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Description: Hotel Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas
Camino Viejo A San Jose
Cabo San Lucas B.C.S
Tel. +526241467160 Fax. +52 624 146 7161

Location/General information
The Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas impressive architecture and 642 deluxe guestrooms are set in a spectacular enclave facing one of Los Cabo's famous landmarks. Unique amenities include Riuís renowned mini-bar and liquor dispenser, while some suites boast hydro-massage bathtubs and a jacuzzi on the terrace.
This fabulous resort sets a new standard for All-Inclusive holidays, with luxurious facilities and a full range of sports and leisure alternatives, not to mention gourmet food, elegant furnishings, and Riuís personal, exclusive service.
The Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas, one of the brightest stars in Riu's firmament, makes holidays dreams come true.

* Located in the southern Baja California peninsula, 4.5 km/2.8 miles from Cabo San Lucas

* 5-storey building
* On the beachfront
* Complimentary sun loungers on the beach

* 32,000 m2 garden
* 4.5 km/2.8 miles from downtown Cabo San Lucas
* 40 km/25 miles from the airport

* 500 m/1650 ft from a bus stop
* Credit cards accepted: MasterCard, Amex, Visa, Diners

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Registered: January 2006
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Review Date: Fri July 14, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: Gorgeous scenery, perfect weather - how can you go wrong?
Cons: Good service in restaurants still "hit and miss"

Easy and simple. Follow the leader to customs. Wait and watch for your luggage. Press the button and hope for a green light. Rush by the timeshare sales people to the Sunquest / AlbaTours employees to check in, find your bus and get your RIU bracelet. (Hint: Sit on the left side of the bus (behind the driver side) for better views of the shore, resorts, Sammy Hagarsí home, etc.)

It appears that this is a love-it-or-hate-it kind of place (judging from reviews on Trip Advisor). We happen to love and trust RIU hotels and this place fits us to a "T".
The RIU Palace is a beautiful resort. Although it is quite big (over 600 rooms), we find it very easy to navigate. The grounds are beautifully kept and staff is constantly cleaning. We arrived pretty much right on time and made our way directly to the Lobby Bar, where we received our envelope containing room keys, towel cards, etc. Missing was the safe lock, so be sure to get one from the front desk. (The safe is located inside the closet.) We did not like the view from the room originally given to us (3156) and finally settled for room 4115. Donít be afraid to request another room if you are not happy with the first. They are happy to accommodate if they can. Our room had a king-size bed, sunken living area and a lovely view of the activity pool and Landís End. We did not get the hot afternoon sun beating down on our room, which was nice. We find it cools down enough in the evening to turn off the A/C and open up the patio screen door so we can sleep with the sound of the waves crashing onto shore. Many people complain about the hard mattresses, but for us, they are great and we sleep very well. I hear they will supply foam mattress toppers if you prefer a softer bed. In our room was a note from the maid, asking what time we preferred our room to be made up. I thought this was great. The room was cleaned every day before noon. We usually leave a couple of dollars on a daily basis.

Food & Restaurant:
The RIU has a main, buffet restaurant; open for breakfasts and dinners, plus ďspecialty restaurants Ė Mexican, Japanese, Gourmet and the Grill or Steakhouse.
Breakfasts are our favourite. We get up early and sit on the patio with a carafe of coffee. Mimosas are available (champagne & orange juice). It is buffet-style and they have EVERYTHING: croissants, sweet buns, toast, pancakes, eggs (any way you like) bacon, sausages, french toast, veggies, cereals, oatmeal, fresh fruits, yogurt, salads & cold meats.
Lunch is a choice Ė served at either the grillhouse directly below the stage / entertainment area between the 2 pools, or at the Mexican Restaurant, at the east side of the hotel, which served Italian food at lunchtime. The Mexican Restaurant really has the best location of all the dining rooms at the hotel. It looks right onto the beach and is away from the hubbub at the centre of the hotel. It is small and not usually as busy at lunchtime. They have a salad bar, various pastas and sauces, pizza, etc. The Grillhouse will have steak, hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, veggies, salads, etc. plus a few other specialtiesÖand usually a huge seafood paella.
We found that we enjoyed dinner at the buffet restaurant best this year. There is always something we like. It is unusual, because last year, some of our best dinners were at the other restaurants: The Mexican and Japanese in particular, were fun and very good last year, but this time we were disappointed in both. I think most of these ala carte restaurants are hit and miss each night, depending on the wait staff and how busy they are. (Hint: We had reservations for 6:45pm at the Mexican Restaurant and when we arrived, we asked to sit on the patio. They said we could not Ė it was saved for the 2nd seating. Well, this was our first whole day in Mexico (from cold Canada) and we wanted to sit outside and watch the sun set. We said no we would not sit inside and started to leave. A little rushing around by the RIU staff and we were finally seated on the patio Ė as were 3 or 4 other couples who also preferred it. It is little things like that which can start your evening off poorly.) The meal was good, but we didnít go back again.
The Japanese Restaurant was also a disappointment this year. They rushed us so much, and the food was cold. Too bad, but on another night, it may be great.
Anyways, in the end, we decided to stick with the buffet restaurant for the rest of the week.

Well, as soon as you walk into the lobby bar, upon your arrival, you will be stunned by the beautiful view and the fabulous room. Be sure to return for ďbefore dinner cocktailsĒ and watch the sun set. And be sure to go back AFTER dinner, as it is not too busy and it is relaxing and enjoyable. In the evening, it does get cool, so be sure to take a light jacket, sweater or wrap. Favourite wait staff are Polo and Sylvia - both fabulous people. There is a pool bar at each pool, as well as swim-up bars at both pools. The staff are very nice and accommodating. (Hint: take along thermal cups for drinks by the pool. They will serve you drinks in small hard plastic cups, but we got 2 great cups from the Superstore in Canada (Loblaws) and they worked so well. They keep your drink cold, and you get a bigger drink!)
There are 2 more bars by the entertainment area & stage. As well, in your room, is a ďbarĒ and refrigerator which is replenished almost daily. So, you should always have a cold corona waiting for you in your hotel room.
One night, we wanted to veg in our hotel room, and Polo (a waiter in the lobby bar), gave us a bottle of red wine to take with us, as well as 2 glasses. We sat on our balcony, sipping wine, with a candle I had brought (ambience) and it was lovely.

We have not taken any tours, although we hear the ATV rides are great. We usually go into town a couple of times, and this trip we decided to do some things we didnít the first time around. One was have a margarita at Margaritaville, which is right at the marina on the corner. You canít miss it. They have HUGE drinks and an excellent location. We also went to Cabo Wabo (a bar/restaurant owned by Sammy Hagar). Last year we went at night and the band was great, the place was packed. This year, we went for lunch and if you can believe it Ė had the best hamburger we ever have had! Whodathunkit??? Other bars to note: El Squid Roe and The Giggling Marlin. The Nowhere Bar is right on the marina, and is good as well.
Shopping is everywhere, you will see for yourself. As well, there is a very large air-conditioned mall: The Puerto Paraiso Mall and if you need to get out of the sun, this is the place to go. It rivals anything we have here in Canada looks-wise, but the variety of stores is lacking. Still, it is nice to go and walk around.

Puerta Vieja:
This is a restaurant, east of the RIU, that we highly recommend. If you want a great dinner off the resort, romantic and special, try the Puerta Vieja. It is an $8.00 cab ride and we made reservations before we left on our trip. (Their web site: (-)puertavieja(-)
They had a table for us, all alone on the patio, where we watched the sun set. The prices are reasonable. (eg: a huge lobster tail dinner for $20.00 USD). If you want to impress, this is a great way to do it.


Registered: May 2006
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Review Date: Mon July 17, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 8 

Pros: ideal weather, beautiful grounds
Cons: the hotel is pretty new and has some issues to work out


We flew on Continental from Newark, non-stop, to Cabo San Lucas. Since we flew on a weekday, the plane was not full and the seat next to us was empty. The flight was pretty much on time, great service and actually good food!!!


We went through customs pretty quickly, located the Apple Vacations representative and waited a while for another couple. The ride to the hotel was about 45 min because of traffic and we stopped at another resort (Dreams). Check in was very fast and we were informed that we got room 3026 which had one of the better views (ocean view, plus you got to see Lands End).

Hotel Grounds

The hotel is gorgeous. When you look at it from the beach it looks like a sultanís castle. It has two pools plus two smaller pools with swim-up bars. The pools are located in such a way that you have a quiet and an active side to the hotel. If we wanted to relax we would stay at the pool closer to our room (next to the gym) and if we wanted to listen to music we would go and stay at the other pool. Beach is nice but the sand gets very hot so the only way you can enjoy a nice stroll is either in the morning or evening or close to the water. There are vendors camping out on the beach. We would just avoid any eye contact with them and they would leave us alone. The ocean water has a nice color to it but alas it is almost impossible to swim there. We have seen some people trying to enjoy a nice swim there but the current is just far too strong. We prefer swimming in the pools anyways and I especially enjoyed the lounge chairs in the water. Some people reserve the lounge chairs but it wasnít as bad as we have seen in Dominican Republic. You could get up at 9 am and still be able to find chairs at the pools.


As I have mentioned before we had room 3026 with a great view. The rooms are on a smallish side but since we donít spend that much time in the room, we didnít care. The bathrooms are spacious. The refrigerator is restocked every other day, which was probably the only thing that I had to listen my husband go on and on about (he likes his beer restocked every day). You also have liquor dispenser with 4 types of liquor.


We went to 3 specialty restaurants: the Mexican (San Jose), Steakhouse (Mar de Cortes) and Japanese (Misaki) and honestly we enjoyed the Steakhouse the most. We have noticed that the wait staff has some improvements to make, they forget to refill your wine glass, and they are not as attentive as we would like them to be. It might be because of the newness of the property so hopefully they will work on that. I have seen some people complain about waiting in line to make their dinner reservation, it didnít really bother me. I think I waited in line 5-10 minutes the most, so not really something worth complaining about.
The breakfast buffet (El Medano) was wonderful, even if you are a picky eater you will find something to eat there. On vacations I always try to eat as much fresh fruit as I can, cause they just taste so much better than at home. The buffet serves dinner from 6:30pm to 10:30pm and each night they offer different specialty. We liked the Japanese night the most!!!
We ate lunch at Mar de Cortes most of the time and always found a good variety of foods.
Honestly we enjoyed most of the food since we didnít have to cook it, we ate whenever we wanted to and if I didnít particularly like something I could always leave it on my plate and go get something else (gotta love all-inclusive). One thing that I would like to see more is seafood and fish, we did try Mahi Mahi one night but it was not as tasty as we had in Hawaii.


The more you travel you tend to notice differences between resorts. Therefore I cannot help but compare the service we received at this particular hotel versus our stay at the Iberostars in Dominican Republic. Overall the staff is very nice and helpful. But there were couple of times that we wished for a better service. I donít think we were the only people that noticed it. I have seen people bring their own drinks or bottles of Pepsi to dinners because you could literally choke waiting for something to drink. Anyways, we do not let things like that bother us on vacation and lessen our enjoyment. We try to remind ourselves to slow down (New York does that to you, you always rush, rush, rush).

The Arch/Loverís Beach

We took only one sightseeing trip, we were just so lazy it was a miracle we went on this one. We bought it through Apple Vacations; it was $24.00 per person. We took a glass bottom boat around the Arch, (about 45 minutes) and then the boat dropped us off at the Loverís Beach. We stayed there about 2 hours and headed back to the hotel. Definitely worth seeing!! The beach is amazing and you can actually enjoy a nice swim there.


I saved the best for last!! From all the places we have been to so far in our travels, Cabo had the best weather by far. The temperature had to be at least 100F most of the time we were there but without humidity it was just PERFECT. The evenings were great and it was a pleasure to walk around the resort, on the beach or just sit at our balcony and enjoy the sound of the ocean. When we arrived there the receptionist told us that they havenít seen rain for a year. So if you are looking for a place with a guaranteed sunshine, this is the place to be.


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Review Date: Fri July 21, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? No | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 6 

Pros: Beautiful Grounds, Pool View and Entertainment. Staff
Cons: Food is more hit than miss. Rooms are poorly constructed and in bad shape for this new of a hotel

Last month (June '06) I stayed at Riu Palace los cabos and was dissapointed at Riu. I would have to say that Riu Los Cabos is overrated, and don't live up to it's Palace reputation. I've stayed at Riu Palace Las Americas Cancun in 2004, five months after they openned their door and everything was great. My mom and I was so impressed we wish we would have stayed more than 3 nights we were scheduled for. The Lobby was so ornated, i felt like I stepped into a hotel in Vegas.
We came from Paradisus Playa del Carmen which was a five stars resort but a different style than Riu. We love RPLA and I remembered thinking, I will stay at Riu the next trip to the beach in Mexico.
So you could imagine my expectation when I chose Riu Los Cabos when my husband wants to change the scene to Baja California.

With over 600 rooms I think RPLC is understaffed and under-manged. There always cleaning and working staffs but most of them are worker bees. I hardly ever see any supervisors or a manager around.

Front Desk: Check in was no problem. Although they were booked up and was given us what must have been the worst room left in the house overlooking the deserted lot next to parking.
When you open the door to the balcony there were ash tray and little all over. And the smell was pretty bad around there, so no more out to the balcony even to hang our swimsuits to dry.

The Hotel:
Twice the number of rooms than RPLA, they can not up keep the place this large. At construction, they must have just randomly checking rooms because it is just not up to standard of RP.

The first room we got has cracked tiles in the bath room and patches on the ceiling above the bath tub. And we must have got the very last room on the lobby floor way back by the parking lot, and it was musty with mosquitos all over the entrance to the room.
They did moved us two days later to another jr suite with oceanview that was really nice. Then my husband found a fist-sized hole in the floor tile right before we step out to the balcony.
The sheets and pillowcases has stain on them, I have to pull out two pillowcase and use the spares in the closet two days in a row. Although our maid did give us an elephant towel on the bed the first day. The fridge and mini bar with the 4 bottles and always filled and there.

Grounds and Poolview

The ground was so well-maintained and the staffs were always cleaning, sweeping, moping and wiping. The two pools were equally gorgous. The relax pool is a little more crowded than the activity pool, Smile don't know why. And there were no real swim-up bar. There were two bars that has the lower service part to small separated pools. So you really have to get up out of the main pool and walked to the bar. Most of the days there always musicals chairs game going around both pools, specially for the chair which have shades. It was 100F almost everyday we were there.
I felt like I was sitting in the desert by the pool.

the treadmil has a hole on the moving conveyer !!! 1 treadmill and 1 elliptical, no water cups and the cooler is always empty. Bring Your Own water from your room..

Yikes! We were there for 4 nights and from my experience (at RPLA) I booked for the next two days for the Japanese and the Steak house, was told that the Gourmet (Sir Arthur's) was booked for the next 4 days, and Mexican for our last night. The Japanese was ok, steak house was so so, but one thing we did notice is that they wait staff were always unsupervised. An an odd thing is that they do not know how to service restaurants. They will greet us, seat us, give us menus, take the oder, bring the food and that was the end of the service. After the food came, the service somewhat seized, there were no water refil, no collecting the finished plates. No asking if the food was prepared correctly. It was so different than what I was used to at RPLA, I was still trying to tell my husband that it wasn't like this at all.
Most of the time we ate at the hotel, the buffet pretty much for lunch and some breakfast.
I did go to the Italian smaller buffet at lunch and it was decent.
At least they always was plenty of fruits and juices at the buffet and they also have cappuchino machine (the push buttons ones) at the buffet. I was dissapointed at the food.
I did get sick after eating at the steak house and can not find any Immodium at the gift shop.
Then the nice lady at the jewelry shop told me to check the small shop by the pool and they do have them there. I was always careful with the water to brush with and always drink bottled water, so I don't know how I got sick. BRING YOUR OWN TUMS, IMMODIUM, TYLENOL AND ALL.
I was 7 dollars for a ten pills Immodium.


It was pretty to look at but the under current was too strong. And there were hardly any shade at the beach. It was so hot that you would have to wear your shoes or sandals. I saw people down at the beach after 8 pm, when they can actually sit down and enjoy the breeze a little.

There were plenty of drinks flowing everywhere. People were jumping from bar to bar. There were never enough bartenders and hands to make the drinks. Sometime the waitress will take our drink order an disappeared for 15-20 minutes before she came back with some watered down Mojitos for us. But overall I will have to say that some people makes this place a Palace. The Ent. was good.
The usual Riu theme, Grease, Elvis, Bingo.

I think this Riu need a lot of improvement and the staff that ever always work so hard could use some guidences and some trainning.

I could write more but my fingers are tired from typing.
I am planning to return to Riu Palace las Americas next month. Taking my mom to celebrate here 72nd birthday and hoping + praying that RPLA did not change much in the past two years except for may be a SOFTER BEDS!!!! Smile

thanks for reading my long whining review. If you want more info. leave me a reply and I'll email you backl. Kim

Riu Bambuer Benefactor

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Review Date: Wed December 13, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: Excellent pool views, beautiful grounds, helpful staff and great weather
Cons: Service in the restaurants needs to be worked on

My husband and I returned from our anniversary vacation at the Riu Palace in Cabo on October 16. This was our fifth trip to Mexico, but the first time to the Baja Peninsula and the Riu Palace. I had read many reviews on Tripadvisor and Debbie's Caribbean Resort Reviews, but, knowing Riu's reputation and having stayed at the Riu's in Puerto Vallarta, Punta Cana and Playa del Carmen, I felt confident I had made a good choice.

I was proved right.

We flew on Skyservice from Toronto, non-stop to San Jose de Cabo Int'l Airport. We deplaned right on the tarmac and headed straight through to immigration and customs. No "red" or "green" light system this time around, but, rather all bags (carry on and checked in) and loose articles went through the scanner and then we headed for the bus. Timeshare "sharks" were everywhere, we brushed them off and headed outside to the Sunquest Rep to check in, boarded the bus and got the Riu bracelet. We took HeadnSouth's advice and sat on the left side of the bus for an excellent view of the coastline, resorts, etc.

... was pretty painless. We were advised by the Sunquest Rep on the bus not to line up at the front desk, but rather head to the Lobby Bar, where we were greeted with a nice drink (mimosas, corona and non-alcoholic) and presented with an envelope with our room keys, safe key and lock, our towel cards and some orientation literature. Our bags were waiting for us in the front lobby and as our room was just off of the front lobby, we opted to take them up to the room ourselves.

We had booked a junior suite and, per a previous email requesst I had sent to the hote, we received a top floor room (Rm. 4094), quiet side of the hotel and central to everything. As the room was very near the entertainment stage, don't count on an early evening before 11:00PM. You're on vacation - make the most of it!!! As per the email I had sent to the hotel, the foam topper was on the king bed. We slept great all week and woke with little to no back pain. The mini fridge was full and cold when we arrived and the liquor dispenser was full (tequila, rum, vodka, gin). We left (US)$5 in the mini fridge the first morning with a request to keep it stocked with Corona, diet (light) pepsi and water and this got us service every day rather than every other day. We left the maid (US)$2 every day and our room was spotless all week and she always left us with towel animals. ON our second day, there was a note from our maid asking what time we preferred our room to be made up. As we are early risers, our room was cleaned every day before noon.

We took the advice of other reviewers and immediately booked reservations at two of the restaurants once we had our room assignment. Reservations do get fairly busy so I would highly recommend booking early and continuing to book on a daily basis. You are allowed to book reservations daily for a maximum of 2 reservations. We had no difficulty finding something to eat. For breakfast and lunches, we enjoyed the El Medano buffet and pool area buffet. The food was fine but I didn't find it as fabulous as other Riu's we've been to. On the night of our anniversary, we ate at the steakhouse (Mar de Cortes) and at the end of our meal our waiter and the night manager of the steakhouse brought us a chocolate cake that was to die for. We also ate at the Mexican (San Jose) speciality restaurant. Although there is a dress code in effect in the speciality restaurants, we did see individuals in both restaurants in tank tops and shorts.

The bartenders were great especially at the Lobby Bar which was our main hangout and the only bar where you could actually get top shelf tequila. If you didn't ask for top shelf, they would make your drink with the contents of another bottle under the shelf. The Miami Vice and Dirty Monkeys were to die for. Word of advice, bring a large insulated mug from home. This will keep your frozen drink frozen and will prevent you from having to go back to the bar several times. You can order anything ... just name it ... if they can't make it, they will ask you how and then do it for you.

The entire hotel was immaculate, spotless, well manicured and clean - the staff were constantly cleaning everywhere and anything. With the construction going on next door, there was always a fine layer of sand everywhere. Beware ... the floors get a bit slippery with the humidity ... so be careful.

There are two beautiful infinity pools on each side of the resort and two separate pool bars - which were always clean - and for the littlest members there were two small kids pools. The resort seems to be divided into the activity side (or adult oriented side) which played the lourder music and has the list of daily activities you can do and the quieter side (or family oriented side) which is where we were at, and was perfect for reading a book. There is no towel cabana on the quiet side so you had to walk over to the active side pool area to receive/return your towels. There were plenty of loungers and unbrellas around. The lounge chairs especially on the quiet side can fill up, so if you have a spot that you like, place a towel and some personal items on your favorite chair in the morning on the way to breakfast.

Very nice beach with white to golden sand, beach chairs (not that many), volleyball and the locals selling their wares. There was no swimming allowed and if you did venture out into the Sea of Cortez, you couldn't swim very far out as the undercurrent was too strong and it got too depp close to the shoreline.

We were aware of the activities offered daily. We did not particpate and we were not hassled to do so. There were Spanish lessons, target "shooting", ping-pong etc. for those who would like to join in. Because we spent most of our evenings in the Lobby Bar with the people that we met, we cannot comment on the shows.

We had heard that seeing "Lover's Beach" was a must but as we had decided on the third day that we would be coming back we opted to see Lover's Beach at that time. We booked two activities through our Sunquest Rep. We booked the La Paz Tour and the highlight of the tour was having a drink in the Hotel California. We also booked the 1/2 day snorkelling tour and went by vehicle to Playa Chileno. the snorkelling was exceptional and would highly recommend it.

This is a good location and we went into town a couple of times. During our vacation, Sammy Hagar celebrated his 59th birthday with two shows a night for two nights at the Cabo Wabo. Although we were not able to secure tickets for the performance, we were given photos of the night, which will be posted.

We will be staying here again. It was a great vacation and very enjoyable, the food was good (considering) and the staff tried very hard. Remember ... you're on vacation, so relax, have fun, enjoy the locals ... they love it if you try out a little Spanish ... even if it is not grammatically correct.


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Review Date: Tue May 5, 2009 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: $1,250.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Wonderful service, great food, clean, beautiful
Cons: If your a beach person, the sand is very rough, & no swimming.

One of the most beautiful views we have ever had from a resort facing the water. The service was outstanding, especially poolside, always around fetching more drinks for you. Food very good as always at a Riu. Entertainment great as usual. Could have easily spent 14 days. Must take a boat over to the lovers beach area. Whales were gone, but there were about a hundred seals lounging around, really neat. If your looking for souviners, take a 10.00 taxi ride to WalMart (behind Sam's CLub). They have all kinds of Los Cabos shirts, shorts, etc. Much cheaper than the flea market! It is in a small plaza with a hat shop, & other shirt & kids shops. Make sure to utilize the 24 hr room service. Was always within 10 minutes of requested time. Nice to have coffee & a light breakfast on the patio! Just a beautiful place to enjoy!

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Review Date: Sun February 14, 2010 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: $1,250.00 | Rating: 10 


My wife and I travelled to the Riu Palace Cabo for 11 days in January. Everything was perfection. We have been to a few all inclusiveís and 5 RIUís before this trip.

Hotel: The easiest and fastest check in ever. It was done in the sports bar, so you get a great view and the option for a beer or coffee or anything else if you do not want the welcome cocktail. I agree the beds are hard but that worked for me. The staff is excellent, I have never seen so much cleaning. It may have been that they were catching up after the Xmas/New Year rush but they were on two story ladders cleaning the lights, washing the walls and scrubbing the grout. The staffs in the restaurants are amazing as they greet you at every meal and show you to your table, pull out your chair and offer you juice, coffee and Mimosaís at breakfast; water wine and beer at dinner. The main restaurant for lunch between the two pools has the soft ice cream machine and a self serve beer and pop station.
Food: Considering I didnít get to the reservation desk before 9 we were still able to book all of the A La Cartes with relative ease. Although a few people we met waiting outside the a la cartes felt the girl at the reservation desk was a little arrogant when you asked if there were any seats at the Krystal. You must eat at Krystal...the food here was 4-5 star Downtown Toronto quality. We ate there twice. The Red Tuna on pureed chickpea is incredible and both the Lamb Medallions and Fillet were mouth watering. All of the other restaurants were fabulous as well. The Steakhouse is great with great service and very nice Lamb Chops cooked to your liking. The Mexican and the Sushi are nice alternatives to the Buffet. And they had a choice of two or three bottled red wines. As for the Buffet, if you can not find something here that you like you are just picky. They even had Duck Breast and Pineapple Chutney one night and chocolate covered strawberries. We thoroughly enjoyed the selection at every meal. Lunches offered great hamburgers and as everyone mentions, guacamole, salsa and chips as well as a salad bar with a good selection and the always good Riu soups.

Make sure you lock your safe and take the key with you. We left the key in the safe and we lost $120. It was our fault for leaving it open, but someone elseís fault we were robbed. I do not think it was the maid staff but like the manager said obviously we canít frisk the entire staff because someone took advantage of our error. What could have ruined our trip actually made our trip better as the manager upgraded us to an Ocean front room. We quickly decided it was the best value we could get for $120. Waking every morning to the sun rising; Very romantic.

The hotel was at about 60% capacity when we stayed, and therefore there were always chairs available near the pool and I think there are always chairs on the beach. The hotel and the tour companies seem to try to scare everyone away from swimming at the beach. Yes the red flag always flies and if you do not know how to swim or tread water it is not for you. There is no under tow but the way the waves surge in and can surprise you and when they run 60 feet up the beach they run back fast too. Watch the others getting in and out; and watch the waves and you will be able to walk in and bob in the swells until you are done and then ride a swell in and walk out. Contrary to the complainers, the sand is deep and soft. It is made up of some coarser sand at the top of the beach but it gets finer as you get to the water. You can also walk 30 minutes east to the rocks or an hour to the marina. Beach bar service; Tip the waiter $5 in the morning and you will have to tell him no because he will not forget you. He is also a good person to ask for $1 bills when you need to break $20ís

I did use the Fitness Center and it was one of the better resort gyms I have seen. There were three tread mills with the best view and none of the belts were torn. There are no free weights and the equipment is not what you get here but I wasnít there to get in shape but just trying and maintain a routine. The spa is also there and if you want a very relaxing massage get it done on the balcony at the spa over the ocean and get it done in the morning before the Santa Fe pool bar crowd gets wound up. Make sure you stress that you want the one on the balcony and not the beach where they do most of them.
Dive Centre will sell you everything the guys on the beach sell you but the guys on the beach will deal if you have a few people. The diving in the area was very nice, with large schools and good visibility. If you want to go snorkelling try booking to go with the divers. We did and for $25 we got a great ride on the scuba boat with snorkelling near Lovers Beach and then the beside the sea lion colony and the arch. We also asked the dive master Carlos for wet suits when we were getting my wifeís fins and mask. We got them at no extra charge and in the cool (72 F/ 21 C) water it made all the difference in real enjoyment.
Amazing sunsets and sun rises and we did not see a cloud for 10 days and then we only saw one on the last day. AWSOME CLIMATE with warm dry days without humidity. The nights get a little chilly so take a sports coat or a sweater.

Must DOís: Get to the marina for a $35 Surf and Turf dinner. Water taxi to Lovers beach with the ride past the sea lions and the arch, Tip: take the dry cleaning bag from the room and put some bottled water and beers in it and go to the bottom floor by the elevator and get some ice so you have cold drinks.


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