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Description: ClubHotel Riu Jalisco los Cocoteros, sn-Lote K
63732 Puerto Vallarta
Nvo.Vallarta, Nayarit Mexico
Tel. +523222266600 Fax. +52 322 226 6610

Location/General information

Riu Jalisco rises from an oasis of palms along a golden beach facing the beautiful turquoise waters of the Pacific, just a stone's throw from Puerto Vallarta´s great shopping and nightlife.
This beautiful resort consists of 700 tastefully decorated guestrooms, all with unique features like a mini-bar and liquor dispenser. Both children and adults will enjoy the spacious facilities and the extensive activities and entertainment programme, with something different for all tastes. There is an outstanding array of excellent bars and restaurants, just one of Riu's many hallmarks.
The Riu Jalisco is guaranteed to make dream holidays in Mexico come true!

* 15 km / 9 miles from Puerto Vallarta, overlooking the Pacific Ocean
* Located on Playa de Flamingos beach, 2 km / 1.5 miles from Nuevo Vallarta
* Complimentary sun loungers on the beach
* 5-storey building

* 2 km / 1.25 miles from a shopping center
* 13 km / 8 miles from the airport
* 300 m / 990 ft. from Flamingos Golf Club
* Credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Amex

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Registered: May 2006
Posts: 24
Review Date: Wed October 18, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: Clean, Staff great - sea even better
Cons: Mozies, distance from town centre

Apoligies for taking so long - have been sorting myself out as, as soon as we returned from hols, we were off to our final year at Uni! We stayed at the Riu Jalisco from the 1st till 15th Sept:

A group of four 21-24 year olds stayed at the hotel from the 1st Sept - 15th Sept. We travelled with first choice from Gatwick. It was a long flight going, 15 hours (including an hour stop at Sanford, Florida to re-fuel and also change cabin crew and pilots!) but thanks to the increased leg room and the up-graded entertainment system (which you can up-grade for £5 - it allows you to watch the premier films and play the premier games as well as being able to stop and start films whenever!) the flight soon passed!

To get our baggage took a while - note - we could not find any toilets within the baggage claim! However as soon as we walked through the doors we were greated by the first choice reps and a toilet! Becuase so many people were staying at the Riu hotel, we had a direct coach transfer which only took about 15 min. We were given our wrist bands on the coach - cream for adults (18 and over) and red for children - at this point if you have children that look old for their age, it would be easy for them to get the cream colour. As soon as we were dropped off, check-in was quick.I had emailed the hotel a week before travelling, requesting that our two rooms be near to one another, and that we had a room overlooking the courtyard. We were not let down, our rooms were next door, and had a view of the sea and courtyard!

The room - was slightly dated looking - could do with a few coats of paint. However was comfortable and big for two people. There was a slightly musty smell, however I had bought several air fresheners with me - which soon got rid of the smell. We liked the idea of the curtain in the dressing area - it was perfect for us girls and we felt like princesses. There was spirits in the room, however we didn't need to use them - we only stayed in our room to sleep. In the fridge we had 7-up, pepsi, soda water, corona and plenty of water! The beds were not as un-comfortable as some have said. We did not need to go down and ask for extra bedding and had two pillows per bed. There was also extra sheets in the wardrobe. Our balcony was lovely with two chairs and a table plus a drying rack. Often we would sit and watch the clouds change colour or as we were in the rainy season watch the good thunderstorms!

The Food - we really enjoyed it for the whole of the 2 weeks. Yes, there was nearly all the same meats every day. But we would only pick one meat then have veg and potatoes. The salad choices were great, I have never seen so many salad dressings! None of us are big pudding eaters, and were always full but sometimes we would have the ice cream. In the buffet restuarant you can only have wine or soft drinks, at the beach restuarant you could have all the cocktails, and wine etc. For lunch we always ate at the beach bar - only because you could go with wet bikinis and was always yum. We tried the al carte restuarant once only because we were up early for a trip - we didn't enjoy it! We got the same veg portions between the four of us as a couple did - it consisted of two potatoes, some onions and tomotoes. They then bought the meat around - fair to much. The best thing was the soup and the salad to start!

The pools - as we were all adults we only tried the adult pool. The hotel was busiest at weekends, so sometimes a couple of kids would come into the pool but they were soon removed by security. The pool was warm - but this was because it was warm outside and would get warmed up by the sun! The kids pool looked deep, but the slides looked fun!

The Sea - most probably the best part of our hols! The sea was great! We could be big kids all day long. You can hire boggy boards free from the beach guys. And were great - it was fun trying to ride the waves. The sea is only good for people that enjoy waves and are comfortable in the water. I would not recommend it for young childern.

Drinks - Not watered down. We enjoy our vodka, and at the start we would ask for just vodka and coke etc. and soon learnt that to get smirnoff you would have to ask for smirnoff and coke. They also had bicardi, and a number of shelf brands. The boys enjoyed their beer, and we enjoyed all the cocktails! yum

Trips - We did two. We went to Las Caletas and did the First Choice bar crawl. Las Caletas was great. Saw lovely fishes (not like Egypt but still georgeous!), and generally had a relaxing time. The food was also yum and always plenty of water was about! The bar crawl was great, and gave us an insight into the bars. The coach picked us up at 8 ish and we got into town at 9. The bards are open till 6am so because of that the bars don't get moving till about 12/1. We started off at snr. frogs, then carlos o'briens, zoo bar and then hilo. Our fav. was Hilo and we also had the opportunity to get the reps drunk too! We went to the Zoo bar another time with the hotel. It was good - but we were ready for bed at 2 and it had just got started! But what I can say is the waiters treat you like V.I.P.s from a girls point of view that was great we felt like celebs!

So would we go back? I would love to. The staff were friendly, the grounds superb. It was the first holiday in a long time that I actually felt truly relaxed! I would like to stay closer to town, therefore being able to pop to a resturant or something. But hey you can't have it all! One thing, the entertainment for us was dull, and the disco dull. Whether because we were out of season we will never know. Plus the mozies, I have never seen so many!

Riu Ambassador

Registered: September 2005
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Review Date: Wed October 18, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 8 

Pros: The Riu Jalisco staff
Cons: The mozzies

We spent a wonderful 2 weeks at the Riu Jalisco in August.
The staff are amazing....all of them, the assistant manager was particularly helpful with a small problem over our room liquor dispenser.
We were fortunate as , in my view , we had one of the best eight rooms in the hotel.
I have posted loads of photos of the Jalisco.....take a look.
The only bad thing about our First Choice flight was the 14 hours on the plane for the outbound journey.
Would I go back ? Yes , because I'd love to see the Riu Vallarta finished..... but, no because of the flying time from the U.K.

Riu Bambuer Benefactor

Registered: May 2006
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Review Date: Sun October 29, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? No | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 6 

Pros: Great Staff, Good for relaxation
Cons: Poor entertainment & equipment, location too far out.

3 of us travelled my husband (45) daughter (19) and myself (40).

Location: the hotel is located about 30 mins cab ride outside of town or 45 mins by bus, as a family we found this too far out. In previous Rius there had been bars outside of the hotel around the hotel zone, The Jalisco does not have this option, perhaps in a few years.

Beach: Sand was quite coarse beware of children paddling by the sea as when the waves go out you easily end up knee high in sand which makes it difficult to move. Due to the large waves the sea has a strong current which contributes to shifting the sand around. Whilst we were there the sea looked sandy and brown alot of the time.

Bars & Entertainment
Beach bar serves drinks, pizza, nuggets, chips, salad, hotdogs burgers and a little bit of Mexican food. This bar also does a late breakfast until 12 noon. At night this area tends to get hit by bugs and mossies. In the evening they have a singer or some alternative entertainment.

Sports Bar, opened during our second week, it is close to reception and did smell musty. It has tv's showing some recorded sports games, a darts board, pool tables (extra charge) and a football table (extra charge). The bar has a fridge stocked with burgers, sandwiches fruit and salad, there is a microwave to heat the burgers up in. The internet cafe is also located in the sports bar (extra charge).

Reception Bar We spent most of our evenings here, we sat by the balcony watching the world go by, below were the stalls that would visit the hotel for guests to purchase mementoes of their holidays.

Main entertainment area; set with stage and seating in rows on plastic chairs several bars including one which was outside the Pacha disco. The entertainment was in the form of mini disco for kids, handing out certificates from pool games etc and shows which ran on a weekly basis and then repeated in the second week.

Pacha Disco; looked abit like an iconic 1970's scene, had a bad smell about it. Starts at 11pm and goes on until 2ish.

The daytime entertainment was almost non existent it seemed to concentrate on beer drinking competitions, miss sexy and bingo. When they did do things like riffle shooting or table tennis the equipment was very poor, only 1 riffle and table tennis rackets broken.

Restaurants; Apart from the beach bar there are the two main ones downstairs from reception serving an array of food; breakfast is the best part of the day due to the variety. The Nayarit is an Italian pizza & pasta place at lunchtime and becomes the specialist restaurant in the evening. We found the main restaurant was the best the specialist was awful lots of meat, hardly anything else to go with it. The food does get boring if you are staying for 2 weeks.

Trips: these seem to be based on canopy (jungle), water based such as diving, visiting other beaches, there are a couple to visit other places but not much in culture or history. Strangely the tour buses do not often pick you up from the hotel you have to make your own way to meet the bus. (At additional cost to you).

Rooms: Large & spacious, we found the beds really uncomfortable. Our daughter had a camp bed which we felt was totally unsuitable for a 5* hotel and yes she was charged the full adult price for the pleasure! The rooms could do with a good overhaul of maintenance and decorating, that said the hotel seemed to have problems with the roof leaking, several people we met had to be moved to another room.

Staff: The staff were great and always happy to please. They had a hard job whilst we were there as they were training new staff. It is a shame that Riu hotels do not support them with better equipment.

Other facilities: pools needed some maintenance some tiles missing on the bottom, the jets did not work properly in the jacuzzi’s. The security is biased when it comes to removing Mexican children out of the adult pool.

Rep: First choice rep not very good, only really interested in booking trips but even then she tends to be lazy and slapdash. We found Apple had the best information for trips, you can book trips with any of the reps, it does not have to be the one you travelled with. Some of the other reps use different companies which offer different options.

Outside of the hotel: Not much directly; there is a large Walmart halfway to town and in town there are many shops selling tourist stuff and crafts, there are lots of bars. Not all of the beach in town is sand some is large rocks.

Would we go back: Sadly no; we found that the location of the hotel was too far out of town for us and there was not enough to do in the hotel. Having been to Mexico several times before we were very disappointed with the Jalisco. The hotel does not match up to it's 5 stars especially with the facilities. Our holiday was very eventful fights broke out over 5 nights between Americans and Canadians, the hotel decided to close the sports bar and the disco due to this. They also had police presence in the hotel for the next few nights. A boat exploded just off the beach, thank god no one was hurt. A crocodile escaped from a near by croc farm, so the beach was closed off and we had several tropical storms and hurricane Gordon pass by! All in all very much out of the hotels control.

I would say this hotel is for people who want to eat, drink and sunbathe but if you want anything else perhaps its not the right place.


Registered: March 2007
Posts: 2
Review Date: Fri April 13, 2007 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: Wonderful staff, excellent grounds, relaxing atmosphere!!
Cons: Noisy rooms and halls.

We stayed from March 1, 2007 thru March 8, 2007

We loved it, would go back in a heart beat. The staff was excellent. The beach was wonderful. And the food was good. We never had a dull moment and had the most relaxing time we've had in years.

You can't beat the sunsets at the Riu Jalisco and the overall atmosphere is very relaxing.

I can't say enough about the staff, they work hard to make you feel like your a part of their family. They seemed to be one big family and would help in any way you asked.

A very clean place, you can tell they pay close attention to detail on the grounds and buildings. I think the pathway to the beach was scrubbed every moring we were there.

If all the riu's are like this one I wouldn't hesitate to stay at any of them. We're already planning something for next year.


Registered: March 2007
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Review Date: Wed June 13, 2007 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? No | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 3 

Pros: Helpful staff, high end booze, in-room booze dispensor, mojitos
Cons: dirty pool, dirty beach, boring food

The wife and I spent a week at Riu Jalisco from May 29 - June 5. Paid $1,497 total for two people, and that included the flight. At that kind of price, we should have considered the caliber of person who could also afford $750pp. The other guests at the resort made a questionable resort less tolerable. After a couple of days we were ready to leave. The resort photographs well, but the devil is in the details. We are not ones to complain about the little things, but the little things just kept building up until it was just unpleasant.

The Positives: Very top shelf booze at the bars. And, you don't always have to ask for it. I think I drank enough Havana Club Rum to keep Castro in power for at least 5 more years... and after watching The Lost City last night, I feel guilty for keeping that tosser in power by drinking his rum. The staff was very helpful and nice (with exception of housekeeping). There are vendors on the beach who offer almost everything you can buy in the flea markets in PV. The prices were comparable to PV, so if you are not up for the long hot bus ride into town, or the expense of a taxi, you can buy all you need on the beach. The Mexican Navy (Marina) was having a little Fleet Week in PV the weekend we were there and it was very cool. Their pizza was very good (Why does Mexico make such good ‘za?). Vodka, gin, rum, and tequila in your room (although they never installed our bottle of tequila, even after a few requests and a $5 tip). They make a decent mojito and have a wide range of other specialty drinks. It was fairly easy and cheap to navigate the bus system in to town. Riu is the LAST stop, so when you get on, it is straight in to the PV Hotel Zone (where you catch a Centro bus). Sunsets to die for. Seriously. The entire bay is ringed my mountains, so you really get a panorama you wouldn’t believe. There were serious wild fires in the mountains, so we never saw most of them again past Day 1 due to the smoke and haze, but that Day 1 had quite a view.

The Negs: Dirty, grimy, moldy, and cigarette butts EVERYWHERE. Seriously, who lies on the beach all day long using nature’s beauty as their 'effing ash tray, and then leaves the butts stuck in the sand: really a problem when the resort never rakes or cleans the beach. I also don't recall every seeing a person smoke in the middle of a pool before. We thought a swim up bar would be cool, but when you see the same people parked at that bar for hours on end, you know they are pissing in the pool. I trusted the kid’s pool more than the adult pool. Bottom line on the pool, it was just plain nasty: grout mold, cig ashes, and who knows what else floating around, and it never improved the week we were there. The food got a bit boring and where’s the water? You get a few bottles in the fridge every second day. It was long, hot, and did I mention long to get back to Riu on the bus. That’s because, like I said earlier, you are the last stop. Don’t run out of cash… it’ll cost you more to travel to an ATM to get money than you end up taking out of the cash machine. PV is a weekend destination for many Mexicans from Mexico City and Guadalajara, and they over run the resort on the weekends. This would not necessarily be a bad thing if they weren’t so rude, and if the staff didn’t cater to them to the extent of relocating to other resorts members of a wedding party to make room for them.

Overall, I don’t think PV is our kind of town. The sea is rough and murky (why did I even bring my snorkel gear?) and you can’t take three steps without someone trying to sell you something, and that includes on the beach at the resort since they have their own stable of vendors (“Almost free today”). The time share hawkers are very aggressive. I expected a quaint, Colonial, sea-side town, and it really was a traffic-choked, dirty, mess of a town. I’ve heard from several people that they went to PV and stayed at Dreams and loved it. If I ever had to go back, I’d go to Dreams. I did overhear some RIU fans saying that this is probably the bottom of the RIU barrel. The Riu Vallarta next door was just $50pp more expensive for the week, but it had just opened in November and we thought we'd let them work the bugs out first.


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Review Date: Sat January 19, 2008 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Everything
Cons: Distance from Puerto Vallarta

We just returned from the RIU Jalisco Jan 11-Jan18/08 and had a wonderful exciting holiday. This resort is awesome in everyway. Food, service,beaches, pools all excellent. The resort is about 35 minutes from downtown Puerto Vallarta but you can cab or bus it to town with no problems. Stephanie the asst.manager is a special lady who showed us that anything we needed or wanted was taken care of within minutes and is very caring and knowledgable of her job. The staff at the Resort are all very friendly and try to please you at all times. We have always RIU Resorts in the past and we will continue to use RIU Resorts in the future for all our travel locations. By the way we did not experiance any theft from our room/safe as others have written about. Left money on the table in our room and it wasnt touched by cleaning staff or anyone else. If your thinking about booking this RIU Resort for vacation we highly recommend you do.

Riu Ambassador

Registered: September 2005
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Review Date: Sat March 8, 2008 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Pros: Service, Beauty
Cons: Beach & Ocean

Riu Jalisco – 2/29/08 through 03/07/08 from Detroit via Funjet Vacations & USA3000 Airlines

Our flight left Detroit at 6:00 a.m. The flight took 4-1/2 hours. We arrived approximately 45 minutes early. We were the only flight arriving at that time and in fact the airport personnel were not ready for us. We found our bus, which had passengers only for the Jalisco and the Marival. After dropping off 20+ people at the Marival we went to the Jalisco (two couples), which was approximately 5 minutes further north from the airport.

Arrived at the Jalisco at 11-something. Check-in took only five minutes. I had emailed the Jalisco before we arrived and had gotten a response back from Stephanie, who is the asst. hotel director. Unfortunately she was off for the first 3 days of our vacation, but she had taken care of us by giving us a jr. suite on the 2nd floor. We were told our room wouldn’t be ready until 3, but we knew the room # and so walked over to see it on our way to lunch. The jr. suites are very nice here with a large living room area and a king bed up two steps. The jr. suites also have some of the largest balconies I’ve ever seen. Our room was at the tip of one of the legs of the u-shaped building – very close to the pools and beach, but still not that far from the lobby, which was on our level.

We found the service here excellent in all regards. We never waited more than 1 minute for a drink at any of the bars, even when they were very busy. Below the lobby bar are two buffets open for breakfast and dinner – one being a Mexican buffet. We ate all our dinners at the buffets and didn’t even try going to any of the ala cartes. Again, the service at the restaurants was excellent. We always ate lunch at the Italian buffet, which was the Brazilian Rodizio restaurant at night. The beachside lunch restaurant/bar was very busy at lunchtime.

This was my second trip to a Pacific resort (1st time was a Barcelo in Costa Rica). We are beach people and were very disappointed with the water here (we knew it wouldn’t be the Caribbean before going). The sand is a dark brown and each morning there were large waves keeping the water churned up. The only thing people did was boogie board, body surf or jump into the surf. No one at all swam or just stood in the water. The water was also very shallow up to the buoys. At high tide the water came up to my chest (I’m 6’4”), but in the afternoon the water was only knee deep. The beach was great for walking. You could go miles in either direction. Because of the water we spent most of our time at the adult pool.

The only hiccup of our trip came when we asked Stephanie if we could visit the Riu Vallarta, which is not normally allowed. She wrote us out a card and emailed the PR person there. The card got us past the guard at the entrance, but when we went to reception and asked for Nicole (PR person) we were rather rudely treated and told that we shouldn’t be there, had to leave, etc. When we saw Stephanie later that day she asked how our visit went. After I told her what had occurred she called up Nicole (originally from Germany, as is Stephanie) and then Stephanie said come on I’m driving you there myself. So, she picked us up at the lobby, drove us there, introduced us to Nicole and we all went to the lobby bar for a drink (beautiful lobby, by the way). She had to leave to go back to the Jalisco to open the restaurants for dinner, but offered to come back and pick us up. We told her we’d walk back. So, Riu has a real gem in Stephanie. I saw her go out of her way with many other guests at the Jalisco.

One other interesting thing I noticed at the Jalisco was the predominance of North American guests here. I’d say it had to be over 90% Americans & Canadians. I asked Funjet how crowded the hotel was and he said it was 70% full.

We took one tour – City Tour so we could see Puerto Vallarta. The tour also went to Mismaloya, which is south of PV. That area seemed much nicer than Nuevo Vallarta and the water was much prettier.

We decided we were happy we went to the Jalisco because of the excellent service, but we’ll probably stick to the Caribbean in the future.


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Review Date: Sun March 16, 2008 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 4 

Pros: Staff always aiming to please
Cons: Complaints usually dont get rectified

5 of us stayed between March 1- March 15/08

Once again we loved our stay at the Riu Jalisco.
Check in was easy and we got the rooms on the floor that we requested without a hitch. We arrived shortly after 1 am and things went relatively smoothly. We had an orientation the following day at 4pm however since we have been here so often we did not attend.
Anyone staying at this resort or the Vallarta as far as this goes was in for a treat as Mr Riu himself was in town. Most peoples complaints were rectified quickly because of this. Surveys were being handed out and management wanted good reviews because of the presence of Mr Riu. Our first day there we knew something was up the way people were acting and we found out on day 3 what the reason was. Service, food, etc were all topped up abit because of this.
We talked to Stephanie as well in regards to visiting the Vallarta. We joined a group tour and got to see the entire hotel. It was generally the same just tends to cater to a more mature group of people. We had a guide from the animation team show us around and his humor angered many of the people at the Vallarta as we were touring. Not the same party atmosphere as the Jalisco. Very good to have a hotel that can appease any group of travellers. Staying at the Vallarta does give you extra options though as you can visit any of the hotels that you want .
The Pacifico Palace is still a work in progress. This building is maybe a 8 minute walk away from the Jalisco. Alot of work has progressed since November. Earlier this month they had projected that the Pacifico would be ready by April but it has now been extended to June. I cant wait as I would like to stay there in September and hopefully the kinks can be worked out by then .

The sand is brown..but it has the most beautiful gold flecks you can imagine. I thorougly enjoyed my walks on the beach. Im not much of an ocean gal but make sure I enjoy the water a few times during my stay.

I was happy to see most of the old staff I had come to love still at the Jalisco. Some have ventured off to the Vallarta but they are not too hard to find. The staff make the Jalsico a great place to stay. Some staff names have changed but since I know most of their real names I found it quite comical how often they change their names.

The first week of March was quite calm in the hotel. We found the place to be about 80% Candadian, lots of seniors and I think there must have been a gay convention somewhere in Puerto Vallarta. Made for some interesting conversation. The second week more spring breakers started arriving and the place got a little bit crazier. Just before we had left was the start of Mexican vacations so lots of Mexicans were arriving. Makes for a great mix of people.

Hotel as always,, clean as a whistle, Staff great and always willing to please. Food was improved 100% due to the clientelle there and I enjoyed eating every meal.

Our favorite moments once again were when we were guided by locals into the smaller towns surrounding PV. If you can see a festival in one of these small towns and be guided by friends you have made from the area you will not be dissappointed. So much to see and to do and you can learn so much from the locals. This trip we spent alot of time touring various towns. Our favorite was San Jose. We were the only non Mexicans there and Im telling you it was so much fun that you have to get away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy the real cultural experiences.
One complaint I made to Stephanie was ignored and it bothered me abit- but in the grand scheme of things I enjoyed my trip and am already planning my next vacation.

Biggest complaint of the whole trip-- I got hit with excess baggage on the way home. This itself does not surprise me as i always have an empty carry on and big purse for this situation. However the people at theairport would not give me back my luggage to move around items to decrease in weight nor would they give me my boarding pass until i paid what they requested. This happened to all of us in our group. I will be making a huge complaint to Air Transat.

Bottom line..I love Riu Jalisco and I love Mexico


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Review Date: Tue June 10, 2008 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 8 


Stayed here for a week at the end of April 2008. Went with a group of about 20. We all flew Air Transat which was just ok. Overall, the trip was fun and I'll be going back. I loved how big the hotel was. After staying at the Riu in the Bahamas where everything is directly next to each other, it was nice that the property was so big and spread out. It made a big difference. The adult pool had many kids in it a lot of the time and no one said anything to them, which was kind of annoying. Waiters came around the chairs at the adult pool which was nice. The beach was great, saw dolphins in the water sometimes. The activities were a nice touch, though I didn't participate in them. Never ventured downtown at all, though I heard it was a long ride. The food was good but by the end of the week I was sick of it. I'm a picky eater though. The drinks were fine. The hotel was presumably full but it never seemed very crowded. The activities staff were great but the front desk staff leaved little to be desired after I had an issue they did not take care of. The room was ok, the curtain in the dressing area didn't appeal to me. The room was kind of small. Our TV was broken and we had to call for a new one. During the middle of the week they painted the hallways where our rooms were and did not put a wet paint sign up so about 4 of us got paint all over our bags. The pool was a little dirty, there was always stuff on the bottom that grossed me out. Chairs by the pool had to be reserved early. Different activities and vendors at the resort each night were great, we didn't have to go downtown at all. Would definitely go back!

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Review Date: Fri March 6, 2015 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 10 


Well I’m back Sad

Hey Folks, I’m back and I thought Id share some of my thoughts on the resort.

Large well maintained resort. The lobby has a very modern look, lots of grays and purple....... a stark contrast to the Riu Vallarta which looks more like a palace, lots of wood and cast iron. I like the palace look, but my girlfriend like the Riu Jalisco look better lol Subjective lol

Our Riu Jalisco wrist bands (Although different colours that the Riu Vallarta) did give us free access to that resort for everything but dinner (Bars, pools, restaurants) Etc.

The food was ok, Again, not palace food....... but there was lots of it.

The staff were great.

Lots of action at the pool, lots of sports, much more party atmosphere than a palace. Which I like better Smile

Rock-in music at the pool, and mostly rockin roll and some Reggie...... which was awesome....... not really into the "riu song" over and over lol

Puerto Vallarta...... yes I went but it's far from the resort.... Maybe 30 mins cab/taxi ride. I negotiated to 200 peso's about $15-$17..... Most wanted $25 lol but I stood firm Smile

Puerto Vallarta was nice, kinda like Playa Del Carmen.... A nice boardwalk on the beach with shops and bars. lots of people. the street was blocked off to cars (like Playa Del Carmen)...... I do like PDC better, but again subjective. I didn’t like the long cab ride.

There was a town called bucerias. It only cost 85 Pesos and you were there in 8-10 mins. Really cool town, a large market for clothing, silver, stuff lol There were shops too and some really cool bar right on the beach. And in stark contrast to Puerto Vallarta (where beer would cost us $5USDea) the bucerias beach bars would serve me a bucket of 6 SOL beer for 100 Pesos ($7-$8) for 6 beers!! There was live music there, but the market seemed to close at 6:00pm ish.

OK money exchange. Do NOT take USD's unless you exchange them into peso's. The resort will NOT exchange them and the locals are still using 10/1 not 14/1 as it should be. The resort "MAY" change your USD (Unofficially for 10/1) but they will officially convert Canadian dollars at 10/1........ so no point in converting and getting rocked by the bank, and then getting rocked again when you get down there. Most cabs, shops and bars took Canadian money. So, just take Canadian money and exchange at the front desk or Take USD and exchange at somewhere official (I’m should the Americans on this site can tell you where to go).

OK, Back to the resorts. Riu Vallarta in one resort over, we did notice than the riu Jaliaso was a much much bigger property than the Riu Vallarta, and I liked the extra grounds to roam great for strolling. The pools were similar..... the Riu Vallarta was furnished more like the palaces, the Riu Jalisco was more like a club hotel (Modern). The rooms at the Riu Jalisco were renovated and nice, but small. Not like the Riu Jalisco and the Riu Palaces with the sitting area in the room. They had 42” Flat Screen TV's and we took our PS4 (PlayStation 4) for the kids to use at night and it's worked great, as the TV’s have HDMI inputs Smile.

WIFI / INTERNET Well, it's been 2 years since I have been to a RIU and my last recollection was that we all had free wifi only in the lobby and it was dial-up wifi...... Well, things have changed since then. We ordered a week internet package for (650 pesos's) or $65.00USD or $65.00CAD LOLOL and that would get you 7 days of unlimited wifi anywhere in the resort! Even the pool area!! Your can have 4 people using it at the same time, so if you have 5 people, then one will have to wait until the one other disconnects. SO, put your phone on “Airplane mode” and turn your wifi on and surf and email away lol.

The internet is fast to, My kids were streaming with no problem. And if you have 2 rooms, no problem, the wifi is not assigned to a room, so we had 2 rooms, 5 people and 1 wifi account. Worked perfectly. Not one issue. The only rule for the kids was to “KEEP THEIR PHONES on AIRPLANE MODE”, and they were fine with that. They were always skyping (Video Calling) their friends back in Canada. No problem.

PDC (Playa Del Carmen) or Vallarta. I like PDC better because of the closeness to town and the exterior walks from the resorts which is a few years away for Nuevo Vallarta. We did walk out side the resort to the Riu Vallarta, through the riu vallarta to the beach then beach walk back to Riu Jalisco.

Entertainment. Ice been to many a Riu and I was happy to see some live professional entertainers (Really good) not Riu Staff Lip Syncing lol This was really nice to see.

Disappointments..... My only disappointment was that the dinners had no apparent dress code. Men in flop flops, tshirts, board shorts, very few dressed and most were wearing beach attire. The rules that they hand out say “Men long pants and long sleeve shirts and no sandals, but, no enforcement what so ever and so many people were saying that they packed dress cloths because they had read it, and only warn them the first night and felt silly and converted to shorts and sandals for the rest of the trip. I stayed true to their rules, but there were only a handful of followers.

OK, so My final view on this vacation …... we, it was awesome. We met some wonderful people, we partied, I had a beer or 2 lolololol and maybe ate too much. Great staff, Good resort, Large and you stay very connected if you wish and the pools were so warm...... usually they are soooo cold.

I would recommend this resort and would rank it some where in the middle of all the RIU's I have been to. Over all 5Stars.


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