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Having Browser Trouble?

Common Browser Problems Possible Causes and Solutions
  • begins to download an image and stops before the download is completed.
  • is downloading whole but broken or corrupted image files.
  • cannot locate an inline image.
  • displays only a partial image.
  • shows only broken links where image links should be.
  • during peak hours our servers may not be able to meet demand.

    SOLUTION:  Try again during offpeak hours.

  • there may be network congestion between your machine and our file server.

    SOLUTION:  Try again during offpeak hours.

  • your internet service provider (ISP) may be persistently caching bad copies of www.riubambu.com  images in their webspace which prevents direct access to good copies on our server.

    SOLUTION:  Contact your ISP and ask that they refresh their caches.

  • the local disk cache on your machine may be corrupted and may have cached bad copies of image files which prevent the download of clean copies from our server.

    SOLUTION:  Purge your browser's disk caches and try again.

  • display suddenly goes black and locks your PC or MAC.
  • after you view an animated image all other images appear as simple black boxes or have a black background instead of being transparent.
  • your browser may be too low-end to display animated GIF images that continuously loop.

    SOLUTION:  Download a higher version browser.

  • your browser may have an inappropriate plug-in associated with a graphic file type.

    SOLUTION:  Examine and redefine the browser's helper applications for graphics file types, remove or reinstall the graphics plug-in, or reinstall the browser.

  • your PC or MAC may not have enough memory to load and run an animated image.

    SOLUTION:  Upgrade your system's memory.

  • your PC or MAC may not have an SVGA high color driver in place.

    SOLUTION:  Upgrade your system's color driver to 32 bit true color.



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