep you smiling and happy. I think that they have one of the toughest jobs in the world – they always have to be happy and smiling no matter how they feel. They have to deal with people being more familiar with them than they should be and they still have to look like they are enjoying it. On several occasions we saw some young men grabbing the animacion team and trying to force them into the pool. On one occasion it was with one of their costumes.

Excellent! Plenty of choices to be had. The Christmas Eve gala was absolutely amazing. For those that complain of the choices let’s just see how many gourmet meals they cook at home! The best way to approach this is to choose one specific entrée each evening so it always seems new.

A la carte
We had one meal at the steak house and I found it to be quite good. I had the chicken, my husband and son had the ribs and our friend had the steak. The ribs seemed a bit tough but the chicken and steak were fine. I did enjoy the fact that I didn’t have to get up and get my own meal and it was nice ordering my meal. The tables are set so nicely – it’s hard to believe it’s the same place you go during the day to get your lunch and drinks.

We attended all of the shows while we were there. We enjoyed most of the shows. We even had the chance to get up on the stage ourselves. That was the most embarrassing thing I have done in a very long time!

We got to most of the bars while we were there. We did not go to the Disco but we tried the pool bar, swim up bar, beach bar, sports bar and both bars at the stage area. All were very good. My son (11 years old) really enjoyed being taught by the Anamacion crew how to drink a Tequila Bang Bang (they used sprite and grenadine for the kids).

Our group tried several activities while we were at the resort. We tried the shooting range, water polo, ping pong, beach volleyball, stretching, water aerobics and Bingo. We enjoyed all of them. It is especially good to get to know the staff and meet people from other countries.

We did take a walk through the Riu Yucatan and Riu Playacar while we were staying at the Riu Tequila. We liked all of the resorts and found that each of them had their strengths and weaknesses. I loved the Riu Tequila for our family as it was everything we wanted in a resort. We made the right choice for us.

We went on our own trip to Playa del Carmen and Tulum. Tulum is free on Sundays because it is considered a National Park. We took a bus from Playa del Carmen to Tulum. I wouldn’t suggest this for others as we wasted a lot of time waiting. If I had known where to get a Collectivo I would have done that instead. On our return trip we took a taxi from Tulum $35 US for four of us. This was nice as we didn’t have to wait and we were taken from Tulum directly to our hotel. Tulum was wow. It is amazing how they built these structures so long ago.

Departure from Riu Tequila

Our trip was booked with Sunquest. Our flight was to leave at 10:35 a.m. and we were to leave the hotel at 6:30 a.m. We were up and ready to go and waited and waited while every other tour company came and went. There was another family waiting there that were also flying back to Ottawa. Two Sunquest busses came for Toronto passengers but none for Ottawa. We checked with reception and they called other hotels and found out that none of the passengers were picked up. Reception hailed us a cab and negotiated with them to collect from Sunquest at the airport. When we arrived at the airport the Sunquest rep did not want to pay them what they were requesting. The police were almost called to have this straightened out! I was kind of held hostage while all of this negotiation was going on. Finally it got straightened out and I was able to leave. Beware if flying with Sunquest that this could happen to you as we said something about Sunquest and our cabbie rolled his eyes!

Our plane was quite late in leaving Mexico. While we were waiting we noticed the announcements for an American flight stated that they were not allowed to bring any liquids on to the plane including water and Tequila. As people were boarding this flight all liquids were confiscated and thrown away. It is unfortunate as the vendors must know this but don’t stop people from buying it in the airport and after the security gates. I went through security with a bottle of wine and the tequila in my carry on (I forgot about this when I packed the carry on) and security didn’t even bat an eyelash. I don’t know if I should be grateful for this or not?


We had a pretty uneventful flight and landed safely in Ottawa. We picked up our bags and went through the security and were out into the airport before I really even realized we were through.

Final thoughts:

Would we go back? Yes, most definitely.
Would we recommend this to others? Yes.


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Review Date: Sun May 13, 2007 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: We like the more secluded feel of this resort.
Cons: Been there 4 times and still can't come up with anything to complain about

PostPosted: Today, at 1:57 pm Post subject: [Cry] Trip reprt
Subject description: Came home last night

We got home late last night and for any of you counting the days down I thought I'd give you a little report. For 10 days we had 90's and sun. Bring your hats and sunscreen! The beach was better than I thought it would be. For those taking your first trip to Tequila the beach will be great at Yucatan and Tequila areas and south. For those of us that have been there many times it's a little sad to see, especially north for the Palace-Mexico. There is still nice sand, weddings being held almost daily but there are areas where there is an upper and lower beach so to speak. The beach chairs are in long rows one right next to the other...closer quarters than we are used to. We had no problems finding chairs at any time of the day. To the right of the Beach Club in front of Yucatan is busier but, if you go to the left of the Beach Club there seems always to be room. 'Course you are father from the bars there but you can get beer and soda at the Beach Club. Bring you travel mugs and you have less trips to Yucatan to the regular bar!
We did a couple trips to sight see Puerto Morelos, Puerto Aventura and Cozumel and into town. One evening we went on the Sunset Cruise/Lobster Dinner excursion. That was very beautiful and VERY romantic. (Not for children). We road on a catamaran for 1 1/2 hours and then had lobster dinner with a beautiful setting on white sand.. music and the whole thing. The only complaint was the lighting could have a little more. The chef took all this time with lovely presentation of this 5 course gourmet dinner by candlelight but you couldn't see what you were eating. It was so dark you couldn't tell with piece of silverware to choose! The waiter put a plate in front of me, told me it was salad. I expected to pick up a piece of lettuce and the first thing I picked up was a very large crouton!!! The whole dinner was very interesting, like something from Saturday Night Live and their mystery dinner skit. Enough said ???
All in all it was another perfect trip for us. Today I start counting to the next one!

Riu Tequila 2004,2005,2006,2007


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Pros: great buffets, professional animation, very nice and big swimming pool, a Belgian director...
Cons: too little dancingtime before the show at night, only 3 days a week

I'll recommend it to everybody!

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