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Description: ClubHotel Riu Bachata
Bahia de Maimón
Puerto Plata
Dominican Republic
Tel. +18093201010 Fax. +1 809 320 1717

Location/General information

Beautiful Riu Bachata is an extraordinary getaway on the spectacular shores of Maimon Bay, overlooking a lush tropical mountainside.
The 610 bungalow-style guestrooms offer deluxe accommodations with Riu's unique amenities, such as a mini-bar and liquor dispenser. The hotel features a relaxed atmosphere and a wide array of dining and leisure options, all complemented by the renowned Caribbean Street promenade and the exchange privileges programme with Riu's two sister properties within the resort.
This friendly fun-filled resort is a wonderful choice for fabulous holidays set in breathtaking, tropical surroundings.

* Located on the beach in Maimon Bay
* Complimentary sun loungers on the beach
* Inside the Riu Resort, along with ClubHotels Riu Merengue and Riu Mambo
* Main building plus 1 and 2-storey bungalows
* Surrounded by 50,000 m2 of tropical gardens

* 9 km / 5.5 miles from Puerto Plata
* 25 m / 81 ft. from Caribbean Street
* 25 km / 15.5 miles from Puerto Plata Int’l. Airport
* 500 m / 1650 ft. from a bus stop
* Credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diners

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Review Date: Wed July 12, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 


Family friendly, safe, fun, positive energy, a great place to be for young and old.

Riu Bambuer Benefactor

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Review Date: Thu July 13, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: Lovely location to chill out and relax
Cons: A bit out of the way from the main resorts

I would give this riu resort a 9 purely because of it's location.

The resort itself enables you to use the facilities of the sister hotels with the exception of the speciality resaturants and evening meal which you must use your own hotel for.
The hotel food is good and varied. Nightlife entertainment tends to be around the main stage area where shows are put on most nights. If you miss one you can catch it at one of the other hotels on a different night. There is a disco on site if you have the energy!

It has two very different beaches so things do not get crowded. A bit of a breeze can be felt which is welcome to cool down the hot temperatures . Its nice to sit at the headland where they do the weddings to watch the sea.

Take some good beach shoes as parts of the beach are rocks & coralas you enter parts of the sea.

Taxis are on hand to take you to other resorts, there are buses too but the taxis are well priced if there is a small group of you. Caberette is good for beach and shopping and sousua has a flea market where you can pick up some good bargins if you haggle.

Riu Rusty
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Review Date: Thu July 13, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: $840.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Staff, Location

I took the family to the Riu Bachata in Puerto Plata. Got a great deal through Lisa at Change of scene travel... she has a link on this site.... Anyway, another great trip. My kids were busy with Big Mama
all day and the kids programs, then at night they would be up on the stage doing the kids evening shows. I spent time playing horse shoes and won 4 certificates and 4 bottles of bum!! hmmmm. Dinners were nice, and the wait staff were great. We had the same guy that looked after us and once we came in for dinner and there were no tables available outside where we like to eat. This waiter built us a table and was amazing. The resort was extremely clean, rooms, dining, pools. The entire vacation was great and the Riu Bachata is always in our minds and we WILL return......

View my Riu Bachata Vacation Photos Click Here


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Review Date: Thu August 3, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: STAFF!!!, food, scenery
Cons: some rocky areas along shore

My wife and I had our best vacation ever at Bachata. I can't say enough about the staff, everyone from the manager to the gardeners, they were very hard-working, polite and helpful people. The Dominicans in general are such nice friendly people.

The food was delicious, not a single complaint all week. The bartenders were extra hard-working, I never had an empty drink. The beaches are beautiful with soft white sand and lots of palm trees for shade but spread out enough if you don't want shade. The resort is well maintained and clean, especially the pools. We just loved our stay and will definitely be back.


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Review Date: Sun August 6, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 8 


A review of the RIU Bachata, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Classified by Sunquest Vacations, Canada as a 5 star resort
Date of Travel: July 21, 2006
Duration: 2 weeks
Distance from Airport: 45 minute bus ride from the airport with roads under construction right now.
Profile of Travellers: 39 years and 36 years of age, married 12 years, no children

Hello fellow travellers,

My husband and I had an opportunity to vacation at the RIU Bachata Hotel in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic for the second time since 2004 and being returning guests we hope to be able to pass along some information to you.

The RIU Bachata is classified as a 5 star resort in the Canadian Vacation guide issued by Sunquest Vacations and this property lives up to this rating when it comes to the landscaping, property presentation, rooms, pool facility, beach activities, the majority of the employees, food and the layout of the buildings. Where this resort fails in our opinion is their 3 star or less approach to the “day pass” program and “weekend guest” program. I will go into this in greater detail momentarily.

No matter what time during the day you will witness the constant upkeep of the property. The landscaping crew, led by a gentleman named Ramon, is out there with machete in hand, taking care of overgrown scrubs, trees, cutting and trimming lawns, bushes and flowers. He and his crew also empty the garbage cans throughout the property many times a day and do so with a kind smile and nod of the head. A very professional team and we appreciated what they did to keep our area around the pool neat and tidy.

We were assigned to building number 7 for our second visit to the RIU Bachata. On our first trip in July 2004 we were assigned to building number 1 overlooking the bay and when we saw number 7 on our assignment card we must admit to being slightly disappointed. This was quickly alleviated when we took the luggage up to our second floor room #720. It is a mere 30 second walk from the farthest area of the pool, it looks over the very tropical looking far end of the pool deck and daytime cafeteria style restaurant and it was just far enough away from the main reception to avoid loud noises in the evening from the entertainment on stage. I would recommend this building for guests who want to be convenient to their rooms with a decent view of the complex. It certainly wasn’t the grand feel of number 1 but nothing to complain about either. Inside the room you will find a very nicely appointed bathroom with tile and marble, good water flow in the shower, a mini fridge, mini bar with four full size bottles of liquor replenished every two days if necessary, a 27 inch TV with more than enough channels for vacation time including HBO, sports channel, BBC America and CNN. As well, one of the highlights of the room in my opinion is the ability to hang your wet clothing in the evenings from the hanger rack located on the balcony. Very handy indeed and not something found at every resort! In the closet you will find 15 hangers and an umbrella for the afternoon showers that you may encounter.

Also in your room you are given a large, sealed jug of water every two days. USE THIS TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH and if you need more, just ask your maid!! The water coming from the faucets should never go past your lips. It is not potable and I’m sure that people using the faucet water for teeth brushing are the ones reporting illness.

Pool Area:
There are two types of people who go to an all inclusive…the pool people and the beach people. My husband and I are pool people and so a pool area is very important to us when choosing a resort to spend our two weeks vacation each summer. The pool at the RIU Bachata is actually two well designed pools side by side divided by a garden area in the middle of them. There are lots of loungers with cushion, many umbrellas scattered around the pool, a towel dispensing hut located at the far end of the “swim up bar” pool and a full time pool staff on site from 7am-7pm every day to make sure it is kept clean and up to the 5 star rating. The gentleman who looks after this crew is named Demetrios, a long term employee of the RIU Bachata who made sure the pool was top rate every day. If you see him around the pool, stop and give him our best

During the day there are activities taking place in and around the pool area, though if you are like me, and want to just relax and enjoy a book, you are also given that opportunity. The choice is yours, no pressure at all to participate like at some resorts we have visited in the past. There is water polo, water aerobics, the swim up bar, volleyball, and ping pong and darts just behind the bar located above the swim up. I can’t really comment on the Animation Team because I don’t take part in their activities but we did talk to quite a few people who thought they were very friendly and fun to be around.

Beach and Activities:
The beach is a long stretch of land starting at the RIU Mambo approximately 2 km to the right of the Bachata with a very pleasant and scenic walking path past the RIU Merengue and through the Bachata to the cliffs overlooking the bay. From start to finish I’d say it takes approximately 20 minutes to walk this path.

The sand at the beach is browner than the white sand you find in Punta Cana or Cuba and the water isn’t crystal clear, but murkier in the shallow depths. I understand from talking to other guests that snorkelling was better towards the Mambo complex and tended to be less rough and with more chance of seeing sea life.

On the beach you will find lots of loungers, a great deal of shade from the growth of palm trees, washroom facilities, volleyball, horseshoe and football “soccer” nets. In addition there is a secondary beach located at the far end of the Bachata, down a flight of stairs leading to the bay. At this beach you will find all motorized and non-motorized water sports, along with the SCUBA CARIBE business that looks after the booking of things like the quad bike tour (highly recommended), rentals of jet skis and the parasailing. These activities are all at a cost. Free of charge is the use of the kayaks, paddle boats, sail boats, and windsurfers. As well, in this area is a beach bar.

There are those employees who stand out, the ones who strive to make your holiday a pleasant one with a smile, a gesture or going above and beyond for the guest. As well, there are those employees who don’t…I’ll focus on the very good ones we encountered during our two weeks so that when you get there and see their name tag, you will know you are in good hands.
Front Desk: Wilton and Rosy, two very lovely individuals who always met our eyes across the room and followed it up with a quick wave or asked how we were doing.

Restaurant: Rosario was our waiter for the entire two weeks. We ate on the balcony each night and he provided our drinks in a timely fashion each night along with a smile. You can’t go wrong sitting in Rosario’s area. As well, in the restaurant Ramon is a bus boy that stood out for his friendly demeanour while assisting Rosario in the clearing of tables each night. He may be a waiter by the time you arrive and I think he’ll be a good one.

Pool Area: As mentioned before, Demetrios is a pro in that area along with his crew.

I found the food in both the buffet and the a la carte restaurants to be good and not overly repetitive. There are several stations at the buffet restaurant to choose from including the salad and appetizer area, the hot foods, the “Dominican type” foods, and the dessert area with a nice range of treats including ice cream, cakes and bite size truffles.

There is an A La Carte Italian and an A La Carte Steak House to choose from, though I have found a better range of items at the buffet. Both A La Cartes are located in the building which doubles as a cafeteria style location during the day. Very pretty views overlooking the ocean on the Steak House side if you go before sunset.

I have no illness to report from any food while at the RIU and heard about only typical minor stomach problems that travellers encounter at most island locations during their stays. I can’t say this enough…take a good range of medications with you, especially the IMMODIUM types because if you have to buy them at the resort, you are paying triple what you pay at home.

This same rule applies for snacks that you’ll have a craving for throughout your stay…the potato chips, chocolate, snacky type foods you’d have in front of the TV in the evenings at home. At the resort, after I ran out of snacks from home, paid $5.50 US for a tin of cheese ball chips! At home these would have cost maybe $1.50 Canadian!

Day Pass and Weekend Guest Pass Issue:
I believe this is something that all guests to the Puerto Plata area and especially the RIU complex should know before they arrive. It is something I really don’t understand about this chain. It promotes a 4.5 and 5 star quality within the three hotels located on the property yet on the weekend it becomes a public pool mentality! From Friday early evening until Sunday you will see a large influx of locals (they are wearing the red wrist bands), many of whom have a large number of children with them. Perhaps this only happens in the summer when they are out of school and on holidays themselves and we only vacation in the summer but it is a highly flawed program and very frustrating if you let it get to you.

I understand that locals should be able to use the same facilities as the tourists who fly onto the island for their holidays but I expect them to behave in the same manner as the tourists. All of the guests should follow the same rules of the pool and the restaurants, yet what I saw on a consistent basis was cutting into lines at the buffet as if the rules didn’t apply to them. Children were allowed to run around the pool area completely unsupervised and pretty much take over the pool area entirely with very loud tone, drink cups left floating in the pool, drinks dumped into the pool with total disregard for the guests around them and just poor overall behaviour. Most especially towards the resort staff who the locals treat like as if they were personal servants.

I am trying my best to not come across as someone who discriminates based on nationality but from the moment the local population arrives at the resort until they leave, you are very aware of a change in the feel of the area. Much louder and less relaxing.

I went to my vacation representative to ask why the behaviour of the guests wasn’t monitored somewhat and was told that as a population, they simply enjoy themselves in a more exuberant manner. I was also told that they pay a very hefty sum to come to the resort for the day ($35.00 US) or stay for the weekend and should be able to enjoy the same way as International guests…and I agree, but not at the expense of everyone else!

It truly takes on a public pool feel from Saturday morning through Sunday at around 4:00pm therefore I suggest that if you are looking for a relaxing weekend without frustration, plan your day trips or beach days for these times. I would not let this fact sway anyone from going to this resort as the overall experience is great, but forewarned is forearmed.

In conclusion:
I hope that this information assists you.


Kelly & Carlos
Burlington, Ontario, Canada


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Review Date: Mon August 14, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: $840.00 | Rating: 7 

Pros: Landscaping, Rooms, All staff, including restaurant, bar, cleaning and entertainment. Food is also very good.
Cons: Domestic beer, wine and liquor offered. We were not able to consume the beer, wine nor liquor. Also, day passes should be revisited. Day guests were very rude to RIU staff and in my opinion take advantage of everyone.

Just got back from Bachata yesterday and I was very much pleased on our vacation.
I travelled with our family of 5 including 3 teenagers. I was very afraid of all the reports on illness. We ate absolutely everything and drank liquor and water and had no illness at all, not even change of food syndrome which usually occurs when you travel to a new country. Here is a quick summary of the good points and points, that we feel could be improved:

Good Opinions:

-Great landscaping and well maintained property
-Good entertainment team; they really try hard to keep guests entertained
-food is very good and there was enough of a variety to choose from
-staff is very friendly and very accomodating
-hours of operation (i.e bar hours, restaurants) are very good; you can drink 24 hours if you would like to.
-liked room bar
-cleaning staff is excellent
-Mount Isabel (cable car) excursion. We did our own and paid a taxi $35 US return for 5 of us and went up to the mountain. This is where Jurasic Park was filmed. Admission for cable car is 200 pesos (appx. $6US). Be careful of everyone trying to pose as a personal tour guide. We had one guy try to get us to pay him $20US just to go up with us to the mountain to give us an overview of the mountain. We said "no thank you", and followed the signs and were fine.
-Hotel shops are very good and not overly priced. We found that some off the resorts shops were much more expensive. Shopping at the resort also avoids you having the locals chase you down trying to convince you to visit their shops.
-not many mosquitos; I was afraid and really this was not a problem, didn't even have to use my bug spray
-bar staff are excellent

Things that could improve:

-liquor and beer being offered is low quality domestic brands; we weren't able to consume their beer, wine nor inroom bar drinks, it was so bad. We did find out by day 2 that they do carry Smirnoff, so be sure to ask for Smirnoff and not just "vodka", then you'll be sure to get a good drink
-day passes; the RIU really needs to look into this. I don't mind sharing the resort with locals, but pick one day for example. I found the day pass guests to be very rude, especially to the RIU staff. You would think that the RIU staff was their personal slaves, the day staff were very demanding. I saw guests throwing drinks into the pool, spitting and kids butting into food lines and bar lines. I expected a bit more class from the local guests as after all they should be setting an example for their country. I would strongly recommend RIU relook into this.
-there are 3 resorts in Puerto Plata that make up the RIU; Mambo, Merengue and Bachata, I would like to see an "adults only" section. We travelled as a family and have children of our own, but it would have been very nice to be able to have some quiet time in a selected area or pool where only adults were allowed just to catch up on much needed rest.
Even families that have very small children said that while their children were at the Mini Club, they would have appreciated an adult only location within the resort.
-off resort tours are really not worth it my opinion. Very expensive and you get hassled by all the store owners to purchase their goods. The staring asking price is over exagerated. I had one guy as $85US for 3 small paintings in downtown Puerto Plata, which I ended up purchasing at a resort shop for $25 US for 3. If you let the local merchants take advantage of you, they will definately do so.
-Villa Sol Resort and Spa; be careful not to be taken advantage of and go through a useless time share experience. We didn't, but know of other people that paid $50US to go Ocean World (which they said was also a waste) and then were asked to go on a boat ride, only to find out it was a time share demo.
-Downtown Puerto Plata; wouldn't waste my time nor money. If you don't want to see poverty and don't want to feel really guilty for your lifestyle, don't go. I actually can't believe they charge the tourists money to go into town. If anything they should be giving the tourists free transportation to the downtown area.

Overall, a very good experience and would definately recommend to families, but stay on the resort. You get good value for your money.
I would return again to this resort.


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Review Date: Tue August 15, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: All of it
Cons: None!

Flight: We flew with thomson and despite what we had heard we could not fault anything about the flight at all. The plane was very clean, attendants very helpful and hard working and the food was very nice. The inflight films on the way home were very dated (Lion king) and could have been improved.

Check in : Was very efficient, bags were there waiting for us. Watch out for the porters who are waiting by the coach and demand a tip for loading your baggage on. Once we were on the coach we saw them counting up wads of money. Still suppose they have to earn a living somehow.

Arrival at hotel: As soon as we arrived we were greeted with smiling faces. The reception were very helpful and friendly. Cases arrived in our rooms within 15-20 minutes Dominican Time!! A small tip is appreciated but they certainly don't ask.

Rooms: Were very clean and tidy. The maids made great towel art, normally after leaving a tip. On the odd ocassion that our towels weren't changed, we rang recpetion who were very helpful and sent up fresh towels.

Pool: Was very clean, always sweeping the water for loose bugs or leaves. Every morning there was someone in there cleaning the sides of the pool. The towel hut was very efficient and had no problems changing towels. There was always someone around (usually Monkey) collecting cups.

Bar service: Always very friendly and quick to serve. If you are adventurous, try the 151 rum, even the bar staff will look at you with admiration ( although they will think you are probably crazy).

Animation team: They were absolutley brilliant, always something going on. Very friendly, don't have any problem at all posing for a photo. Stop for chats all the time and always have a smile on their faces. They made the holiday even better.

The ones that really stood out were :

Elvis 69 - led the water aerobics, which was really good, and i did it most days. He always had a smile on his face.

Mickey Mouse - Very friendly and genuine, he was always around in the day time and the evenning, usually came over for a chat. Climbed a palm tree on the beach with ease.

Simba - Funny and entertaining. Very lively.

Eljay - He was also very friendly and made you feel welcome.

Despite this there have been rumours that Elvis69, Eljay and Donkey have been sacked.

I think there was something going on because the last 3 or 4 days we were there the entertainment in the day was very poor. I was looking forward to the water aerobics but it didn't happen.

Elvis wasn't around for 4 days and then came back on the day we were leaving. When me and my dad went to say bye to him we found him sitting at the kids club with the rest of the animation team. He came over for a chat and gave me a hug and kiss goodbye, we told him how much we had enjoyed our stay there and to keep up the good work. He seemed to be quite upset so it made us beleive that the rumours were true.

We asked our rep about the rumopurs, and she said that they had been sacked as management said they were not doing their jobs properly. I really can't believe that, they always seemed to be doing something and keeping the guests happy.

If anyone is going/just returned could they please try to confirm this as it must be quite hard for them to exist out there without a job. I really hope it isn't true as Elvis was one of the team who really made my holiday along with Mickey Mouse.

Evenning entertainment: Usually was very entertaining, particularly enjoyed the african show,grease, and the perfect couple (was very funny). One thing i would say is that the kids entertainemnt sometiems went on too long, one night there was a children's fashion show on till after 10 o clock. They even ran on stage when animation team were dancing even though being told to get off. Some parents took no notice of request to remove their children.

Beach: Was clean and tidy. If you want shade there is plenty and a nice cool breeze, although there is some sunny spots too.

Resort grounds: Was always being cleaned. The gardeners worked especially hard and appreciated it when you said hola, they beamed at you, Ramon was so happy that he kocked us two coconuts off the tree before you could say thank you.

Food: There was a good selction of food, although after about a week and a half it did get a bit too much and i often just had some soup.

Excurcions: Ocean world was fantastic i did the sea lion and dolphin encounter whixh we booked through the welcome meeting. The sea lionm was much better than i expected as less people so you get to spend mre time. I won't say why it was so good thoutgh, as it is a nice surprise.

Saona adventure: Excellent, jet plane to south of Island, look round some tourist destinations, walk down 300 steps, pedal boat, speed boat James Bond stule to natural swimming pool, saona island, beautiful white sand and turquoise sea and on the way back a catamorang, which really topped it off. Although it is expensive it is well worth the money. A great day out for all

Weekends: Did get quite busy with the locals being in, especially around the pool which they seemed to take over. It is not quite as bad as we thought although it can get a bit annoying.

Illness: After hearing all the bad reviews we were a bit worried. There was nothing to worry about, no sign off anyone being ill what so ever, everything was so clean, and there was always someone around doing something. Don't be put off by rumours!! Experience it yourslef as we did.

Overall i loved every minute of the holiday, i would loved to have stayed longer and would return without a doubt ( one of the main reasons being the animation team). It was fantastic and would recomend it to all.


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Review Date: Sat September 9, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: The staff, cleanliness, just about everything
Cons: going home

My first time in the Dominican and the first at a Riu hotel and the Bachata was just fantastic. Everyone was so friendly, always making sure everything was ok and that you were having a good time. Animacion staff Smile especially Mickey Mouse, Elvis, Donkey, Eljay, Sexy Belly and David were absolutely great fun and made this holiday memorable.
I'll certainly be back!!!!


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Review Date: Mon November 6, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Staff, food & location
Cons: Locals at the weekend!

We have just returned from the Riu Bachata on the 31-10-2006.

Well what can I say about this hotel that nobody else hasn't already said. We had a fantastic time, it was the best holiday we have ever had.

I have never met such a nice group of people as the Dominican's. They bend over backwards for you. A couple of them told us "you are our econemy and without you we are nothing". They work harder than I have ever seen anybody work.The hours are long but they always have at least a smile for you. The animation team are brilliant, and so funny.

The rooms are spotlessly clean, and always smell fresh after the maid has finished. I lost track of how many times reception rang to see if everything was ok for us!!

I am a fussy eater, but there was always plenty of choice for me. The hygene standards are very good. I was just annoyed with the people who refused the hand sanitizer out side the toilets and resturant. Some people were quite rude to the women with it and just shunned her away. They should turn to them and say no sanitizer no resturant. that would soon change them!!

The grounds are immaculate, and always had someone working on them.

Right the down side. There is only one and that is the locals at the week end. They take over the pool and are very loud, they also put a lot of litter in the pool. The first weekend we were on a excursion on the Saturday and the Sunday wasn't too bad, but the next weekend it was mad. One little Dominican boy came to ask us if he could play with our air bed. We said he could, next time we looked older people were using it. The little boy came to tell us they had taken it from him, so I went to get it back and got a lot of jeering and words I couldn't understand and the boy ran off crying.We couldn't wait for Monday to come. Saying that not all of the familys were like that.

I would definately go back to this resort again!!



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Review Date: Mon November 20, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: Location, staff, cleanliness

My husband and I travelled to the Bachata November 4-18. This was our second time there.

The first week, my sons (ages 19 and 15 ), and my in-laws were with us for our wedding which was held on Friday November 10th.

Excellent! At the entry to every restaurant and bathroom, there was someone with hand sanitizer. The hotel itself was always immaculate, the grounds beautifully maintained.

Wonderful, friendly and helpful. Our maid was great and left us decorated towels everyday. The wait staff at all the bars and restaurants were more than willing to please, have a smile and a friendly "Hola!" everytime we saw them.

Activities and Tours
There was always some activity happening around the pool or beach. The animation team has more energy than I could ever hope to have! I don't know how they keep up their energy levels all day, every day.

We took part in several excursions because it was my son's first visit there and we wanted them to see and do as much as possible. We went out on the ATV'S, took a catamaran out to Sosua to snorkel and went horseback riding. Again, all staff taking part in these excursions were helpful, informative and fun.

The second week, my husband and I were there just the two of us and we went out on the Big dune buggies and to the Domincan Alps.

We also went to two different schools...please ask me for more information on this as I managed to make direct contact with someone who sponsors these schools and have quite a bit of info to pass along.

For the first week, we were in building number 9. Not a spectacular view but who cares, really? The rooms were clean, clean, clean. Mini bar restocked every 2 days. Wonderful towel decorations with flowers. The second week, we moved to building number 3 as the A/C in our first room konked out. No problem...they moved us immediately and offered to help us with our luggage. This view was beautiful...overlooked the bay.

Our Weddiing
We cannot say enough about how well they took care of us! Nerys, the wedding co-ordinator took care of everthing...all we had was a half hour meeting with her and then show up on time for the ceremony. We had our ceremony on the Gazebo overlooking the Bay, the Minister charges and extra $100.00 US to perform the ceremony there (not sure why). Well worth it. Yes it was quite windy but we didn't kept me from having a heat meltdown in my dress!

I really can't say enough about this resort and how well we were treated there. I have much more info to pass along (too much to mention here) so please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


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Review Date: Sun July 22, 2007 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: beutiful. clean. friendly. great food
Cons: evening entertainment. weak drinks

our party of 9 [5 adults 4 kids] stayed at the Bachata from 4th to 18th july 2007. on the whole the holiday and hotel was fantastic with a few niggeling faults which did not ruin our holiday at all but could be improved to make it perfect

FLIGHT with Thompson

As good as i have experienced. loads of leg room.comfy back tvs with plenty of choice.decent food. also a speedy transfer to our coach then onto the resort


Though very busy every one seemed to have there room keys and welcome drink within minutes and once we found our room our cases were only 5 minutes behind. Our room had not been stocked with towels or had mini bar filled but a call to reception and it was sorted 10 minutes later


Though not the sea or pool view we were hoping for had a nice balcony overlooking trees and the mountains behind the hotel. The rooms were quite large, well equipped [Tv ,mini bar, air con, fan etc} and spotlessly clean


Very nice lots of tropical plants , well kept and again spotless


Excellent. 2 large free form pools. one with swim up bar fountain ,sunbeds in the water and jacuzzi the other with waterfall, volley ball net and water polo goals. plenty of sunbeds though the shaded ones are gone by 10. of cause pool and area kept clean. pool water tested at least 4 times a day. NOTE TO PARENTS . IF YOUR CHILD IS NOT POTTY TRAINED GET A SWIMMING NAPPY [DIAPER] TWICE HAD TO CLOSE THE BAR POOL BECAUSE A KID HAD DONE ITS BUSINESS IN THE POOL

1st little complain...would have lived a wider deeper section of the pool for proper swimming


I liked it. very long and narrow with lots of trees for shade [read a few complaints saying you cant sunbathe because of the tip.. if the sun moves behind a tree MOVE YOUR SUNBED!] beach and sea bed were a bit rocky but we all managed bare footed but get a pair of those cheap swim shoes if your worried. enjoyed a lot of snorkelling ,though not world class there is plenty to see if your patient. the current can be a bit strong later in the afternoon as the sea rises. didn't try the water sports but seen plenty of kayaks, peddelos, snorkels , body boards plus the usual array of powered sports at an extra cost.


ranged from good to amazing. the buffet breakfast was great..cereals ,meats and cheeses,porridge ,yoghurt ,fruit plus a fine array of the usual hot breakfast items
lunch..great burgers , hot dogs, fries, salads a selection of meals and desserts
the evening buffet, which i was worried about after a few bad experience was top notch, huge variety [READ COMPLAINTS THAT IT GETS REPETITIVE. CAN ONLY THINK THEY ARE GETTING A BIT OF EVERY THING EVERY NIGHT INSTEAD OF MAKING PROPER MEALS] some things did appear most night but also some specialities each night..such as mussels, crab, pastas, squid ,curry..had the best steak i have had for years of the buffet...also they do BBQs on the beach and every couple of days a chef does a huge pan of paella or noodles etc round the pool


Liked the pool bar ,swim up and upstairs. fast friendly service pity the staff are too busy to stop for a chat..same at the main bar
second complaint...found the drinks very weak...had to neck the odd 151 or mamawanna? to get a buzz


Good fun in the day if you joined hassle if you don't want to have fun watching.made friends with SEXY BELLY AND MINIME...most of the others would say a quick hi but head of to the young girls.until the last few days when ELVIS found out my wifes cousin was widowed..he wouldn't leave her alone..only one i didn't like was RICHIE who screamed "john travolta " every few minutes and made a point of saying how poor he was
the night life/entertainment [my main complaint though its something i was expecting to was prepared for it] advancing or miming and dancing show every night!!!! boring...wish they would have another bar playing some music and a dance floor so we can have a bit of a boogie

ocean world..great, but a bit dear, but wife and daughter have swam with dolphins and me and the boy have swam with sharks think it was worth it

monster trucks...after a slow start a great day out

horse riding..from the scuba centre...$35 for 2.5 hours was good..hors4s may look a bit ragged but seem healthy..enjoyed it a lot

taxi tour to town...worked out cheap for our large group ..interesting to see the town

all in all a great holiday in a fantastic hotel...great facilities..very clean...friendly hard working staff who seemed to give that little bit extra to make your holiday. a big thanks to the fuss they made of my wifes coisen on her birthday and my son on his.. ashout out round the poool from the animation team, a card and basket of fruit from reception and the cake and singing from the restuarant staff really made his face beam when he was missing having a party with his mates at home

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Great review Paul glad you enjoyed the place


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This hotel was absoloutely amazing, I only just got back last Tuesday and already my Dad is considering going again next year. Everything about the hotel was excellent, it was clean, the food was great and the staff were so friendly and helpful. The Anamacion team really made the holiday memorable, especially Elvis69, Sexy Belly and John Trabolta (Richie). It is a shame as Elvis told me he hopes to be moving on to a different job next year, it won't be the same without him by the poolside! I don't really think there is much the hotel could improve though I felt a bit sorry for the lunch and dinner staff, they were always so tired. I would reccomend this resort to anyone regardless of age and I am looking forward to returning next year.

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Pros: The scenery, The staff, everything about it!
Cons: only one but you need to read my long review to find it!

The Vacation was from August 17th/07 to August 24th/07. This was my 6th trip to Riu Bachata and my 7th week living in my favorite place. This means that I have lived at the Riu Bachata for 49 days of my 49 year life since 2004. This trip was booked to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary and while we would be there it would be my nephews 6th birthday so a big family fiesta. All 22 of us left my parents apartment at 0130 a.m and travelled on a bus that my dad had rented for us to take to the airport. It was fantastic to all arrive at the airport together. Checking in and security went smoothly and all of our pre requests for seats worked out great. The oxygen my mom requires when flying was in place. The pre ordering of the kids meals was a good idea. Our flight was Skyservice but this time it was a roomier plane and no lack of leg room complaints this time. Usually we are jammed into an Airbus 320 this time it was a 757. The crew on the plane were friendly, helpful and laughed at our family a little. The kids ages were from almost 2 years to 12 years old. They were all great little travellers and it was us 40 year olds and over that were misbehaving. LOL!
Arrival at the Puerto Plata Airport made me feel like I was home again. A few of the airport porters remembered us and helped us to the Sunquest bus to take us to the resort. I always like having them help us and pay them per bag. They need it and also they are so willing. I like talking to them and practicing my spanish and they always push my mom's wheelchair to our bus. This helps us get our paper work for the hotel ready etc. Now our Riu Bachata fun starts right on the bus! One of my very favorite reception staff from the hotel met us at the airport. "Rosy" she is so sweet! She started to hand out the room assignments on the bus. This upset me a little because none of our requests had been honoured. The resort staff had put our whole family in one building and thought we would like that but it was in my least favorite building and with the parent's 50th I especially wanted them to be happy. Rosy sat with me on the bus and we tried to work it out she assured me that Pedro the reception manager would help me when we got to the Bachata.
The Riu Bachata was very busy more busy then the Managar Melanie expected because Sunquest had needed to re route people all week who couldn't go to the Bahia Principe San Juan because of the temporary outbreak. These people had been there all week so our requested rooms were now not available until Sat or Sunday. Thismoving rooms wouldn't work for the small children and the seniors in our group so Pedro and the reception staff got all of our family their bracelets, their towel cards and sent them off for drinks and food and to start their vacation and he was so great with me. Him and I sat at a table and chairs and he was fabulous. Great Riu customer service! He gave my mom and dad a suite in building number one and two other of my siblings and their families also rooms in building one. Three other couples/families got building 7 with pool views and my husband and I and our three kids got two rooms in building four on the third floor directly across from each other. My room looked out to a carpet of palm trees soooo beautiful my favorite view. Normally this building wouldn't be my favorite because it overlooks the lunch restaraunt but being on the third floor all I saw was palms and to the left a little of the thatched roof of the restaraunt so it was great. When I looked to the right i saw the lush green mountains in the distance. For anyone who hasn't been to the Riu Bachata you need to know that the scenery is beautiful lush greenery, mountains to the right, beaches and palms in front of you and at the point a rugged coastline with the gazebo with spectacular views. This is a great place for pictures or for finding a quiet place to reflect and relax. After we all settled into our rooms the manager Melanie who I have known since 2004 called me on the phone to see if everything was okay. I thanked her and Pedro and told her we were very happy. Soon after this my parents started receiving gifts from reception for their 50th anniversary, balloons, flowers, rum. fruit baskets etc. they were thrilled. Melanie asked me to let her know when we wanted the anniversary dinner and to also let Pasquale and Holguin the maitreD' know. We decided on Wednesday night since this was Friday and my nephews birthday was Monday and we wanted a day in between the parties. I went for a drink with Melanie (she is expecting her 2nd baby this December and her husband manages the Merengue)and she told me that there would be a huge party near my room on Saturday night and she hoped it wouldn't disturb me. I told her no problem because I love the Dominican Parties andIi love the Dominican People. She said"Joanne every Dominican person in the Republica Dominica awants to be on your balcony Saturday night". This is so exciting I can hardly type it for you! It turns out that a Dominican Family who have a 15 yr old daughter that was cured from cancer had rented the lunch restaraunt for a celebration SAturday night and they would all stay in my building. There would be a concert and "Geovanny Polanco" and "Frank Reyes" would be performing live. These are 2 famous Dominican recording stars and performing witheach of their bands live at the Bachata. Oh my gosh this was a highlight for sure. Needless to say I danced on my balcony until 4 a.m. LOL! The reason for the late performance was Hurricane Dean or should I say the associated rain from hurricane Dean didn't let the concert start until midnight when the rain stopped. I enjoyed it so much even though it was a private party my vantage point from my balcony was exquisite. For souvenirs from this trip I bought 3 cd's of these performers that I have listened to ever since.
i know this review is long but there is so much to tell you all! Monday was my nephews 6th birthday. Our family had brought "Pirate paraphenalia with us to the resort from home such as eye patches,bandanas, earrings etc. Julian the 6th yr old is a real pirates of the caribbean fan so poppa my dad told him the vacation was to the pirate island. During the dinner at the main buffett restaraunt when he went up to the buffett the whole family put on their pirate wear. It was awesome to watch him so excited. The waiters all sang, gave us a huge cake made a fuss over Julian and also all at once went along popping all of the balloons on each chair it was like cannons going off. He loved it.
Tueday night was Michael Jackson show and I still like this show even though some others don't. Molassa makes a great Michael and since I have known him for so long I see how much he has improved with his dancing.
Wednesday night was my parents special alacarte dinner. Prior to that we walked around the resort with "Jesus" a photographer from Caribbean street and got family photos done. You might remember Jesus he was a bartender at Bachata and Merengue over the years. The photos are great and memorable when can you get 22 relatives all in one place?
Thursday night was the Caribbean Street party and this was even more festive then I remember!
Our excursion during the week was to the Fort Felipe and shopping at Casa Nelson. The Fort was to help my nephew with his pirate love and Casa Nelson was to shop where the Dominican People shop. Tamsynn my 18 yr old got some cool jeans and my other little nephew Liam got a Dominican School uniform shirt and he wore it for the picture.
Overall here are some point form comments :1) Reception and Mangement staff Melanie, Pedro, Rosy and Eury are fantastic. 2) animacion staff LovaLov, Minime, John Travolta, Sexy Belly, Spaghetti, Nicole, Noemi(Big Mamma) and Elvis69 are all fantastic. Bartenders Oscar(best Dominican Smile)Benny, Ada, Julio and so many more are great. One new thing they have there is "Drink of the Day" all are good I might add. Dining Room staff Holguin, Pasquale, Leonel. Luciano and Willian took great care of us and the food and service is still very good. The donuts, omelettes and the food is delicious especially the rib steaks.
All in all I have only positive except for one negative comment and that is sad that the sports beach down the hill at the side of the resort is closed now. Details are sketchy depending on who you ask but now the scuba caribe is in front of the Riu Merengue area. This was sad for my dad because his love was the separate sports beach. Scuba Caribe staff were still great and my two brother in laws and my nephew and niece 20yrs and 19 yrs all did para sailing. My brother and little Julian went out on the boat. They all enjoyed it.
Another kudo goes to the hairdresser on Caribbean street she made my mom look good in fact she looked too good to have us daughters age 49 and 47 and 46, and my brothers 42 and 41 yrs and all of the grandchildren no one believed she was our mother and had raised 5 kids. LOL!
The resort was clean, relaxed low key and the staff friendly as ever and my favorite home away from home still thrills me! It is not like a palace so keep that in mind but it is a tropical paradise for JLO!

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