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Description: Hotel Riu Palace Mexico
Avda. Xaman-Ha, Manzana 3, Lote 4, Condominio Playacar
77710 Playa del Carmen
Quintana Roo - Mexico
Tel. +529848774200 Fax. +52 984 877 4210

Location/General information

Riu Palace Mexico is located in the exclusive Playacar resort area, overlooking the turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean, just 5 minutes from Playa del Carmen. Its impressive architecture encompasses 434 deluxe guestrooms featuring unique amenities, such as Riu's renowned minibar and liquor dispenser.
The hotel offers an exquisite selection of à la carte restaurants and spectacular buffets, complemented by continental breakfast room service and 24-hour All Inclusive (snacks and beverages). Our exchange privileges programme allows access to all other sister properties in the Riu Resort complex.
The Riu Palace is the ideal choice for a superbly luxurious and relaxing holiday!

* Located on the Yucatan peninsula, 3 km / 1.9 miles from Playa del Carmen
* Within the Playacar resort, along with the Riu Palace Riviera Maya, Riu Yucatan, Riu Playacar and the ClubHotel Riu Tequila hotels
* 2-storey building
* Surrounded by 20,000 m2 / 24,000 sq. yards of lush gardens

* Located on the beach
* Complimentary sun loungers on the beach
* 200 m / 650 feet from Mexican Street
* 55 km / 34 miles from Cancun Int’l. Airport
* Credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diners

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Riu Rusty
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Review Date: Thu July 13, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: $1,550.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Great staff, Great beaches, Awesome resort
Cons: Not too much for the kids

I took the fam to the Riu Palace Mexico last year and it was great. The food was really good and abundant and the shows were really top notch. We spent a lot of time across the road that the Riu Tequila for the kids programs. The Palace staff was great too. By the 3rd day they knew our names andreally made us feel at home. The resort location is the best. It's right in the middle of everything and an easy walk to any other Riu. It's in an area call Playacar which is beautiful. There are small ruins nearby and scooter rentals at the Riu Tequila. Oh, the beaches are AMAZING!!! We had such a good time that we are considering go back this year. I would recomend this Riu Resort and it's certainly a Palace......

View my Riu Palace Vacation Photos Click Here

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Review Date: Fri July 14, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Pros: Service, food
Cons: nada

Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2005 12:16 am Post subject:


Drive thru the Rockies to Calgary on Nov 24th uneventful until we got to the city and saw everyone walking around in shorts and tshirts. Thought we must be Mexico already. It was +15C. Who wants to go to Mexico when it's that warm. Found out it dropped to -28 a few days after we left.
Up at 7:00am on the 25th to catch the 8:00am shuttle and had our luggage checked thru by around 8:20. Had our Tim Horton breakfast of coffee and doughnuts waiting for the Skyservice plane to arrive from Vancouver. Those poor people on the plane had to wait for nearly 1 1/2 hours while the crew changed, filled up with gas and loaded us. This year it was a 767 with seating of 2v4v2 and we were in seats 7G&H. Couldn't believe how much leg room there was, I had 6 to 8 inches between my knees and back of the seat in front of me. Hot lunch and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the movie. Arrived in Cancun 20 minutes early but as our unloading dock was occupied we had to wait on the tarmac for 20 minutes so really arrived on time. As we were one of the first off we were quickly thru Immigration, over to get our luggage and both pieces were within the first 50 or so off. Got the green at Customs and out we went. We were outside within 15 minutes of getting off the plane. Found our Sunquest van waiting for us but we had to wait about 1/2 hour for others to arrive. Three other couples going to Playacar, Tequila and Yucutan.
Checked into the Palace at about 7:00pm and received room 0145 (north "U" facing south, ground floor) which was in the area we had earlier requested. Unpacked, changed and headed for the lounge. As we were walking across the courtyard the first people we see are a couple we had made friends with last year. They were from Joisey. On up to the lounge for our first caipirinas and mojitos and along comes Karima, SubDirector (asst manager) of the resort. As soon as she saw us she came right over with big hugs and "welcome backs". Talked with her for about 20 minutes and then Francisco (formerly maitre'd and now Manager Food and Beverages) sees us talking to Karima and he comes rushing over with big hugs and "welcome homes". As it was now around 8:00pm and we were getting ready to go eat mentioned to him we wanted to eat at Miyagi's sometime on our trip. Told us to wait a minute and a few minutes later told us we now were booked for their 9:00pm seating. Time for more drinks in the courtyard renewing acquaintances with several of the waiters, all who recognized us immediately. Went into Miyagi and our table was covered with flowers and a bottle of champagne sitting there being chilled. Waiter was Abraham Fantastic meal if you like sushi and tempura, etc. and we do. Francisco had also sent a bottle of champagne to our room so had that in the afternoon of the next couple of days.
We also ate there our last evening and again treated the same way, flowers and champagne waiting and Abraham our waiter.

Saturday morning when we looked out we saw the damage to the palm trees. Alongside the fountains they're still matchsticks and those near the beach give little if any shade. I believe it will be at least 3 to 6 months for them to come back to what they used to be. One large plant that was in a corner last year was at least 30 ft tall, now it's skinny as a rake and max 10 ft.

Beach is great, lots of width with the volleyball court now up by the beach bar. Never a problem for loungers as the resort ranged from 65 to 85 % capacity while we were there. There also was always lots of room at the pool although we never did get in there this year. Did all our swimming in the ocean. It varried from huge waves to dead calm.

Don Julian was as good as ever. Del Toro and Santoyo gave us great greetings our first morning and every morning thereafter. We also ate several nights outside with Santoyo (head waiter)and Daniel. Most evenings we were inside with Bernardo (head waiter), Azcanio and Frank.
At lunch we generally saw Bernardo and Manuel Jesus (celebrates his birthday Christmas Day) and thus the name.

The Royal Hideaway suffered some severe damage with the corner of one building by the beach totally destroyed. The Occidental Allegro Playacar next door also had huge damage to their buildings with thatch roofs.

Met with Karima again and arranged a time to distribute the money so many of you contributed to hurricane victims. Rusty's already posted pics.
They are the least paid workers on the resorts and there were tears in there eyes when they saw how much they were receiving. Most of them recognized us as we'd pass them during the following days with big "holas".

Ran into D&A and also Moniqu while we were there and then at the Nov 27 meet we had Jo and I, JulieW and hubby, Mimi and hubby and Rebeccakay.

Our Dec 7 meet included weloveboxers, TWK, Trish, Donnay, Kiloh and djanny and members of their families. Pics will be off to Rusty shortly.

Once again this year we hardly left the resort - only to wander around Playacar a bit, visit the Playacar Plaza, the local ruins several minutes north of the Palace and more on the edge of Playacar/Playa del Carmen. Also got into PDC shopping twice and the rest of the time we spent on the beach.

A typical day was get up at 8:00, have breakfast, change to bathing suits and go to beach. Hang there until 12/12:30 then back to room for a shower and change to shorts and lunch at D.J. Back to room, change to bathing suits and off to the beach or one of the above walks.
4:00 pm back to room, shower again (man it's hot and humid there - not as bad as last year though) and you just cannot dry off. Have a drink on the patio, change and head to the lobby lounge for couple of drinks and listen to David Carillo play the piano, then down for dinner. After dinner, courtyard for a Coffee Mayan, then watch the kids on the stage then back out to the courtyard until the show started at 9:45. That usually finished around 10:30/10:45 then maybe a few dances in the courtyard and off to bed. Next day same thing.

Food in Don Julian was again very varied and I really find it difficult to believe when people say you get tired of the same thing after a week. The main cooking stations have different hot meats everyday ranging from beef wellington, ham, pork roast, leg of lamb, salmon, duck, chicken, turkey, ribs, pasta cooking station and usually a cooking station with prawns, clams, mussels, crab, etc.

Our niece from Cozumel (many of you remember my mentioning her during Wilma) visited us for the day on Dec 7th. Great visit and she could not believe the resort and the food in Don Julian. Azcanio even gave her a carnation that evening and Santoyo asked where she was when we went for breakfast the next day.
Don't want to brag but every night that we ate at Azcanio's table we were honoured with flowers on our table. Talk to the staff, get to know them, treat them with respect (unlike our final night when in Miyagi one a$$ clapped when a waiter dropped a glass). I really don't understand the thinking of some people.

Again made old and new acquaintances with all the animation staff and all who were calling us by name by the end of our stay. Three knew us well from before.

Great staff in the lobby lounge, courtyard and theatre.

The beach changed daily especially in the water. Sometimes rocky when you first enter, sometimes not. Sometimes a 12 in ledge (in the water) sometimes not. Sometimes really clear where you could see down 10 feet easily, other times you couldn't see your hand 6 inches down. All depended upon the weather conditions especially the direction of the wind.

Look for Stephanie and Sandy. They're real sweethearts. Stephanie is the Public Relations person on the resort and she's introduced at the Manager's cocktail party as being fluent in 15 languages (actually she assured me it's only 4) and Sandy is a hostess at Don Julian and books reservations for the specialty restaurants. We were told reservations between 10:00am and noon for that day and next but Sandy was there taking reservations at 8:30am. We found it very inconvenient to try to get back from the beach at 10:00am and always forgot. So don't know what the real policy is but it's nice to be able to eat breakfast then go book.

Manuel is still the doorman and if you need info just ask him.

Also had some good chats with the new Director (Manager) Maria Jose who moved over from the Playacar.

Think this has gone on long enough. I'll either get my pics posted to Kodakgallery or Webshots and give you the link or send them off to Rusty along with some movies I took on the resort.

Don't let the thoughts of Wilma scare you away from PDC, it's in great shape as are all the s.


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Review Date: Sat August 12, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: $1,055.00 | Rating: 10 

Pros: Location, hotel property & service
Cons: Not enough shade on the beach

This was our second trip to this area and our second trip to a Riu resort.

The hotel is fantastic! The people and services are better than any hotel we've stayed at (and we do a fair amount of travelling).

We took our 3 (all over 20) children to the resort. We are a newly blended family and we thought that given their ages, it might be the only opportunity we would have to all travel together.
We wanted the rooms to be close together and to be nearest the pool end of the complex. They did indeed grant that request, but gave us rooms facing the hotel beside RPM and not facing to the fountains. In hindsite, I would say it would be better to face the fountains and be farther from the pool. The resort on the North side was the Viva and it was very noisy until the wee hours of the morning.
Can't say I really liked the pool, but I'm more of an ocean person anyways. The side with the pool bar was shallow and the water very warm. It was a little on the slimy side, I guess from all of the suntan lotion. Not my cup of tea.
If you don't like sun, then the beach is probably not the place for you. Any shade you can find is farther from the water

RPM ad says stay at 1, play at 5, but there is really no point. The food is much better at RPM and some of the other resorts are far away.
The a la carte restaurants are very good, but the food at the buffets is also excellent.
We went to the Japanese, the El Patio and the Sir Edward. It was my youngest daughter's Birthday while we were there, so my husband asked the front desk if we could get a cake. They not only pre-reserved the Sir Edward for us, but they also decorated the kids rooms with balloons and towel animals.
Now I must admit that didn't go as smoothly as we hoped, but it was all great fun. Her birthday was on the Thursday, but they somehow decided to decorate the room on Monday. Then then sent us a confirmation for the restaurant 3 times: once for 5 people, then for 6 people and then for 4 (we were 5). When we got the restaurant, they thought we were only 4, but they managed to squeeze another chair in and all was fine. They decorated the table with rose petals and sang happy birthday with a cake. Great fun and many hilarious pics.

We took the tours to Coba and Xcaret.
Coba includes a Mayan Ruin/jungle tour, a vist to a Mayan village, Mexican lunch and the a swim in a Cenote. Now if you've never been in an underwater cave, it's really worth the trip. It was really....really....REALLY hot that day. 37 with 97% humidity, the Cenote is about 16 meters (40 feet??) below the surface and the water is cold. They have 2 diving platforms- 1 at 5 meters and the other at 14 meters. The birthday girl was the brave one and jumped off the 5 meter. Unfortunatley, the little plastic clasp on her bikini top broke when she hit the water and we had to tie it on her so she could get out of the water....very funny.
We found out (too late) once on tour, that we could have brought gifts for the kids in the village. Our guide, Aldo, was the best guide I have seen and and did a fantastic job at explaning life in a Mayan Village. He is very involved in the community, knows all of the kids and is a big supporter of the school system. If you want to bring anything, then I suggest hard candy or very simple toys. In the past, peopel have given the children things sucha s Barbie dolls, but the kids got more enjoyment out of taking out the doll hair and making bracelets. The GI Joe doll heads were broken off and used as balls.

Xacret is a big water park/zoo. There is so much to see and do. My husband and his son did the bell diving and said it was beautiful to see all of the diffferent tropical fish. We all did the undreground river swim.
Suggestion: Do the swim as soona s you get to the park. It gets really crowded and a bit dificult to enjoy te river with all of those bodies bumping into you. We did not rent the snorkel gear. There are not really any fish in the river, so it's just a pint to try and deal with taht extra equipment. You can always rent the snorkel gear for swiming in the lagoon and look at the fish there.

5th Avenue
Take a taxi and spend a couple of hours looking in all of the shops. No lack of souvenirs!

The only complaint we had was related to the flight there and had nothing to do with the hotel. We booked with Sunquest (we always choose Sunquest), but instead of flying Sky Service, we flew on Air Transat. I thought they were competitors, so that was a little odd.
On the flight down, at lunch time, we got a soggy subway sandwich and on the way back, at supper time, we got another soggy subway sandwich.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip and a truly spectacular resort!


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Review Date: Thu August 24, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? No | Price paid per week?: $1,300.00 | Rating: 5 

Pros: beach
Cons: food

We decided to change from our usual vacation in Cancun to the Riviera Maya. We decided on the Riu Palace Mexico in Playacar after extensive research. We were there from August 8 through August 15th.

To begin with, if I had never been anywhere else, I would have rated this place better, but since there was a basis of comparison, especially nearby in
Cancun, I have to downgrade my marks overall. I have to say I was for the most part disappointed.

First, I must comment on Apple Vacations. Their airline, USA3000 is top notch - with decent food, more legroom, movie and a very cheerful flight crew. When we landed in Cancun (40 minutes early), the experience changed. After an easy pass though customs and baggage claim, we found our transfer. It was a bus which we boarded and had to wait for the rest of the Apple vacationers to get on - of course, there was that elusive 2 people who never showed which delayed our journey. Finally we left the airport at 10:30 AM and due to the many stops at other resorts and the traffic, we didn't arrive at the Riu Palace Mexico until after 12 noon! It was supposed to be a 45 minute trip. When we traveled previously through Liberty Travel and also through Palace Resorts transportation, we were always in a van and arrived at our resorts way before lunch! We were greeted at the door and our luggage was placed near the gift shop. We were then escorted to the lobby bar for a drink and "orientation". I was surprised when the hotel rep said they had the three rooms ready for our
group. But when I noted that two of them were located quite differently from the
other, I opted to check it out before accepting it. That was a good thing as we had 2
rooms overlooking a rooftop facing directly at a wall... I politely
returned the keys and said we would wait it out until 3pm and asked if he could
please get us on the first level as close to the pool as possible.
We wandered around and got some food. I was standing in the lobby around 2pm looking for my sons (they took the odd room) when the hotel rep called to me and said that he had our rooms ready. It couldn't have worked out better as we had 0018 and 0020 which, as you
walk out of the main building at ground level, are directly to the right. We had easy access to everything from there and although a little noisy in the
morning, closing the middle door in the room cut the noise off completely. We also
had a statue in a garden directly outside of our patio for a nice view. As previously posted by others, a courtyard view is $30 extra per person per night - totally not worth it! Quite a change from our usual hotels in Cancun where 60% of the rooms are ocean view with no upcharge! There is a small downside sitting on the patio in the late afternoon, as you are
listening to the people and carts using the the beach access walkway
for the Riu.Tequila.

The accommodations were very good and it was a plus to have the sitting area. I enjoyed the high-backed lumpy couch with sinking cushions which were my savior for the
week. The beds are worse than sleeping on rocks (for me) and even
getting a pad on the bed didn't help (like putting a tissue over the
rocks) so after two nights of really painful sleep I hit on the idea of
using the couch cushions on the bed. The first two nights I shared with
the wife but when she started to toss her cushion to the floor mid-way
through the night I took them both over completely. The TV was quite small, but it did receive a lot of channels (American included). The mini-bar was well stocked and the liquor dispensers were a nice touch. A coffee maker would be a plus, as the only place to get coffee is in the bar or in the courtyard (only at breakfast). Ice was a bit of a problem. The ice machine on our ground floor broke mid-week and 2 days later, the spot it occupied was walled over and repainted. The ice machine was taken away and never appeared again!

The beach at the Riu Palace Mexico is superb! There are not the rolling waves of Cancun, so it is calmer and very beautiful. There are a few clusters of rocks, but not too much of a problem. The best time to go is in the morning - clear water. Afternoon, the water gets more cloudy & full of seaweed. No problem, though, we just switched to the pool. The pools are separated - one very nice and deeper with no swim up bar - the other is ridiculously shallow! It is only about 2' deep ....a little ridiculous when one goes to stand up and walk away from the bar (especially me at 6'6").Whoever designed the pool area in two
sections and decided not to connect them obviously never walked on those
hot paving stones. We NEVER went anywhere around the hotel or pool area
without sandals on and there was always a line-up of them along the
edges of the pool. It would be a great idea to take some of the vast expanse of jungle and
sand and put in a larger deeper pool.
Now for the food. It was just not up to par. The buffet was expansive, but mostly the same thing every day & night. If you want it
to be fresh better get there early because the heat does wilt the food. They did have specialty nights, where they would add a few dishes, but if you has a seafood buffet the night before, you would see the same seafood the next day for lunch! I heard about a chocolate fountain but never saw one! While I didn't have any problems booking the specialty restaurants, even at 8:30 to 9am each day, I couldn't say there was much reason to make that effort. We did love the Japanese restaurant and tried to book it again for our last night, but we were informed it was closed due to low hotel occupancy. After the terrorist plot was foiled,
there was a noticeable decline in people at this hotel with very few
checking in. We were told there were around 600 people on Monday, the day
before we left.

The other specialty restaurants really aren't so special. The menus are very limited and they offer none of the presentations we have been accustomed to at other Cancun hotel specialty restaurants (pretty plate designs using the food & sauces). The Italian restaurant was never
open at night and the steakhouse was so hot that the waiters were dripping with sweat! Also, except for the Japanese, they were all partial buffet as you had to get your own salad (except Sir Edward) and dessert (all). It was really ridiculous for the dress code to be enforced in the buffet restaurant. Men were required to wear long pants with a collared shirt. Women could wear anything. How dressy are torn jeans compared to a nice pair of walking shorts.
More food notes which I wish I had known beforehand: except for the buffets served, there are no snacks to speak of. The Cubano bar serves nothing, but if you are sitting at the bar, the bartender has small plates of peanuts behind the bar - if you know to ask for them. The pool bar does have the nacho machine and the empty popcorn machine. It's difficult to drink alcohol without something to munch on. Other hotels we have been to have brought out snacks in the afternoon at about 4PM.; they also did specialty things like making mexican coffee or crepes- but not the "upscale Riu". I honestly think I only paid for their architecture and expansive property! No complaints about the alcohol - it was top shelf and always flowing.

I note in other reports complaints about management but I have to say
the staff that I encountered were excellent. They seemed to be not used to tipping,
as when I did it, it took about two days for word to get around - I found
my treatment to be very different on day three, as they all knew by then
to look for me. My wife enjoyed her chair held, our napkins were always
placed on our laps, etc.... My other encounter with the front desk
involved a broken suitcase handle (manufacturer's defect - it was brand new). I asked where I could get a nut and a screw to temporarily fix it - the front desk person told me they would send maintenance when I went back to my room. A young handyman took the case away and brought it back repaired and better than new !! I was really pleased with that. Also as reported before, the doorman Manuel was amazing! He stood out in his uniform and always was friendly and helpful. Most of the staff were great and very hard working. We only received 2 towel animals in the room (we are accustomed to one each day - spoiled I know) although we tipped $5 per day.

The night time entertainment was held outside in the courtyard. Although it was not as hot as when the sun was out, it was a little uncomfortable. They have a strange system of bringing you drinks. There is a main waiter who takes your order and another one brings it. There were several times we had to reorder when our order didn't show up. The band in the center of the courtyard was very good. They also had a kiddie show which involved the younger guests each night - this did not change - cute at first, monotonous later. The main entertainment rotated around the other hotels. The Michael Jackson show was surprisingly good. The Mayan show was amazing - do not miss it! Very professional.

We took one trip to Xel Ha which was very nice. If you go to south to Tulum or anywhere through there, you need to check if they are done with the road changes in the
Puerto Aventura area. It seems a pedestrian was run down on the road the previous
week and the locals were very upset. They came in
and shut the highway down to one lane and were installing huge speed
bumps in the highway. This created an hour backup both ways to get
through this town. I really felt bad for those staying at the Aventura
Palace as this all occurred right at their front entrance. We also went into
to the town of Playa del Carmen ($5 cab ride - well worth it) and enjoyed that immensely we did regret that we didn't get to try out any restaurants there as they all looked very inviting. We walked to all the other Riu's in the area and were satisfied with our choice (the Riu Palace Riviera Maya was the only other one with an air-conditioned lobby) although the other hotels had better pools. We did have the best beach area.

When it was time for our departure, we discovered that there was no bell service before 7AM! There was also no room service for a quick breakfast before 7AM either! Our pick-up was scheduled for 7:10 AM, so we were almost out of luck. Fortunately, there was some coffee set up outside in the courtyard.with a basket of about 6 pastries. They call this "continental breakfast" and set it up at 6:30 AM.

So all in all when I do go back to Mexico, it won't be to another Riu. The Palaces are way too quiet and stuffy and the others just don't measure up to what I am used to.

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Review Date: Sun December 17, 2006 Would you recommend this Riu Resort? Yes | Price paid per week?: None indicated | Rating: 0 

Pros: Service, food, accomodation, beach, everything
Cons: two double beds rather than a true king

Beds like concrete, towel game in effect, unfriendly, food in the buffets always the same, never a drop of rain, rooms smell, ocean smooth as glass, no bugs – all of the above – NOT!

I’ll start out first with a review of the Palace Mexico which would be of interest to those who have never been there before.

Walking in the main lobby doors it is in a word, grande. Reception and gift shop are on the right, the 20 ft high Christmas tree to the left and Chapel, yes it’s still there, further to the left. You then walk to Cubano Lounge where the piano is, bar, and lots of seats plus an upper lounge area. About ¼ of the main lounge is non-smoking.
Continuing walking towards the fountain/courtyard area you go down a huge staircase and at the bottom are the Don Julian buffet restaurant, Miyagi, Sir Edward and La Bodega. Walking out onto the courtyard you’ll find a large fountain, seating area and a gazebo where many weddings take place and the band plays in the evening.
The theatre is on the right with its own lounge which opens at 6:00pm. At 8:00pm the Animacion Team invites any children staying at the resort up on stage to play some games and win prizes. At 8:30 the band starts and plays until 9:45 when the Stage Show starts and runs for about 45 – 60 minutes. Lots of dancing, mariachis, etc.
Continuing towards the beach you see all the fountains that many people like to have a room overlooking then the pools, both to the right and left with a swim-up bar and pool bar on the left. There you can get nachos, popcorn and waiter service drinks both at tables or at the lounges around the pools. Following the sidewalk towards the beach to the left is the gym and spa. There’s also a library of used books in the gym so if you bring a book and finish it, head down there and do an exchange.
To the right are two more restaurants open during the day, La Traviata and El Patio. El Patio closes early in the afternoon and is the steakhouse restaurant in the evening.
On to the sand through all the palm trees, lots of lounges and hammocks until you hit the resort’s property line. Lots of lounges at any time of the day although you may have to move them to a location of your choice. If you wish shade you’ll have to stay back under the palms and shift your lounges as the sun moves around.

BEACH: Now very wide and about what it was a couple of years ago before the hurricanes last year. There is about a 5 foot slope from the high part of the beach to the water. While there this year, there were very few calm days, all yellow flag, with some big rollers coming in. Jo lost an earring when hit by one wave. The water is quite murky for the first 30 metres as the sand was swirling from the waves. Out further it was clear enough you could see your feet. In the first 10 metres there’s lots of small rocks and pebbles and the next 10 metres some larger rocks varying in size from 6 inches to a foot.

LOUNGE: Listen to David Carillo play the piano weeknights from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. He’s been there since our first trip. The last two times we took some piano cds down to him and this year we asked him to learn to play Hoagy Carmichael’s Stardust for when we return next year. No longer do they have Modelo Negra beer. Only Corona regular and dark. There is a small no-smoking section, about ¼ of the lounge, next to the piano. There’s also a balcony overlooking the lounge where many wedding parties can celebrate with some privacy.

ROOMS: After opening the door you enter a small hallway with a door to the right that enters the bathroom. Large counter with one sink, hair dryer and new soaps, body lotions, etc laid out each day and a bathtub/shower. There is a separate area off the bathroom behind a solid sliding door that houses the toilet and bidet.
Carrying on through the hallway and trying to figure out which light switch controls what you enter the bedroom area with two double beds, made separately, and pushed together to form a king. There’s a large closet with plenty of hangers, iron and ironing board, and the safe. A separate closet holds the mini-fridge which holds plenty of water, sodas and beer (Corona). Above that are the ice bucket, glasses and liquor dispenser holding Bacardi white rum, Presidente brandy, Schmirnoff vodka and Jose what’s his name tequila. All the electrical outlets are flush with the wall and are typical 3 pronged North American standard. A two step down to the sitting area with dresser with lots of drawers, tv, coffee table and couch. Then two sliding doors and screens out to the patio/balcony which has two adjustable plastic seats and a small table which we used to place a candle and sometimes burn in the evening. The air-conditioning stops if the sliding doors are not closed. There’s also an overhead fan in the room which we used all the time rather than the air-conditioning. A new feature that’s been added this year is room service for snacks from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm. This is in addition to the usual light breakfast you can order. I’ll be posting a copy of the snack menu in the photo gallery shortly.

La Bodega: We ate there one evening only because our reservations to Miyagi’s got screwed up and Bernardo, one of our favourites, was Head Waiter. Salad and dessert bar and main course of vegetables and meat are brought to your table. Meat, meat, and more meat. Probably wouldn’t eat there again, just not our thing.
Miyagi’s: Japanese with total a la carte. Soushi, tempura shrimp and vegetables, various main courses, I had tamarind shrimp and Jo had balsamic salmon but cooked very well done (almost hard) and then deep fried ice cream for dessert.
Don Julian: the main buffet and our favourite. Eat as much as you want, as much variety as you want, Mexican section every evening plus huge salad, cold meats, cheeses, etc counters, several cooking stations serving several made to order pastas, turkey, legs of beef, pork, and lamb, chicken, duck, salmon, etc on different evenings. Some evenings there’d be shrimp, mussels, and clams. For dinner there is nearly 300 feet of running counter holding food. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. One thing to try are the small beef tenderloins available at lunch and dinner at the main cooking station. They are so tender they melt in your mouth. I’ve been raving about them to Jo for the past 3 years and finally she tried them this year. She was having them at both lunch and dinner.

Favourite People: Maria (General Manager Directora), Karima (Asst Manager Sub Directora ), Francisco (Manager Food and Beverages), Javier (Manager Animacion), Jimmy (Asst Manager Animacion), Hernandez (Maitre’d), Gabriel (#2 Maitre’d), Santoyo (Head Waiter), Christian (Head Waiter), Bernardo (Head Waiter), Manuel (Doorman), Waiters – Manuel del Toro, Flor, Daniel, Ester, Drink Waiters – Lopez and Carlos, Animacion Team members especially Aida and Miguel who are getting married at the RPM Jan 5th (wish we could be there) and finally our maid who we’d had a couple of years ago, Maria

Now for the report:

We started out early Friday afternoon for Calgary. No snow at home, a bit on the road when we got to the Alberta side, then snow and cold by the time we got to our hotel in Calgary. Planned on getting up at 2:00am to catch 3:00am shuttle to the airport for our 6:00am flight. Alarm went off at midnight – I’d set it wrong – duh! Never got back to sleep. After checking out, two other families were getting the same plane, we were told the shuttle bus had broken down and they called cabs for each of us. Lots already checking in by the time we got there, around 3:30, ok’d our ziplock bag of liquids, etc. Being so early we had to wait for security to open and just sat and dozed for a bit. Through security without a problem, no taking off shoes, no opening carryon, etc. And then we sat, and sat, and sat. Finally started to load just after 6:00am and then told it would be another 10 minutes while they de-iced. Would we ever get airborne? Finally started taxiing to the runway at 6:45, ¾ hour late. But we made most of it up and landed about 20 minutes later than scheduled. Breakfast was an omelet in a wrap, ok at best. Included was a container of fruit cocktail. Heard a few small explosions around us, I opened mine slowly and tried it. Not too good. We were all then checking “best before” date and it was June 19/06. Flight attendant sort of apologized and said many others were ok.
Landed at terminal 1 and shuttle by bus over to terminal 2 for Immigration and Customs. Guess the building isn’t quite ready yet. Get to Immigration and see between 500 and 1,000 people lined up, it is Saturday remember. All booths were open and they were moving people quickly. On to collect our luggage then “green” light and heads down and rushing past the timeshare sharks. Saw the yellow tourist bags this time but “nope, not stopping for anything”. Find Sunquest rep and they take us to our van. At the van next to ours is a young chap and his wife looking at us closely, then calls our names. He used to be our neighbour 10 or more years ago but he was a rebellious teenager then. His mother still is our neighbour. They were going to Riu Cancun.
Another couple waiting at our van, they’re heading to the Barcelo Maya, and we’re told there are four more to come. After about ½ hour two women show up and they’re going to the Yucatan. Of course I in my non-tactful way just said “get held up by the timeshare people?” “Yes” with apologetic looks. The other two never did show and the driver decided to leave without them.
We were first out at the Palace Mexico and went to reception. New kid, didn’t know with a RiuClass card you don’t have to show id. Took our passports and recorded info, etc. Offered us room 1141, “whoa – don’t think that’s a room I want” Checked my magic book and nope. I said to him “is this the room Karima said to give us?” A woman came out and said “I gave you that room, it was supposed to be 1144 but it’s not ready yet, but it’s just as good with a view of the fountains” “no no” says I, “it has a solid balcony wall and we want to see through. When will the other be ready and we’ll go and have some lunch?” Didn’t give her the chance to say that’s all you can have. LOL. She said it would be ready in about ½ hour and we said we’ll be back in about ¾ hour.
Had the good old guacamole and salsa and chips for lunch then back to reception. Ran into Francisco, Manager of Food and Beverages, on the way. Big hugs and kisses. And he was very concerned we didn’t have our room yet and was going to come back with us. No need. Then we also met Super Sexy Dee Jay Jimmy and big hugs and kisses again. Well hugs from me and kisses from Jo. Both Francisco and Jimmy have been there every visit. Get to reception and Manuel the doorman sees us and comes rushing over, more hugs and kisses. Gave my name again at reception and “you’re Karima’s friend” “Si”. And we get the key to room 1144. Of we go and minutes after our luggage arrived in came a bottle of champagne from Francisco.
Of course we had to open it right away. Tee hee!
Eventually get to Don Julian for dinner and Karima’s there. She said “I didn’t think you were coming til next week”. More hugs and kisses – I do the kissing this time. LOL. Then lots of hugs and kisses as we meet Hernandez, the maitre’d and many other staff members. Hernandez personally takes us to our table and asks what kind of wine. Tinto for me and blanca for Jo. Our waiter comes over a couple of minutes later and asks the same question, same answer and he brings glasses of wine for us. A short toast and we start drinking the wine and the waiter runs over and grabs the glasses out of our hands “wrong wine, wrong wine”. Hernandez then brings a couple of bottles of Chilean wine that he got from one of the specialty restaurants. So to make a long story short, couple glasses of champagne, drink in Cubano bar, bottle of wine myself, café mayan after dinner and another drink and I don’t remember going to bed. LOL.

Sunday I gave Karima her new “Rusty’s” button, flashing heart and cube. She wasn’t around when we went looking for her so just left them for her and Maria (Manager) along with pics from last year on her desk. By the time we returned to our room several hours later it was decorated with red and white heart balloons and more champagne. And for the next two days Karima was wearing her flashing heart all over the resort until the battery died. She said she had more batteries.
Sunday we also tried to contact Stephanie at the RPRM but were unsuccessful.
We were supposed to eat at Miyagi Monday night but somehow our reservations got screwed up so ate at La Bodega instead. Maitre’d got us fixed up for Miyagi the following evening. IMHO Las Bodega has toooooooo much meat but we went because of its head waiter, Bernardo.
Met Peter and Angela at RPM Tuesday and gave him his supply of Fiesta stuff and then Lupita Beach Bar Wed. Unfortunately the only alcohol they serve there is wine and beer. Back to change and then back to RPRM for dinner at the Mexican restaurant with Peter and Angela. IMHO the food they serve on Mexican night at the buffet is better.
Friday we were invited to a “special” Manager’s dinner. I think it’s for those who have been to the RPM 4 times. Waste of time, we missed Italian night at Don Julian.
Excellent weather all week, waves generally large and while not an undertow there was definitely a current that wanted to take you off-shore. The next week it seemed calm enough that Jo would go in. But alas a huge roller hit us both and knocked a gold earring off Jo. Gone!!!
Checked out Wal*Mart because I forgot to pack seasickness pills and Ibu. Jo broke a finger before we left home and it was still swelling up. They were one third the price of the Pharmacia I checked. 99.9% shoppers were Mexican and I didn’t notice any English being spoken.
Off to Cozumel Sunday, that’s why I needed Dramamine, to see our niece and check out how the renovations to her house were coming. Still lots to do. Drove over to the far side of the island and had another fabulous lunch at Coconuts. Also margarita is about 4 times the size you got at the RPM. But of course there you have to pay for them, tasted the same.
Then for the next week we were into pretty steady rain, the occasional sun would pop through and dry things out and allow you to go to the beach.

Every morning we went to the beach around 9 or 9:30 and neither at the pools or the beach was the towel game being played. Even when the resort was running at 100%, most of the time, and one day had over 1,000 guests. The only day it was very busy at the beach and difficult to find a lounge was when it had rained a couple of days pretty well non-stop and the new guests hadn’t had an opportunity to go swimming. Lots of shade from the palm trees now. There is no shade on the wide beach itself but that is public property so the Rius would not be able to put up umbrellas on public property. Security removed quite a few non-Riu guests that day.

Met the Big Bambu and her entourage at the Yucatan Tuesday along with several other board members. I’ll let BB tell you who was there (hopefully).
Rain, rain and more rain.

Dinner at Don Julian was excellent every night and we preferred to eat there although we had opportunities to eat at the specialties. And of course the chocolate fountain appeared about 10 days into our trip. And with dark bitter-sweet chocolate that I died for every evening.

Dancing in the courtyard in the evening, except when they did the Salsa and I got in big big trouble because I wouldn’t get up and dance with a couple of the Animacion Girls. But I don’t know how. Give me foxtrot, polka, rock and roll and I’m happy as a clam. Maybe next year we’ll take the lessons they offer every day. Javier said all dances are the same, you just have to move to the beat.

Finally Saturday came around, flower petals all over our table (as they were many other evenings) and many goodbyes. Bus to terminal 2, check in very smooth, security? – what security? We forgot we had a bottle of water in our carryon, didn’t have to show our ziplock, didn’t have to take off shoes, etc. And boarding was just as easy. BUT if you travel on an American airline then expect the 5th degree. Prior to boarding all carryon was being hand inspected, some people were being wanded, shoes off, etc. Very very tight so it all depends upon which airline you’re traveling on. Shuttle bus over to terminal 1 and it then decided to dump again. By the time we got from the bus to inside the plane we were soaked. Over an hour late leaving so late arriving at Calgary. Shuttle picked us up and we crashed very early that night. Glad we decided to stay over because we were too bagged to drive home.

We’re already planning our 5th trip next year, but this time I’ll leave it until around September hoping to not lose so many $ as we did this year by booking early. I’m late getting this up because I got quite sick after returning, picked up a bad cold virus on the plane. The good news – I lost 7 pounds in 7 days so lost everything I’d put on down there. Jo is jealous.


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Pros: Absolutely breath taking resort
Cons: NONE

This was our second trip to RPM as we also went last year. Our first visit was so wonderful we just had to go again.
We always travel Apple Vacations and have never had any problems. This year w opted for the non-stop transfer which was only $20 more per person. From Cancun to RPM we did have 2 more couples in the van but we were dropped off first at RPM and they went on to RPRM. On the return trip to the airport as private vehicle picked us up and we were the only couple. Well worth the $40 extra bucks.

I am always speechless when we enter the lobby area. It is one of the most beautiful resorts we have ever been to. Manuel always greets you with a smile and I am not for sure but it did seem like he remembered us from last year.

Upon check in we asked for room 2045. That is the room we had last year and loved it. It is at the very end of the resort by the jacuzzi and with a view of the ocean. Luis said he was sorry but it was occupied and no other rooms in that area were available. So, they gave us room 2061 which was a nice room with a view of the fountains. We asked them if they could check again as we explained about having the room last year. So, they did some checking and explained it would be available the next day. You should have seen our eyes light up. They showed us the room and our luggage was received promptly. The next morning went down to the desk to ask Luis about getting room 2045 as we previously discussed. He said to check back at 11:00. So, we did and THE ROOM WAS READY and we were able to switch. We now felt like we were back home. We don't mind the long walk to the lobby or restaurants since we want to be close to the pool and beach. Plus it helps walk off some of those extra pounds we seem to gain while there. Our room was always cleaned daily with towel art each day too. Each evening when we came back from our evening out - the beds were turned down with the bathroom picked up and fresh towels. That was always nice.

The food is fabulous. We always ate at Don Julian - that is our favorite. I like having the same waiters they make you feel so special and take excellent care of you. Making sure you have everything you might possibly need. We always found all the food to our liking. We especially loved the Chef's Special night. We don't do the specialty restaurants because we don't like having to have a specific time for dinner. Although we always seemed to have dinner at 8:30. We found a table our first night that we liked and it was always reserved for us each evening. The last 3 nights we were there our table was even decorated with beautiful flowers and a bottle of wine. I still can't believe some people complain about the food choices. If one can't find something they like at the Don Julian it is their fault. Breakfast was always good too. They make omlettes every morning, fresh pancakes, waffles, french toast. You name it they have it. So, this is why I always gain weight each year. Never do we eat three meals a day at home but when at RPM we don't miss one meal.

The pool was wonderful. Maria was always there to make sure our drinks were filled. Emily the lady who passed out towels always had a beautiful smile to greet us with each morning. We never had a problem getting a lounger. If you don't go in the morning you might not get the exact spot you might want but there was always one to pick from.

Now for the beach. It is terrible what mother nature can do. Yes there is a lot of erosion. It didn't really bother us even though we are total beach freaks. We just would take our walk further to the south each morning. There is still beautiful beach areas as you go near Sandos and beyond. I do believe the wave action is alot more then last year. I was a little apprehensive to get out to far. When I did attempt it the waves washed me over twice. Hubby said I looked like a beached whale trying to get up. He thought it was funny.

Entertainment was great. Last year we missed the Michael Jackson show but this year was able to watch it at RP Playa Car. It was as good as we had heard. We also watched shows at Tequila. We always enjoy the Miss RIU Palace contest. It is hilarious. Hubby won't let me do it because he won't get up there on stage. I did get him up there two nights though to do the RIU dance which is always fun.

I could just go on and on. But, it must come to an end. So, here's to next year.

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We were on the Thomson 767-315 from Birmingham, Unfortunately the runway is too short for the fully laden plane to take off with enough fuel to get to Mexico, so it does a 25 minute hop to Manchester to take on fuel and a new crew. The plane was an hour late leaving since they had to taxi a steward from Doncaster to Birmingham for the first section of the trip … and the taxi got stuck in the rush hour traffic.

The flight finally left Manchester about 3 hours after we first boarded the plane, we took a southerly route – presumably the most cost effective way to benefit from tail winds and lowest over flight charges … the route was Manchester, over Dublin, Bahamas, Barbados, skirted just to the south of the Florida Keys then to Cancun.

On the 767-315 the following seat rows are missing after latest seating knee room upgrades:-
11-13 incl.
29-31 incl.

Cancun airport was super quick and we got a green light when we pressed the button. On exiting the airport we eventually found a Thomson rep who directed us to the bus for the RPM.

We finally arrived at the resort at 5PM … 19 hours door-to-door.

We were allocated room 2065 (fountain view south side), which we negotiated a change to 1135 (fountain view north side) so we would have a room with a balcony, without a concrete wall, and would catch the setting sunat the end of each day. Thomson pay for a garden view room – The RiuClass gold card usually wins us some sort of upgrade.

Marie Jose Rincon – Directora
Roberto Pimentel – Subdirectora (Food and Beverages)
Judith Winkels – Subdirectora (Customer Relations, Rooms etc) – Used to be PR Manager at the RPRM under Stephanie Weffer.
Rosario Bustamante – Public Relations Manager

Stephanie Weffer is now Subdirectora at the Clubhotel Riu Jalisco (from RPRM)

Sabrina Minetti is now Subdirectora at the RPRM – has moved over from the same role at the Tequila.

We went along for our RiuBambu Fiesta at the Yucatan on the 25th October at 4PM. No one else turned up – so went back to the RPM at 4:20 (apparently some people did arrive at 4:30 but missed us). Other than that we did very little whilst there except chill out.


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Riu Palace October 29th to Nov. 7th

We had a great time at the Palace. The hotel is beautiful and the staff is fantastic. We had no problems at all. Everyone was pleasant and helpful. They could not do enough for you and, in fact, Daisy, the hostess at the restaurant, stopped by our table several times to ask if there was anything we needed in our room or anything at all they could do to make our stay more pleasant! We couldn’t think of a thing!

Rooms were great, nice sitting area, lots of drawer space. Maids kept room very clean, turn down service at night. Beds were hard but we slept really well there.

Food was great. We preferred the buffet to the ala cartes, never felt that way at any other all-inclusive. You did have to make reservations in the morning but never had more than 8 or 10 people in line and it moved quickly. Five minutes in line tops. I think many ate at the buffet instead. Presentation was lovely, waiters were constantly filling your glass and removing plates.

Entertainment was as good as any resort we’ve been to, although we don’t care for the audience participations shows which were about twice a week. The animation team always stopped to say hi. The bands in the gazebo were very good, as was the piano player in the lobby bar.

Pool is very nice, never crowded, lots of loungers. Pool wait service was very good.

The beach unfortunately washed away before our eyes. I would say 10 feet of beach disappeared while we there and a huge 4 foot drop off appeared making access to the beach in front of the hotel difficult, we walked to the Yucatan where the drop was a little less. They brought trays of drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic to you.

Checked out the other Rius but kept coming back to the palace. The Yucatan was nice and had a nice pool.

There was quite a bit of topless on the beach if that concerns you (didn’t bother us).

We had no problem carrying keys to the room or safe, always have some little bag with us or you can put them in your pocket.

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Riu Palace Mexico – November 25 to December 9
This was our 5th trip to the Riu Palace Mexico, 8th and 9th weeks, and we have gone same time each of the last five years.
While we live in British Columbia, Calgary AB is our closest international airport so fly from there. Our Air Transat flight was a scheduled 6:00 am departure so it meant travel to Calgary the day before and stay overnight at a hotel on the edge of the airport, Airport Sandman.
Flight was about ½ hour late leaving due to them having to add some extra luggage at the last minute and same arriving in Cancun. Uneventful flight but took close to an hour to get our luggage and out to the waiting Sunquest bus. Then more waits because some passengers didn’t show. If you have transportation included in your package but decide to go privately please let the tour operator know so they don’t wait for you.
Arrived at the resort about 3:00 pm but room wasn’t quite ready. Manuel the doorman gave us the usual great greeting “welcome home” as soon as he saw us. He’s been there for all our visits. Went for a quick snack and when we returned to reception our luggage had been sent to our room, picked up our room key, safe lock and key and towel cards. We were given room #0137 which was next to the room we had on our first stay and in the area we had requested by email. The room was ground floor in the north unit overlooking the fountains. No musty smell, no mould visible anywhere and the room appeared to have been painted within the past year.
While we had noticed on past visits the cigar smell in the lobby lounge area we did not notice it this year unless someone was smoking nearby.

The grounds were as beautiful and well maintained as ever, pool water was clean and only a little bit cooler than the ocean temperature. But it was very hot during our two weeks reaching low to mid 80’s every day and high humidity. No rain although a couple of evenings it might have spit a little while we were inside eating.

Food in the Don Julian buffet was well varied for all meals but we noticed that the small beef tenderloins that were previously available both lunch and dinner during our prior visits were no longer available. Also there was no Brie or Camembert cheese so my wife mentioned it to the Manager and voila, Camembert cheese was available the next evening. That night we happened to be eating in Sir Edward with friends and the Manager sent in a special plate of the cheese to our table. That’s service.

We ate at both Sir Edward and Miyagi and enjoyed both. No problem getting reservations at either one. Very small number of people waiting at 8:30 am to make reservations and you were in and out in minutes. Sir Edward Gourmet Restaurant is changing its name to Crystal early next year with renovations. I don’t know if they’re changing the menu.

Other than those two meals we ate totally in Don Julian, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast and dinner were on the outside patio with Santoyo and his crew, Elia in the morning and Flor and Daniel in the evening. Every night they held the same table for us and it was always decorated with flowers. One night towards the end of our stay one couple who we didn’t recognize said “same table as last year” with a smile on their face.

Room Service: We went without lunch one day so decided to try the room service with a glass of champagne in our room. We ordered Caesar salad with chicken breast, clubhouse sandwich, and raspberry cheesecake. We were told 15 minutes and it was delivered within 5 minutes. All dishes were well presented, for snack service, and tasted great. 10 out of 10 points.
One day when I was not well and as she did not wish to eat dinner in the dining room alone Jo ordered the clubhouse sandwich for dinner. Poorly presented and not nearly as good. At best, 2 out of 10. Maria, the Manager told us that next year Room Service should be available 24 hours, and hopefully with a little more on the menu. Right now it’s just snacks.

If you’re lacking something in your room, just ask the right person. We never drank any beer or hard liquor in our room but do like to have a glass of wine or champagne in the afternoon. Gabriel (one of the two maitre’ds) arranged for us to always have Rose wine in the fridge and Patricio (Manager of the bars/lounges) looked after the champagne. Also there was no towel rack on our patio wall. Asked reception first day, no response, asked another person couple days later, nothing. Finally asked Judith the Assistant Manager and it was installed by the time we returned to the room.

David the piano player is still there. He’s been there for all of our trips and I take cds to him each year and last year gave him his homework to learn Stardust. He knew we were coming and as soon as he saw us and we got over the “welcome homes” he started playing it for us and played it every time we went to the piano bar. I also asked him if he had recorded any of his music. Our last evening there he brought us a cd of 8 of his favourite songs that he plays. We now have them playing in both vehicles.

Beaches: We were expecting the worst so we found it not as bad as we had thought it to be. Rius are working hard at restoring the beach at the Palace Mexico and the Yucatan with hopes it will be much better by Christmas. Lots of whales (sand bladders) being put into the ocean and filled with sand to stop the sand from drifting away.

For those taking laptops with them you can now access the wireless signal in the lobby area, don’t know if there’s a charge but doubt it, and the Manager said they’re hoping to have all rooms wired for wireless internet some time next year. We used the Tequila’s internet facilities in the Sports Bar because I prefer using a mouse. Also the Palace would only give 30 minutes for the price of 15 using my Riu Class card and no banking time whereas the Tequila gave me 2 hours for the price of 1 and I could bank the time. It’s been that way for 3 years now.

I got quite sick the last week and over the course of the two weeks spent 4 days confined to our room. My wife picked up medication at the farmacia in the Plaza across from the Riu Playacar which helped a great deal. But I was still unable to eat anything for two days. The good part I was 10 pounds lighter when I got home than when I left.

Will we go back? Wife says yes. As we were leaving I was questioning it but now that I’m feeling better I’m sure it will be “same time, same station”. The staff are wonderful and they remember you and many remember your names. Also while we were there we ran into many guests who we had become friends with during prior visits.

Check our Playacar resorts beach and Palace Mexico pictures at


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Pros: Everything
Cons: You can't give 11 out of 10


My first review for a Riu Hotel but what a hotel.

After taking advice from members here in this forum we were able to have the best holiday we have had in 30 years.
The pictures of the hotel dont do it justice, it is out of this world in class and general feel good factor.
We arrived on Thursday 28th Aug and were checked very promptly we asked about our room allocation as we had emailed Katy Black about this ,the desk said that she had recommended that we stay in room 1067 and the this was allocated to us.
The room was fantastic spotless clean and a great view of the courtyard and fountains.
Although we had requested nearer the pool end and top floor we went with Katy's recomendation and she was right this location was ideal.
We were treated like royalty by all of the staff nothing was too much bother and always a "hola" from everyone.
Dining in the main buffet resturant was our favourite, we tried the speciality resturants but preferred Don Julian the choice of food was enormous and always fresh and hot.
A special mention to the staff at the Don Julian Anita who was so attentive and gave my wife improptu spanish lessons ,a new word and phrase everyday it was the highlight of day,also Junior for his cheeky smile and high five's also Adela who kept our favourite table every night for us and on our last night covered it with flowers.
The nightly shows were very entertaining and the waiting staff very attentive.
We had many a good night in the piano bar after the main show had finished, getting to know people from around the world and had a great time with friends we met from scotland having some late nights "2:30am" late breakfast that morning.
David Carillo who plays the piano treated us to a rendition of Claire De Lune that I had requested for my wife who adores this music, he was excellent for someone who is not classicly trained.
Katy Black left us a letter in our room with a present and then met up with us a few nights later and we had a great chat,she says she is looking forward to the next meeting you guys are having and too tell people to email her for any requests and she will be happy to oblige if she can.
Pool and beach nice and clean with plenty of chairs waiter service excellent, lots of palm trees for shade what more do you need.
If you are looking for a relaxed pampered holiday then look no further.
Some people always find something wrong with their hotel usually spending most of their time looking for it ,they will have a hard time finding something wrong with this hotel.

11 out 10


Colin & Brenda

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Pros: Grounds, pool, staff, food and drink.
Cons: Slippery tile floors and sidewalks when wet.

Monday, December 8: Depart for Philadelphia Ramada Inn at about 7:20 p.m. Arrival and check in was uneventful. We were in the room by 9:40 p.m. Not much sleep though, always worried about waking up and catching the shuttle ride to the airport.

Tuesday, December 9: Very loud alarm clock and wake up call raise us from sleep at 3:20 a.m. We catch the shuttle at 4:30 a.m. and the short ride to the airport is made more difficult because the shuttle driver drops us off at US Airways Domestic instead of US Airways International. A chilly walk back to Terminal A clears our minds. Although we were advised to be at the airport three hours before our flight departure time, we find the US Airways check-in counter closed. Many would-be travelers are waiting for them to open. We are among the first in line and move through without too much trouble. We pay $15 for each of our first pieces of luggage, and $25 for our second piece. Then, we had to wait for Security to open. We head to Gate 21 and have a nice, light breakfast. Our flight boards on time and we find only 55 passengers onboard the 200 seat capacity plane. There’s lots of room for everyone. There are now charges for all beverages and food in flight, and no movies or other entertainment available. Disappointing, but I got to read my book. The flight path took us over Key West, Florida and I got a few good pictures. The flight was smooth, and we arrived early in Cancun—10:15 a.m. The pilot tells us that it is 81 degrees and overcast. Immigration goes without issue as the airport arrival area is empty except for our flight. Our luggage was waiting for us when we arrived at claims and we got the green light to pass through Customs without a search. By 10:45 a.m. we were waiting with our American Express representative—Jimmy. We were on the road to the RPM by 11 a.m. There was a drop off at Secrets Maromo Beach. That resort has a long, rough ride from highway 307 to the lobby area. As we enter Playa del Carmen there’s a brief shower. Along the highway we pass many groups of young people walking or running, carrying torches alongside a motorized display with an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe decorated with many flowers. The transfer driver explains that it is customary for these images to be moved from residence to residence—it is considered an honor to be able to host the images. They carry the images along the way from Cancun to Tulum. There was a brief rain shower and we see a car accident—a car nearly struck one of the lovely Christmas trees in the median of the highway. Traffic is very heavy along the highway now, and there are even more speed bumps as more development has occurred. As we approach the Playacar hotel zone, there’s another car accident! We arrive at the RPM at 12:10!

Check in with Kim is flawless, and we are given our room—1146 immediately. It is beautiful with lovely towel art. We each have an ice cold Corona on the balcony overlooking the fountains. We have a bite to eat at the beach, and head to the beach bar, where Tony makes us a fabulous sangrita. I tell him that I just can’t get the knack of making them at home, so he gets all of the ingredients and has me make the next round! It begins to rain, and there we were, still in our travel clothes, laughing in the rain, loving life. We enjoy this warm rain and scurry back to our room to change into some dry clothes. When we arrive back, we find our room attendant—Rosa has decorated our room with balloons, and even more holiday towel art! We take a short nap (it’s already been a long day) and then shower to meet Peterhr and his wife at the piano bar. Mr. & Mrs. Jobob join us and we have a lovely time. They break the news to me that photographers are no longer allowed to take pictures of animals with tourists. My animal perch hat will need to be retired. What delightful people! We have dinner at Don Julian. We are so thankful for our already full day, but we venture to the Riu Yucatan to say hello to our dear friends there—we’re home. When we get back to the RPM we find the Michael Jackson show in progress. We head to our room, and take just a moment on the balcony to enjoy the star-filled sky and Christmas light filled courtyard. Paradise…sleep.

Wednesday, December 10:
We’re up early and to the beach by 9 a.m. Plenty of loungers and hammocks await on this sunshine filled morning. We enjoy a delicious breakfast at 9:30 and return to the pool bar area—lots of children jumping in the pool—this is frustrating because it always seems to me it’s an accident waiting to happen. The pools are cool—well, it’s December. We have lunch at 1:30 and walk to the Yucatan to see more of our friends. We walk the beach to the RPRM for a look around. Thoughts: It seems quite empty, and the first impression is how large it is. The bartenders are friendly and the grounds are very nice. It doesn’t have the lovely fountains that the RPM has, and I think in many ways it lacks some of the RPM’s old world charm. We walk to the Riu Tequila and find that the Life is Good shop is still there in the lobby. Our afternoon is spent at las Conchas playing Zilch, and as luck would have it, Peterhr and his wife happen along. We enjoy another hour of cocktails before heading back to get ready for dinner. There was an inflatable Corona bottle set up for a group that’s arriving later in the day…it beckons Mrs. Peterhr and me to pose for pictures with it. We have dinner at Don Julian—fantastic as usual. Jobob and his wife stop by for a chat. After that, it was time to head for a Toasted Almond as we enjoy the Mariachi—bravo! As we are walking back to our room, who do we spot on the second floor? Mr. & Mrs. Peterhr! Life is good! We listen to the Mariachi from our balcony, and then, it is time to rest.

Thursday, December 11:
We are up at 7 a.m. to have breakfast and then head to the Riu Caribe to meet the Pinklesticks. Our server, Elia is wonderful. We meet Mr. & Mrs. Peterhr in the lobby and Manuel calls a cab for us. When we arrive at the doors of the Riu Caribe, the Pinklesticks are waiting for us! The lobby area is beautiful, with vines hanging down around the perimeter. It is open air. We enjoy a tour of the grounds and a delicious visit to their buffet—the Albatros. We head to the Sports Bar for drinks. Then we venture to the lobby area for a round of Bloody Caesars. At about 1 p.m. we head out to the Riu Cancun and Riu Palace Las Americas for a tour and a beverage (or two). It always seemed that Mrs. Peterhr and Mr. Rainbow managed to get to the bars first. Perhaps that’s because the two crazy site administrators were always taking pictures *laughing*. Thoughts on the Cancun Riu’s: if I decide to stay there, it will be the Riu Caribe. It is amazing what they have done to create a jungle like atmosphere just steps away from the busy street. The lobby with its turtle pond, has a peaceful and lush feel. The pool and beach area are beautiful with many crossover bridges and lovely walkways. The RPLA is a lovely resort, but it seems more formal than even the RPM and RPRM. The Riu Cancun is a hopping place, lots of activities, perhaps a little busy. But, the beers were cold at all of the Cancun Riu’s. I can’t imagine that one wouldn’t have a fabulous time no matter where they stayed there. All three of the resorts were decorated beautifully for Christmas. We headed back to Playa in time for late day sangrita at las Conchas. A full moon was rising and another magical evening was ready to begin. We enjoy dinner at Don Julian and drinks at the theatre. It is a little chilly, and so we head to the second floor of la Cubana for a nightcap. We see Mr. & Mrs. Peterhr in the lobby with their computer. And, we finally get to see Katy again. She is so lovely and polite. We head back to our room at about 11 p.m. ready to prepare for a new day.

Friday, December 12:
We are by the pool at 7:30 a.m. playing Zilch. We have breakfast at 9:30 a.m. and enjoy the brilliant sunshine. We get ready to meet the Pinks at the Riu Tequila, where they will be spending the night. We arrive at the Tequila lobby and find the Peterhrs and Pinks already there. We have a walkabout while they wait for their room to be prepared. When we get back, their room is ready, and we walk with them to 3518. It is obvious that no one has stayed in this room since the renovations. They are stocking the fridge and the bar for the first time. They settle into their room a bit, and then we head to the pavilion bar for a few beers. Then it was time to head to the RPM for the Pinks day passes! My husband and I head to la Margarita at the Yucatan for lunch—they now have Plexiglas around the cold foods on the buffet. We head to the plaza bar for the fiesta, and Natasha and her husband and LJS73 are already waiting! We enjoy introductions, and Ricardo, bartender extraordinaire helps get us started. The Peterhrs, Jobobs, and Pinks soon join us and tequila boom-booms are ordered for everyone! We have a raffle for a calendar, Riu mini cars, Rusty’s Riu buttons and we make sure that Ricardo gets a car as well. Naomie and Michael are given buttons. The sun breaks from behind the clouds, and yes, life is good. NOTE: Jobob likes tequila boom booms! Too soon, it seems, the party ends. The Peterhrs, Pinks and Rainbows head to la Cantina, the lobby bar at the Yucatan for martinis. There we see Kristell and Jose M.! Another lovely time was had by all. We walk along the road to drop the Pinks at the Tequila. When we return to our room, we find a lovely fresh floral arrangement and a Mayan sculpture. We have dinner at Don Julian and find the Peterhrs there. After dinner, we find the Pinks at la Cubana and there we share more excellent hours. Nearing 11 p.m. we begin to say our goodbyes, and I take Mrs. Pink to our room for a tour, then there’s the story of the missing camera bag which ended on a positive note, the bag was safe and sound. We find the Pinks in the lobby having their pictures taken with the Corona crew. Life is good. Mr. Rainbow and I walk the Pinks back to their room at the Tequila, and as we leave the lobby area, we are surrounded by ring-tailed Coatimundi or Coati. There must have been close to fifty of them. They are harmless, eating mostly berries and insects, but it was a bit unsettling as we saw more and more of them cross the sidewalk around us. Mrs. Pink got some photos of them, and after our excitement with the Coati, we deliver the Pinks safely to their room and stroll back home under the shining full moon. Midnight and sleep comes quickly under the fluffy Riu blanket.

Saturday, December 13:
Up at 7:15 a.m. and off to the pool. Breakfast with the Peterhrs and relax by the pool until noon. We walk to the Playacar Plaza for a few souvenirs and then decide to take a cab into Playa del Carmen. We have a great shopping day with stops at the Beer Bucket and the Tequila Barrel. Corona Light is now sold in Mexico. My favorite tile store is closed for renovations, so we’re unable to buy the wall hanging I was hoping for. We head back to the RPM to relax and get read for dinner at Krystal with the Peterhrs. Dinner was very good, and at la Cubana we find the Jobobs and the Natashas. We head back to the room at 11 p.m. Peterhr, I hope you enjoyed that mini bottle of Don Julio! Good night.

Sunday, December 14:
To the pool at 7:30, breakfast at 9:15. We head to the white hammock and then to the pool. We enjoy yet another morning of glorious sunshine. We walk north to the RPRM for drinks and photos, then to the Playacar for Chelada style beer. Yummy! Water is hitting the Royal Hideaway walk/seawall and spraying over top. The beaches in the southern part of Playacar are looking much better. We head back to the RPM for some late day Zilch at las Conchas and then walk to the Playacar Plaza for the print I decided I absolutely must have. On the walk there we see the Peterhrs. We have no luck at the Plaza as the print store is closed—we’re told it will reopen at 5 p.m., so we head back to the RPM and see the Peterhrs at la Cubana talking with Katy. We join in, and Katy and I exchange sprained ankle and broken foot stories. We have one more café con leche y Kahlua before heading back to the store. Still no luck, the store is closed. Before dinner we grab a cab to the Riu Lupita. We enjoy the drive there, as many homes and the other resorts are decorated for Christmas. The Lupita is decorated even more than the other Riu’s. We have a few beers there to round out our stops at all of the Riu’s in Cancun and Playa del Carmen! The Riu Lupita is small but very beautiful. It is very colorful and, I can imagine it is a wonderful resort to stay at. We walk the resort, and then hail a cab back home. The cab driver shouts “Merry Christmas” to us as we leave the cab. We see the Natashas at la Cubana, and have a drink. What lovely people they are! As we go to the buffet the Peterhrs are leaving. We agree to meet in the plaza for the Mayan show. Lucky for us the show is on the plaza itself, and Peterhr grabbed a table right up front. The show is wonderful and intense. Afterwards I have my picture taken with a few of the Mayan warriors. We have a few more drinks, and as Tony gives my husband another tequila, he tells me “don’t worry honey, we have a cart to get your husband back to the room.” He was only kidding, Mr. Rainbow didn’t need a cart! The band played Sweet Caroline that night, and it was just, well…perfect. Inside the lobby area for drinks later, we find the staff playing jokes on one another in Santa hats. Life is good. Another starlit sky, we dream of our last day tomorrow.

Monday, December 15:
Again, we are up in time for the fountains to begin—to the pool and then breakfast. The Peterhrs join us poolside for a couple more hours of sun. It is their day to depart. They head back to prepare for travel, and we meet them in the lobby. The Natasha’s are there too, saying goodbye. I’m worried about our wakeup call and alarm clock getting us up on time in the morning. Everyone teases me about that. Their transfer arrives and with hugs we say our goodbyes. We walk to the Plaza hoping to find the print store open today. We talk about all of the memories we will take home with us this time. Foiled again, the store is closed. We head back to the pool and finish up a great day with Zilch at las Conchas. I tell Mr. Rainbow, the sun is setting on our time in paradise, and we both have tears in our eyes. We head back to get ready for dinner, tonight is Asian night at Don Julian. It is delicious! We head back to the Plaza and, miracle of miracles, the shop is open and I buy my print! We have a few Kahlua and creams with plans of heading to the Tequila Sports Bar to watch the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night football. The plan is cut short due to a lack of energy. We find the Eagles on the TV in our room and watch until halftime. The movie “When Fools Rush In” is also on. If you’ve never seen it, and you’re a Mexico fan, do yourself a favor. It is filled with the sights and sounds of Mexican culture. Sleep comes quickly, and tomorrow we go home.

Tuesday, December 16:
The Front Desk wakeup call is on time, the alarm clock buzzes angrily, and my kitchen timer (that I use for emergency back up) rings. We get showered and start to pack and the phone rings, it is Mrs. Peterhr calling us from England with a personal wake up call. How fabulous, what a surprise this was! After packing, we went for one last delicious breakfast. After we are seated, our lovely Elia decorated our table with fresh flowers. We say our goodbyes, and head back to the room for our luggage. We are waiting for our 10:05 a.m. pickup. The American Express transfer is on time, and after a quick stop at the Royal in Playa, we are on our way home. We arrive at the airport at 11:15 and get through security and the Duty Free shopping area by 12:15. We play Zilch at the airport as our plane is delayed by nearly an hour. We are happy to find that we don’t have to pay for our first two checked bags, but our second bag is $25. It is always an adventure in Mexico. We are offered an upgrade to First Class for $20 each, but decline the offer. The flight is smooth, and we arrive in Philadelphia to light snow and rain, and 31F degrees. There are delays retrieving our luggage, then long lines for Customs, but we grab our ground transfer back to the hotel, and stop for a bite to eat before our drive home. We arrive home at 10:30 p.m., greeted at the door by our cat, Ally Cat. Life is good.


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Pros: Everything
Cons: there are none

We had a good flight with Thomas cook from gatwick, paid extra for premier as we are all 6" plus! worth it to us. Cancun was well organised and the transfer was smooth. Arrived to a sea of smiling helpful people, well organised at check in and a lovely glass of refreshing punch to greet us, most welcome. Ricky checked us in he was warm and friendly and like most of the staff enjoyed a joke.
Our cases arrived at out room as we did (always a relief) we had a suite on the 2nd floor facing the Yucatan, but we were not overlooked at all.
The room was spotlessly clean, spacious and well equiped, 2 queensize beds that we found very comfortable, I slept like a baby the whole time we were there!
The friendly and helpful staff through out the hotel provided the best service we have ever had anywhere in the world
We found the Don Julian restaurent was our favourite, the food was very well presented and such a wide choice of hot and cold buffet, tried lots of new dishes and loved them all, there was always something for all palettes.
Jose luis and German were are favourite waiters and they both decorated our table beautifully, breakfast we usually took outside and the staff again were wonderful.
The pool area and beach were super with enough loungers and shade for everyone, no need to do a dawn raid to secure a place. No need to take your own towels they are supplied for the pool and beach too. We prefered the pool area to laze around and the waiters were friendly and they hate to see you with an empty glass, it was lovely to have fresh drinks all the time.
We did 4 excursions with our rep which were pricey but worth every penny, the whole family have now become snorkelling addicts, buoyancy aids were always provided so the snokelling can be enjoyed by those who are not confident in water. The sea life is so different to ours and water is warm and clear.
Most evenings we spent out on the courtyard the entertainment was varied and quite enjoyable, again the drinks flow so need to pace yourelf!
The grounds are beautiful clean and well maintained but as with all tiled floors take care if wet! a party on our flight had their wedding while we were there which was lovely to watch. We did nt venture to the other hotels, although our daughter and her friend did, we were so content at the palace we did nt feel the need to try the others.
The girls also had room service at strange hours of the night, you can eat at most anytime which doesnt retrict any plans which was really flexible.
Our favourite a la carte was El Patio steak house, but its a matter of personal choice so try them all. It was quite easy to reserve.
We were sad to leave it was without doubt our favourite holiday to date and we will definately return as soon as the bank balance allows. We met some lovely people from all around the world and met new friends made via this web site. So thank you for all the pre holiday info, very useful and to everyone yet to try the riu palace mexico. Go for it you will not be disappointed.

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After reading Rainbow's recent post I realized I never put in my review from last year:

We recently returned from the Riu Palace Mexico having stayed there Nov 30 - Dec 14, our 6th visit and 10th and 11th weeks.
Every year we say they can't beat this year, but every time we've gone they have.
I'm not going to discuss the layout of the resort, what the rooms look like, etc as that has been dealt in detail by others.
The first thing we noticed when checking in this year was that the horrible cigar smoke smell that used to be in the lobby and lounge area was gone. This area, the theatre lounge, all restaurants inside are now totally smoke free. You can smoke in the main buffet if you're seated in the patio area outside. Even though we're non-smokers this is generally where we ate breakfast and dinner, totally because of the friendship we have established with Santoyo, the Head Waiter of this section.
As we had always had fountain view rooms in the past this year we were hoping to get a top floor end of the "U" room. When Miguel at Reception was writing down our passport information I saw the # of the room we were getting, 2128 - 3rd floor centre of the north "U". Both my wife and I gave him high fives and he asked if we knew where it was. "oh yes"
Upon getting to our room we were met with balloons, several towel animals, flowers, and a bottle of champagne in the fridge.
Just laying in bed at night we could see the lights of Cozumel and then around 5:30 each morning you could see daylight breaking and the start of the sunrise.
Beach - as seen from pictures posted by others the beach was fantastic and as deep as it was when we visited in '03 and '04. It was now deep enough to put the beach volleyball court back out there but I hope they don't as it just gives that much more room for the lounges. By the way we never saw the towel game being played at either the beach or pool. When we headed to the beach at 9:30 am there were lots of front row lounges available at the pool, and the resort was operating at 100% occupancy for most of our stay.
The "whales" have created some interesting pools where the water is quieter and quite a few fish that we hadn't seen in past years. Watch out for the diving pelicans as they come very close to swimmers. During windy days there can be a riptide or suction effect that has the water from the pools hauled back into the open water and a friend got in severe difficulty one day when he was sucked out and got smashed against the sandbags. He was able to get himself back to shore but did require assistance from the local doctor.
Food - One of the advantages of being a repeat guest is some of the staff will make reservations for you in the specialty restaurants so you don't have to lineup in the morning. I did do it one morning when we decided last minute to go to Krystal. I had no problem making the reservations and was out in about 20 minutes, getting there at 8:10.
We ate at Krystal twice, Miyagi and Steak House once each. We were extremely impressed with Krystal. Maybe we lead sheltered lives but we told Maria, the Manager of the resort, it was the best meal we have ever had anywhere, anytime. You could cut the beef tenderloin with your fork. The Steak House has a new menu and we also had the beef tenderloin there. Excelente! Miyagi used to be our favourite but now took 3rd place.
The rest of the time we ate in Don Julian buffet and the food was very good with lots of variety every day. You just had to wander around, do a scouting mission, then start your selections. Many guests fail to realize there is a Mexican section daily.
Also, as repeat guests, and you'll see it in all the restaurants. If you see someone sitting at a table with flowers or flower petals all over their tables, it's either a special occasion or they've been to the resort many times. We had flowers nearly every lunch and every dinner but one.
For the first time we had absolutely no odour in our room, 3rd floor?, very quiet although we slept with our balcony doors open at night. No problems with theft, etc but then we didn't leave anything out in the open nor did I ever carry a wallet with me except when we went to town. While I never put my camera in the safe while we were there I did put it in the cupboard and hoped for the best.
Tipping - it's a personal thing but we like to tip for good or better service. We went through about US$230 over the two week period.
Hopefully the economy improves somewhat over the next year and we will be able to return for our 7th time. We met some guests who have been visiting the RPM twice a year, two weeks at a time, since it opened in 1999. Rius must be doing something right!

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Pros: almost everything
Cons: slippy tiles

we flew from bhx airport ,aboard a first choice plane everything went smoothly ,good cabin staff , we arrived in Cancun on time ,we got the green light and we were on our way to the waiting coach ,once aboard our guide greeted us and handed out a welcome cold beer $3 a pop .
around 1 hour later we arrived at the riu palace Mexico where we were in for a peasant surprise ,BobE and his family were outside waiting for us a very nice thought .

check in the repection staff were very friendly and check in was very quick ,we were shown to our room number 60 on the ground floor overlooking the fountains ,flowers in the room and a nice welcome note from Katy , wim ,and Roberto , after a freshen up we went for a light dinner in the buffet restaurant we surprised by the apparent lack of guests ,we left the restaurant , and headed for the patio for drink or two ,we met Katy there, the palaces PR person and i must we were quite taken with Katy she is very friendly ,helpful young lady nothing was to much trouble ,whilst chatting to Katy i brought up the subject of the lack of bodies Katy told me that they were running at between 40 & 45 % occupancy ,which meant that the pool area was quiet ,we had waiter almost fighting over getting you another drink at the patio in the evening ,it did get slightly busier but not a lot this is in stark contrast with the riu tequila which we visited twice a ate in the Asian restaurant with the bobE 's which was very good ( the deep fried ice cream was the best ive ever eaten ) the tequila was running at 85 % full but seems so busy compared with the palace ,and as i went over in the wheelchair it certainly didn't go down so well e.g i couldn't get into the toilets easily people had to move when i tried to get to the bar ,drinks vile and you had to wait or fight for a drink ,josep (a lovely chap)the tequila PR person got us a drink in the end ,then it back to paradise at the palace cool relaxing ahh,all in all fab after two weeks we were sad to leave we had seem our bamber friends off and were now ready for the journey back home again a seamless flight home good cabin staff ,mostly men this time ,friendly ,helpful , the only problem we encountered was when we arrived in Birmingham my wheelchair was nowhere to be seen and after a 40min delay it finally arrived when we got to the baggage area it was deserted just out two spotty suitcases .

Special thanks to britcouple ,bobE for a fun fiesta

and a apology to Trish for only meeting briefly

Out of the nine riu holidays we have taken ,all of them very good holidays ,this one takes top spot everything amazing ,hotel staff , service ,food ,pool , beach ,but i will put in a negative and its a old chestnut ,the slippery tiles they so dangerous when wet and for me a disabled person they were dangerous most of the time .

Katy told they planning a refurbishment soon and has asked for my feedback from a disabled persons point of view .
now its a case of how long do we leave it before returning Mrs pike says 2-3 years i say 2-3 days .

anyone planning a trip to the riu palace Mexico won't be disappointed .

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